Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 464

Chapter 464: War

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Zhao Yuande was fast, and returned to the cave in just a few blinks.

After stepping into the world of time fragments, he passed the scene here to the maggot in the other side of the world, asking him if the golden paper was in this fragmented world.

"Yes, right inside, there is an abyss, there is an earth dragon under the abyss, this earth dragon is very powerful!" said the Mirage.

Zhao Yuande carefully hidden his body close to the abyss. Outside the abyss, he saw dense time beasts, with tens of thousands of heads. Among this group of time beasts, there was an extraordinarily large body with the size of a hill, and the breath was very big. Horror, so that all the time beasts around the four dare not come close, that is the time beast equivalent to the ninth order holy beast.

Fortunately in Zhao Yuande's heart, he now has a spectacle to avoid these troubles outside and go directly into the abyss.

Otherwise, just dealing with these time beasts, no three or five days!

Under the cover of the mirror, he walked lightly on the back of a time beast, like a feather. Although these time beasts felt, they could not find anything at all.

Zhao Yuande circumvented the powerful time beast and walked quietly towards the abyss.

The abyss does not know how deep it is, but the stone walls around it are very rugged. Like his cultivation practice, he can quickly enter the abyss with the help of the stone walls.

It was only half an hour before he saw the golden light coming from the bottom of the abyss.

He opened his eyes to the bottom of the abyss, and found a huge, crocodile-like earth dragon underneath. There was a small altar under the earth dragon. A golden paper was placed on the altar.

"The broken pages of the Book of Time have a powerful power of time, recording fragments of the law of time..."

"It really is it!" Zhao Yuande's eyes flashed with excitement.

"An ancient earth dragon, a ninth-order holy beast, a descendant of the ancient **** and demon dragon, intermediate ingredients..."

"This turned out to be the direct bloodline of the ancient **** demon Canglong. I don't know why it appeared here. Was it put here to protect the golden paper?" Zhao Yuande looked at the earth dragon and murmured to himself, this big guy certainly would not Letting myself easily take the remaining pages of the Book of Time, but it is also difficult to overcome him with his current strength.

This is a true descendant of congenital gods and demons, and it is a few points larger than the beginning of the sky. Its combat power must have far exceeded the scope of the emperor strong.

What should I do? Zhao Yuande racked his brain, did he quietly dive and take it and run? Or to hold this guy himself and let the people from the other side take it away, or...

"That's right!" Zhao Yuande's eyes suddenly lit up, and the fairy corpse was still lying quietly in the world on the other side! Now that he is powerful and has condensed into an entity, if he divides one-third to control Zhao Yixin, he should be able to use Zhao Yixin to block the earth dragon, and then go to take the remaining pages of the book of time.

It's safest and safest to think about it, but in the end, Zhao Yixin's return is indeed a big problem. I hope this earth dragon can't break out of the world of time debris, otherwise he will have to run with this big guy.

He divided a third of the soul from the soul that has been solidified, which is really painful, but what is the crime for the remaining pages of the book of time.

When one-third of the spirits were struggling to come out, his spirits were obviously smaller and slightly weaker, but still comparable to the emperor's strong.

The one-third of the soul also turned into a villain and rushed directly into Zhao Yixin's eyebrows.

When Shen Soul entered Zhao Yixin's consciousness of the sea, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a very powerful breath, circulating in his body.

The blood that had stopped flowing in the body also began to rumbling, and the meridian muscles began to gradually recover, as if it was a prehistoric monster that woke up at once.

"Finally, I feel the weakness of my physical body again!" Zhao Yixin said.

"Hey! This is also impossible. There is a limit in this world, so that the physical body can not reach the level you are now!" Zhao Yuande talked with his own soul, feeling a little awkward.

"But my own flesh still hasn't reached the limit. I feel a wonderful breath circulation route in this flesh. After returning, I must try it on my flesh!" Zhao Yi thought.

"Okay! But now we need to work together on the things we need most, to get the pages of the book of time, and everything else is easy to say!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Then start now! I can't wait to try the limit of this flesh!" Zhao Yixin's voice is beautiful, but it is full of a terrible desire to fight.

"Go, let's go!" Zhao Yuande took Zhao Yixin out of the other side of the world.

Zhao Yixin didn't hide his body at all, he shouted as soon as he appeared in the abyss, and rushed towards the earth dragon.


The earth dragon roared, and it felt that a powerful crisis was coming, and the giant tail swept directly to Zhao Yixin.


When the two collided, they made a loud noise with tremendous power. The whole abyss almost collapsed at this moment. Countless gravel fell from the air, almost buried Zhao Yuande directly.

This time the collision between Zhao Yixin and the earth dragon was judged. The tail of the earth dragon was smashed by Zhao Yixin with a punch, and Zhao Yixin rushed into the body of the dragon more fiercely. The huge body stretched open to attack.


The earth dragon howled and began to roll on the ground continuously, trying to shake Zhao Yixin down.

But Zhao Yixin's power was so great that he grabbed a bone spur on the back of the earth dragon's spine and hammered its spine hard.

The earth dragon screamed again and again, and its body rolled and shrank sharply. Finally, it turned into a black-faced man with bones and spurs on its back. At this time, the black-faced man's spine was bent and the blood was dripping behind him.

"You... hurt me! I'm going to be angry!" The big man transformed by the earth dragon suddenly had a golden light inside his body, and a golden blood burst in his body, turning into endless energy in his body. Surging.

At this moment, the breath of the earth dragon has increased by not knowing how many times, the whole body is golden, and it turns into a golden god.


Zhao Yixin didn't have anything at all, so he raised his fist.

"I'm going to crush you!" The black-faced man roared, colliding with Zhao Yixin again.

After this pure light blessing the flesh, the black-faced big man has already vaguely competed with Zhao Yixin, and the two guys started a real war...

Zhao Yuande looked at the tongue, if he went into battle personally, he would soon be blown out by the black-faced man. The golden blood in this guy's body must be the blood left by the innate **** Demon Canglong, if he can get it...

He shook his head, gave up this unrealistic fantasy, carefully shuttled between the two guys aftermath of the battle, and soon came to the front of the small altar.

Don't look at the battle between the two people, the terrible atmosphere is extremely violent, but every time it hits this altar, it will be resolved by an invisible force.