Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Came To The Exotic

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"Magic World? Forest of Heaven and Earth?" Zhao Yuande looked at the sky dumbfounded, only to see a piece of dark green in the sky, and then looked at the earth turned out to be dark, his face suddenly green!

"God, are you playing with me?" Zhao Yuande sighed, "Hey, I... how did I come to the Desolate Realm, why did he go back?"

Zhao Yuande grabbed his hair painfully, and he only felt that the laws of heaven and Taoism here are slightly different from those of Wanjie. The practice he practiced in Wanjie needs some time to adapt here before he can exert enough power. .

"What did you just say? Are you not a man in the Desolate Realm?" I don't know when the woman came back, staring straight at Zhao Yuande, waiting for him to answer.

"I am indeed not a man in the Desolate Realm, in fact, I am a cultivator of other star fields." Zhao Yuande did not conceal, but he did not say that he was a cultivator of all realms, because at this time the two realms were fighting, he was worried Say it, the other party may regard themselves as an enemy.

"Are you in that star field?" The woman heard Zhao Yuande's affirmative answer, and a bright light appeared in her eyes. She asked more urgently.

Zhao Yuande looked at the woman strangely and looked at her up and down.

"Yi Menggui, the descendant of the starry sky wanderer, the field has a long life, ice muscle and jade body, high-end ingredients..."

Starry Rangers! Who is this? The other party is so anxious to know which star field she is, what exactly does she want to do?

Zhao Yuande looked at the woman with some doubt and asked curiously: "Girl, what do you ask about this? What do you want to do?"

"I... I want to fulfill the ancestor's last wish and return to my hometown!" With endless longing in the woman's eyes, tears will fall when there are hot tears.

"Where is your hometown? Why did you come to this star field?" The origin of the woman's identity makes Zhao Yuande feel a sense of being a fallen man in the same world.

"I... I don't know!" The woman's expression was a little blank, as if remembering something. "In the memory of the ancestors, there are heavenly snow peaks in my hometown, dark endless abyss, and vast wild land..."

The womans soul is depicting pictures, appearing in front of Zhao Yuande like a horse and flowers. The vast wildness makes Zhao Yuande feel very much like the wildness of the Eastern Emperor Great World, especially a mountain, very much like his own encounter Go to that place in Shui Ling.

But then he shook his head again, there is no endless abyss in the Eastern Emperor Great World, especially the entrance of that abyss can almost swallow the world!

In his previous life, he was considered to have traveled all over the world. He had been to almost the famous world, but he had no impression of these places.

Seeing Zhao Yuande shaking her head, a slight disappointment appeared on the woman's face. She experienced too much of this kind of thing!

At this time, there was a rumbling sound in the distant sky, a huge steel ship appeared in mid-air, the ship was gurgling, and the smoke was very fast, and it brought a piece of the sky. Dark black cloud belt.

When the woman heard this voice, her obvious complexion changed, and she ran back to her hut with speed. The next moment she rushed out of the hut with a huge red bow on her back, and fled towards the depths of the forest.


The big steel ship had reached their heads at this time. A huge flying spear shot down from the big ship and directly exploded the hut. Dozens of tall, armored soldiers rushed straight down from the big ship. Zhao Yuande glanced and ignored it, but chased in the direction of the woman's escape.

"I rely on! What's the matter?" Zhao Yuande watched the repairs of these warriors as each one was stronger than that woman. If they were caught up, they would definitely be taken away.

In this way, if I look at this woman's body, I'm sorry, I help her even if I pay the debt.

Zhao Yuande's figure also chased where the woman fled.

However, what shocked Zhao Yuande was that although the speed of those soldiers was very fast, they couldn't catch up with the woman, but were thrown away from a distance and farther and farther away.

"This little girl skin is too good to run, we simply stunned her with Hundred Thunder!" A black bullet projected from a soldier's hand, which exuded a terrifying thunder.

"No... don't worry, the son wants us to take her back alive. If it hurts, we can't explain it!" Another battle stopped him.

"Did she let her run like this? She has run for more than ten times in a row, and the son has to furious every time, but I am fed up!" The soldier's face was black, and the son's temper was killing, but he saw it with his own eyes. The two companions were killed by the son!

"I'm in charge if something goes wrong!" The soldier directly threw the black projectile at the woman in front.

The woman was running in the woods, her posture was beautiful, and she was extremely fast. Zhao Yuande couldn't help but think of the way she was playing in the water just now, which almost made him lose his usual calmness.

The woman seemed to have a pair of eyes behind her, and as soon as the black projectile was thrown out, she grabbed the big red bow in her back, turned around and shot an arrow, and a silver awn shot from the bow string, directly hitting the black projectile.


The projectile was hit by Yinmang and exploded directly, blowing up flesh and blood for the first few soldiers.

"This little girl skin, throw it to me to blow her up!" A soldier's angry eyes were red, and he took out the black projectile and threw it towards the woman.

A dozen other soldiers were also angry, and they took out the black projectile and threw it at the woman.

The projectile pours towards the woman as if it is raining. The woman is not at all chaotic. The five fingers pinch the big bow and pull it loose. A silver awn burst out of the air and hit a projectile again.

The projectile explosion directly detonated the chain reaction. A whole piece of forest was wiped out by the explosion of these projectiles. More than a dozen soldiers were downsized again. Only two people were left unharmed.

"This woman has a keen instinct, a precise bow, and the battle of weak to strong is really classic!" Zhao Yuande was surprised, and couldn't help but gave the woman a thumbs up.

"Swoosh!" The woman shot two silver awns again, shooting towards the two fighters who were not injured.

"Open!" One of the soldiers was holding a large shield and striking towards the silver light. The shield had two people who covered the entire body of the soldier.

"Slap!" The silver light hit the shield and burst into a shield.

"Ah!" The strong electric light prevented the soldier from grasping the shield, and the big shield fell to the ground.

Another silver light flew, directly hitting the warrior's eyebrows and blasting his eyebrows into a big hole.

Another warrior had a spear in his hand, and at this time he cast a spear on the woman with a fierce look on his face.

And the flying silver awn directly penetrated his throat, causing his head to be blown off and rolled to the ground.