Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 47

Chapter 47: A Monk Of Flowers

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This past is unbearable, but she has already come out of that shadow. She came to Songhe Ridge this time, and she also wanted to explore her father's crazy secrets.

"So, this golden-eye beast is likely to have encountered some supernatural event, maybe it was just seeing that big hand!" Shui Donglai felt a chill in his back, and he suddenly regretted receiving this task.

"Don't guess at random!" Zhao Yuande felt more and more of the strangeness in this matter, "Golden Eye Beast...Gold Eye Beast...I think of it!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly changed his face and shouted: "This is a game, a big game, this golden eye beast must not die! Can't die!"

"Brother, what are you talking about?" Shui Dong looked at Zhao Yuande in a puzzled way, not understanding why he was so frightened.

"Quick! You go to inform all the younger brothers, don't kill the Golden Eye Beast, don't do it! Otherwise, it will really cause a huge change, and our Huo Yunzong may become the victim of this change!" Zhao Yuande looked extremely dignified, and regardless of the doubts of the two, he rushed towards the secret pool, and he kept muttering in his mouth, "Don't get into trouble, don't get into trouble!"

In a short period of time, he has regarded the Huoyunzong as his home, Master, Black Bear, Li Rushuang, Luo Jingtian, etc. These faces keep turning in front of his eyes. If this catastrophe comes, these people may survive. Only Li Rushuang!

"There is a fight in front!" Zhao Yuande's complexion suddenly changed, and his speed suddenly increased.

In front of a secluded deep pool, Zheng Huan of one person and one beast is fighting, and not far away, a big monk wearing a yellow suit is watching the battle of one person and one beast, constantly opening comments.

"Boy! Your battle is too stiff, just come out and mix up soon!"

"Oh! Look at your trick, it's too old, not only didn't hurt the beast, but broke the ass! Haha!"

"This trick! The feet are too high, then higher. Right! That's it, you see..."

The fierce beast of the battle is the golden eye beast. It is like a horse, but it has a pair of short horns on its head, and its eyes are golden. From time to time it emits a golden light, which is extremely powerful.

It was a young man who was fighting with the Golden Eye Beast. At the moment, the face commented by the monk was ashamed and full of mistakes. He was almost shot by the Golden Eye Beast's golden light several times.

Seeing the Golden Eye Beast temporarily okay, Zhao Yuande also took a long breath. This Golden Eye Beast was the key.

If it dies, there will be a devastating battle. The entire world of the Eastern Emperor will not live on, and countless practitioners will die in this **** battle.

Now he can only try his best to stop the outbreak of that war, and strive to accumulate strength to contribute more to that war sooner or later.

Although the young man's cultivation in the battle was not weak, he was completely suppressed by the golden eye beast. He was not worried, but the monk made him feel a slight threat.

As he did it, the message of the monk appeared in his mind.

"A monk of flower monk, abandonment of Tianchenyuan, late stage of Lingtai pregnancy, spiritual Buddha reincarnated... intermediate ingredients, matching recipe "Rohan soup"... list of ingredients... difficulty in capturing is almost impossible!"

"It turned out to be him! The monk Hua Yiyi quits, but this one has a strong presence in the whole region in the future. I haven't met him in the last life. Do we have to meet him in this life? I still don't know him now Opponent, if he was going to kill the gold-eye beast, what should I do?" Zhao Yuande's thoughts turned to his heart, but he had some trouble with the monk in front of him.

"Hey! This little brother, are you here to hunt the Golden Eye Beast?" Monk Hua saw that Zhao Yuande appeared not far away, frowned frantically, and asked, "With your cultivation, even Golden Eyes The beast's hair can't be hurt, and he's here to die, what to do, and he's not going back quickly!"

"This master, you monk also came here to get rid of Demon Guardian Road?" Zhao Yuande seemed a little weird when he heard the other person's tone, and could not help wondering.

"Forehead without hair!" The monk Hua Huan uttered the Buddha's number in a nonchalant way, and said seriously: "The Buddha said that all beings are equal. This golden eye beast is also a living life. Why should we hurt him! I'm here to protect it! "

"Master, it's really a mercy from the family!" Zhao Yuande gave a weird look, but he was a little puzzled in his heart. Is it that the master has changed?

I have heard in my last life that this one commandment is only about color, and the others are all about it, drinking and eating meat, burning, looting, and robbing, and doing nothing. Only then was the first monastery in the world, Tianchen, drove out of the sect and became an abandoned man.

"The little brother still doesn't leave?" The monk Hua Hua spit out these words, and he already had a murderous heart in his heart.

Just now, Master Yijie felt the power of Zhao Yuande in secret, and as a result, he was shocked.

The powerful power contained in this young man shocked even himself. There was a kind of arrogant danger spreading in him, and he could not guarantee that he would be able to overcome the opponent.

If the other party takes the opportunity to kill the Golden Eye Beast, his hard work for more than half a month will be wasted!

If the other party doesn't know what to do and wants to stay here, he only has a sudden violent murder.

"The master should not be nervous! Actually, the younger brother has always been very respectful of you kind monks. I was influenced by the master today. I am not going to leave. I will guard this golden eye beast with the master! Let it not be harmed by gangsters. !" Zhao Yuande said almost even he believed.

"Oh, that's what it is! Come on, little brother, come and talk!" Master Yijie has a look like this on the surface, but there is a killer in his heart. As long as the other party shows a little sign, he will definitely strike.

"That's what I meant!" Zhao Yuande pretended to walk with a pious face to Master Yijie, and pointed at the dangerous young man who was in danger in battle, "Master, since all beings are equal, why don't you save this person , He's about to be killed!"

"The little brother said very much!" Master Yijie held out a palm and scratched towards the two in battle.

A big Buddha hand directly captured one person and one beast in his hand. The big hand Xu Huang threw the golden eye beast directly into the deep pool, and the young man was thrown away from the distance, and no trace was visible in the blink of an eye.

"Master is a good means!" Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but admire that the other party has not entered the Yin-Yang unity state, but already has some means of Yin-Yang unity state, and he is by no means an opponent.

However, although the opponent can defeat himself, he can't kill himself. The strong body, the undead body and the reborn spirit are the biggest cards of his leapfrog challenge.

"Little brother is not easy!" Master Yijie smiled and pointed.

"Hey, I think the master, an abandoned man in the Heavenly Zen Academy, won't really overflow with love, come and protect this insignificant little fierce beast!" Zhao Yuande saw no one around, naturally speaking without concealment.

"Why? Isn't it okay? Do the poor monks report to you, a little **** monk in the sea? The master Yi Yi suddenly pulled his face down, a vicious image full of face under his bare head. There is also a little kindness.