Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 468

Chapter 468: Stupid Mortal

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"It's so strong!" Zhao Yuande looked at this woman with a look of surprise in her eyes. Don't look at her cultivation ability is only one of the areas, but the combat strength is really not enough to kill Long Zhaoyun!

"What are you chasing after?" The woman saw the appearance of Zhao Yuande, her eyes showing the difference.

"I thought you would be taken by them... so I wanted to come to save you." Zhao Yuande saw the woman standing there, holding a big red bow in his hand. He had a feeling of bravery, which made him feel very amazing.

In particular, this woman's appearance is extremely beautiful, almost no less than Zhao Yixin, and her mental means are also very powerful, really a perfect woman.

"Thank you!" The woman looked at Zhao Yuande, "You still go! These people are not what you can provoke, leave here as soon as possible, maybe you can still be safe!"

"None of you can go!" A voice came from far and near, a huge red flying dragon broke through the sky and appeared over the two.

The red dragon was huge and almost covered half of the sky. The violent wind that it fell brought the trees in the forest upside down.

"This Chijia Flying Dragon is so familiar!" Zhao Yuande looked at the big guy dumbfounded.

Isn't this the same as the red armored dragon that I saw in the Time Cave? Is that the projection of this red armored dragon? What is projected in the time secret cave is this big world?

I was in the Secret Cave of Time but wanted to grab the Chijia Flying Dragon as a mount, but in the end it was forgotten because of too many things, and the real body of the Chijia Flying Dragon now appeared, he couldn't help but thought.

"Stupid mortal, you dare to help the son of your son's favorite escape, and the son will give you death today!" A young man in red slowly fell from the red armored dragon, and his body and mind were extremely elegant.

But looking at his appearance, Zhao Yuande almost fell to the ground.

He had two horns in his head, his eyes were like brass bells, his mouth wide and his nose wide, and his face was even darker than the pot stickers.

This is completely beyond the expectations of Zhao Yuande. He can't help but defamation in his heart. This kind of person dares to come out to be scary. He also claims to be his son, is this world crazy or is he crazy.

"You... hurry up!" Zhao Yuande felt that this person's presence here was a blasphemy against Yi Menggui. He even said that Yi Menggui was his beloved woman and could not beat him!

Zhao Yuande's move not only confuses the son in red, even Yimeng Gui is a little ignorant, so they all looked at Zhao Yuande in a puzzled way.

"Stupid mortal, what are you talking about. Are you humiliating me?" It took a long time for the red man to taste it, and his face suddenly changed and became darker!

"No, don't look at me, I'm afraid I can't bear to vomit!" The more Zhao Yuande looks at this guy, the less pleasing it is. The ugly is better than a shit. How dare he dare to come to exile people in such a high profile Are you scared?

"Giggle!" Yi Menggui over there suddenly couldn't hold back and laughed directly.

"You're going to die for me!" The young man in red clothes can drip out of the gloomy face. He slaps towards Zhao Yuande, even slap Zhao Yuande directly!

Although Yi Menggui was tired of this red-clothed young man, he knew his true strength and was afraid that he would slap it down. Zhao Yuande was probably going to die directly, so she couldnt see her because of the other partys rush to save herself Don't save!

She gently pulled the bow and shot a silver awn, the target is the eyebrow of the young man in red.

"Beauty, how dare you save this mortal, today I will take you down and eat him in front of you!" Although the red man is angry, he has fought with Yimenggui many times, knowing her deeply Powerful, don't look at this silver awn is not surprising, but it can change a lot, he suffered a loss for the first time, was shot by silver awn, almost blow up one leg.

"Roar!" A dragon roar came from the sky, and the Chijia Flying Dragon received the master's order and swooped down towards Zhao Yuande.

"Hurry up!" Yimeng Gui saw the Chijia Flying Dragon fall, and suddenly his face changed, letting Zhao Yuande quickly escape.

"Why should I leave? You hold him for a while, this big guy is mine!" Zhao Yuande rose into the sky without fear, and punched the claws of Chijia Flying Dragon with a punch.

"Hey!" Yimeng Gui sighed softly and was ready to evacuate at any time. She was not optimistic about Zhao Yuande. You must know that the Chijia Flying Dragon had also dealt with it. To its owner.


The claws of Chijia Flying Dragon collided with Zhao Yuande's fists and made a rattling sound, followed by a scream of screams. The blood and rain splattered in the sky, and the claws of Chijia Flying Dragon were broken and broken, and the eyes appeared even more. Panic and anger.

It felt the terrible power that came from the paws. This kind of power even shattered even the strongest and most proud paws. If it hits itself, I am afraid that it will directly pierce itself!

Once this fierce beast or mythical beast possesses extraordinary wisdom, it naturally knows that it is better to avoid evil, and it also naturally knows the situation. Consider whether it is good for yourself.

So when the claw was folded, it immediately spread its wings and fled straight away.

"Beasts leave!"

Zhao Yuande rose into the sky and chased toward the Chijia Flying Dragon. A colorful sword was shot from his hand, and he quickly caught up with the Chijia Flying Dragon.

Chijia Feilong was suddenly pierced with a huge hole in the wings by colorful swords. The blood fell like raindrops. Chijia Feilong's big body shook in the air and almost fell to the ground with pain.


Chijia Flying Dragon screamed again and again, a bit faster!

But Zhao Yuande was like a tarsal maggot at this time, biting behind the Chijia Flying Dragon, the five-colored Excalibur pierced back and forth on the Chijia Flying Dragon, and blood holes appeared on the wings of the Chijia Flying Dragon.

At this time, Yimenggui and Hongyi were stunned. They had stopped fighting, and looked at the two guys chasing and escaping in the sky like a monster. This is not a dream!

Both of them deeply knew the power of this red armored dragon, and even they could not easily defeat them. But now the sky chased by a man has no way to go to the ground and screams again and again. What is the situation? ?

"No... you humble human, you stop me!" The young man in red finally reacted. This red armored dragon was the mount that his father surrendered. He finally borrowed it from his father. Something went wrong, he had to be stripped by his father.

He rushed towards the Chijia Flying Dragon in the sky and wanted to save it, but at this time a series of silver shots came, and each one did not leave his key point, so he had to deal with it carefully.

"Your opponent is me!" Yimeng Gui finally wakes up from the shock at this moment, he immediately finds the young man in red, and attacks him.

"Bitch! You bitch, if I catch you, I will inevitably make you..." The Red Man cursed again and again.

Yimeng Gui's face was covered with frost. She was really angry. The big bow in her hand opened and closed continuously, and the silver awns tilted down like a meteor in the sky. The shot of the red man was busy and embarrassed.

For the first time, the red man felt the woman's strength. He suddenly regretted it and should not chase it alone.