Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 470

Chapter 470: Yimeng Gui Identity

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When Zhao Yuande's soul returned, Chijia Flying Dragon also turned into a fierce-looking old man, standing beside Zhao Yuande obediently, but at this time the old man was embarrassed and his body was bloodied.

"You...really succeeded?" Yimeng Gui's eyes showed an incredible look. This guy actually succeeded in removing the spirits of the Demon Cow clan strongman, and the speed was still so fast.

"Little lady, my host's divine power is overwhelming, and the brand of a demon cow tribe is still in hand! Or you will surrender to my host, maybe some beautiful things will happen between us!" The old man turned into a red dragon A squinted expression was a little shameless.

"Slap!" Zhao Yuande slapped **** his head.

"Call you nonsense!" Zhao Yuande glared at Chijia Feilong fiercely. This guy wouldn't follow the pair of father and son of the demon clan!

"Oh! The master is playing well, the fight is good! I was talking nonsense, in fact, I wanted to say, you little girl, you surrendered to my master, and maybe something will happen between me and the master...Oh!" Chijia The old man transformed by the flying dragon was kicked out by Zhao Yuande, hitting a big stone with one end, smashing the big stone.

"Don't get me wrong, this guy likes to talk nonsense!" Zhao Yuande explained somewhat awkwardly.

Yimeng Gui looked strangely at Zhao Yuande, and felt that this guy should not be the kind of person who instructed his men to talk nonsense.

"This is really not what I instructed!" Zhao Yuande looked at the strange face of the other party, and reiterated that he saw the Chijia Flying Dragon who came back from touching his head, grabbed his ears, and brought him to the front of Yi Menggui. Said, "Hurry up, did I tell you to say this!"

"No... absolutely not. My host is brilliant and handsome, and he is so handsome. How can I make such a statement? This is what I said by myself!" Chijia Feilong looked at Zhao Yuande's somber complexion, how dare he talk nonsense, come up A meal fart up.

"Look, I'm right! It's really not what I instructed!" Zhao Yuande just breathed a sigh of relief. He found that this red armored dragon's mouth was very cheap, and he needed to be disciplined, otherwise he might What basket did you poke out.

"Okay! I know!" Yimeng nodded noncommittably.

"Hey! We have known each other for so long, and I don't know what your name is! My name is Zhao Yuande from Shijie Donghuang Great World!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly changed the subject. Although he knew the other party's name, he couldn't explain it.

"My name is Yimenggui, I will return to my hometown, and I will return to my hometown!" The dream of Ximenguigui's eyes reveals, "I want to fulfill my ancestor's wishes, return to my hometown, and bury his remains in my hometown!"

"I want to go home too! Leaving this star field and going back to where I live, it's really depressing here." Zhao Yuande seemed to be infected by the other person's feelings, and he took a long breath.

"Can you take me with me!" Yimeng Gui looked at Zhao Yuande with some expectation.

She feels that this person is very powerful. If you are with him, it may really be possible to leave this star field where darkness is everywhere and magic energy is everywhere.

"This is no problem. The most important thing now is where we are in the Desolate Realm. It is not an easy task to cross the Star Realm!" Zhao Yuande first arrived and was not familiar with it.

"I know! I know! This is the Devil's Great World, located in the center of the Desolate Realm, about three months away from the most powerful Desolate Holy City in the Desolate Realm!" Chijia Flying Dragon on the side at this time He hurriedly answered, looking at Zhao Yuande's flattering face, but he didn't want to be abused anymore.

"It's actually here! It's so far away from my hometown, it's hard for us to go back!"

Zhao Yuande raised his eyebrows in contemplation. There is still a very far distance from the boundary of Wanjie here. With his current cultivation, I am afraid that no one can reach it in 180 years. If he waits for 180 years, he will go back, Zhai Linxuans father. The mother was not in a hurry.

"I know some space-time wormholes, but it is very dangerous. At that time, my ancestors came to this area through the space-time wormholes!" Yimeng Gui said.

"Yi fairy, what was your ancestor doing?"

"It's an innate god..."

"Forget it, let's not be anxious first. Let's go to a place with many people to inquire about the news first!" Zhao Yuande made suggestions.

"But we are human races. If we appear in such a grand manner in the big city, we may be arrested in an instant. The human race is the humblest race here, and we are slaves once we are born!"Yi Menggui's voice was a little low, one of which was This kind of deep helplessness and sadness.

"What! There are humans here? And it's the humblest race!" Zhao Yuande was shocked. He didn't expect this kind of thing to happen. No wonder that those aliens appearing in the world of the East Emperor are all in a high position. Think human beings are just humble slaves.

"That's right! In the ancient times, humans used to be the masters of this land, but because of the two terrible innate **** wars, they penetrated the world and opened the channel between the Devil Realm and here, letting the magical energy leak into this star field. Among them, many fierce beasts were infested by devil qi, and a terrible transformation took place. This star field was gradually occupied by these fierce beasts, and the humans who had been enslaving them were suppressed to become their slaves! Of course there are many of them. Human strength has been demonized and become an accomplice of fierce beasts, otherwise humans cannot be defeated so completely!"

Yi Menggui's face was very reminiscent, and ancient pictures appeared in front of her. She sighed gently, "In fact, my ancestor was one of the innate gods. He finally lost and was born in the starry sky. One of my ancestors came down, and then our family became the starry sky wanderers. Although we have been trying to find a way home, we have failed again and again!"

"It turned out to be like this!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but open his mouth. This Yi Menggui turned out to be a descendant of the innate god. No wonder it would be so powerful.

And the story that Yi Menggui just said makes it hard for him to imagine how fierce that battle is!

Shimo Realm is a powerful world on the same plane as Immortal Realm. The solidity of world barriers, even the innate gods and demons of Genesis, may not be able to break, but his ancestors broke it inadvertently during fierce battles with people. This amount of information can be It's big!

"Well, Fairy Yi didn't talk about this first! I will teach you a technique to change your appearance. Let's go to Ayutthaya after changing our appearance." Zhao Yuande passed the exercise to the other party.

Yi Menggui was also welcome, and soon he thoroughly studied this kind of exercise, and finally turned it into a fox woman with pointed ears and a big plush tail behind her, making Zhao Yuande's heart burst into flames!

Zhao Yuande turned into a powerful double-horned Demon Sheep clan. The two stood together and looked at each other, they couldn't help but laugh. This kind of dress is really not suitable for them.