Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 466

Chapter 466: Magical World

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The channel is very unstable, and cracks are densely scattered in the channel. Zhao Yuande sees a piece of fantasy and magnificent world through these cracks.

"If this channel breaks, I don't know where it will fall!" Zhao Yuande felt a little frightened. If he fell into other stars, how could he come back!


Just when he was thinking wildly, the channel in front suddenly cracked a huge crack, and a powerful force of pulling pulled Zhao Yuande towards the crack.

"I don't want to go in!" Zhao Yuande was a bit powerless at this time. In this passage, there was no front of the village and no store, and there was no power to make it. He now seems to be a house sparrow with his wings tied all the time. stay home.

"It's not good! I can't hold on!" An elder elder spit out a **** mouth, and the whole person languished.

"I don't know what happened in the Time Secret Cave, it seems to be collapsing!" The other Taishang elder also shivered all over, and the old face was covered with fright.


The passage in front of them suddenly shattered, and a powerful anti-seismic force came, directly hitting all the strong ones.

"Xuan'er..." Ye Qingcheng cried in despair.

"Cough!" Zhai Hongkun spouted a big mouthful of blood, and his face was pale. "Qingcheng, I think Xuan'er shouldn't have any problems. This kid Zhao Yuande should protect her, but the channel is broken, they don't I know it was sent to that space!"

"I hope so!" Ye Qingcheng knew that this was her husband comforting herself.

At this moment, Zhao Yuande felt as if he was torn by a huge force. All his clothes were turned into debris at this moment, and he walked through the time passage to the unknown area.

He only felt that his skin seemed to be scratched by a knife, and there was a burst of hot pain.

"I depend! This group of old guys are too unreliable! Ah!" Zhao Yuande can only attribute his situation to the strong men of the North Wild God Mountain at this time. He forgot that he left the pages of the book of Time This happened afterwards.

"Hey! Since this is already the case, let's settle down!" Zhao Yuande yelled for a while, venting his emotions, and gradually calmed down.

With his current physical body, he should be able to travel safely through the passage of time and space, but when he rushes out of the passage, he can remember to quickly put on his clothes, and he will be embarrassed if he falls in a crowded place.

The space-time channel does not know where to go, and the speed has far exceeded the rapidity that Zhao Yuande can imagine.

"It was... in front of it is a forest!" Zhao Yuande suddenly opened his eyes wide, he saw the front passage has reached the end, a huge forest appeared in his vision.

He was finally relieved, since there would be no such embarrassing things in the forest. Of course, even if he wanted to take out the clothes from the storage space, he could not do it, because in this passage, the soul only needs to The fragmentation that would be cut as soon as it appeared.

But when he rushed out of the passage, he found that something was not right, because the place where he fell turned out to be a huge pool, with dream-like mist evaporating in the pool, and a white body swimming around in the pool , As if it were a mermaid.

Zhao Yuande looked at this beautiful figure without blinking his eyes. The woman seemed to have found something, and looked up!

This is a beautiful woman, and the beauty is a little too much, a pair of big eyes blinked and blinked as if he could talk, his body was flawless, his chest peaked and folded, a small waist with a slender grip, a pair of straight and long beautiful legs , And that...

It was so irritating, his breath was suddenly short, and he was gasping like a cow, snorting.


Only then did the woman see clearly what appeared in the sky. It turned out to be a man with a whole body of red fruit. This man's body was stiff and naked with no trace!

"Step aside!"

Zhao Yuande just fell out of the space channel at this time, his body was still a little stiff, and the soul was because of the fragrant and exciting scene in front of him, and some of them did not have the time to take out his clothes, so he fell straight from the sky, and the position of the fall was right. This is where the woman is.


Splashing water, Zhao Yuande crashed into the water.

Fortunately, the woman had just reacted, and her body backed up again and again, quickly dressed.

Otherwise, if it is standing on the spot, two people can't fly together.

At the thought of this consequence, the woman's pink face flushed, almost biting her red lips.

As soon as Zhao Yuande got into the water, he suddenly woke up and hurriedly got dressed on the boat, so he dared to stand up from the water.

"Misunderstanding! It's all misunderstanding!" Zhao Yuande saw the woman staring at herself with murderous eyes, and she couldn't help but waved her hand awkwardly, explaining, "I stumbled into a secret realm, and I didn't expect to be torn apart by the time and space storm when I escaped , I just saw nothing!"

"You..." The woman heard Zhao Yuande's explanation, and her face was slightly relaxed, but when she heard his last sentence, she bit her lips again, "You are shameless!"

"I really didn't see it, I was just..." Zhao Yuande explained panicly, although he really saw it all, but he couldn't admit it!

"Damn it! You still say!" The woman's hand had an extra five-color ribbon and swept toward Zhao Yuande.

"Bang!" Zhao Yuande reacted instinctively, punching directly into the five-color belt.

The powerful force directly shattered the ribbon shock, the woman was repulsed by the power, the embarrassed body retreated, and the face showed an incredible light.

"I'm sorry, this is my instinctive reaction! If you are angry, come and beat me twice!" Zhao Yuande felt that this woman's cultivation behavior had only reached the level of longevity in the field. For him, it was already very weak, even if it was I am afraid that there is no way to break through your own defense.


The woman was simply, and came up and slapped Zhao Yuande two times.

Zhao Yuande didn't deliberately urge the physical strength, and slapped these two slaps.

But Zhao Yuande's face was okay, but the woman's jade hand was hurt by the shock. She frowned slightly and was a little unhappy.

In the end, what is the other party's cultivation practice, even so powerful, he can achieve this degree, I am afraid it was really unintentional, just not deliberately want to peek at his bath.

If he really wanted to do bad things, he couldn't resist in the wilderness.

"What you said just now is true?" The woman's voice softened significantly.

"It's true, girl, I deceived you to fight five thunders!" Zhao Yuande raised his hand and swear.

"Never mind, since you are unintentional, then you go!" The woman waved her hand and turned to walk towards a hut by the pool.

"Girl! Can I ask you something? Which big world is here, and I don't know where I am." Zhao Yuande asked.

"Here is the Devil's Great World, the Forest of Heaven and Earth!" The woman's body moved further and further, and the voice came from far away.