Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 471

Chapter 471: My Face Is Long

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The **** emperor's ancestors shot, so that the holy order princess master fu fu.

Since then, these aliens no longer dare to let humans contact Alchemy, they fear that the same thing will happen.

"Are you even practicing alchemy?" Yimeng Gui looked at Zhao Yuande curiously.

"Of course, I am a Holy Order Dan Master!" Zhao Yuande is very proud. "And I am also a foodie... this is a loftier profession than Dan Master, the only one in this universe! Or today I will Try a Chijia Flying Dragon Meat!"

"No! Master, I didn't talk nonsense today!" Chijia Feilong was about to cry. He was lying and shot.

"Gourmet? I've never heard of it, but the town still has some expectations!" Yimeng Gui naturally knows what a foodie is doing. She escaped all day long and hunted down. She hardly ever had a serious meal. She is a little hungry when it comes to food.

"In this way, we first go to the restaurant to find out the news, and then eat a meal, and then I make another meal you try, you know what is called a foodie!" Zhao Yuande they have entered this big city at this time, came In front of a gorgeously decorated restaurant.

"Three strong men, please!" A pretty girl with rabbit ears brought them into the restaurant.

"All the good food and good food come up to me!" Zhao Yuande they casually found a place in the hall to sit down.

"Please wait!"

"Master, it's so shabby here, why don't we go upstairs to the room!" Chijia Feilong froze.

"Slap!" Zhao Yuande slapped it on the head he had gathered over.

"What do you know, can you hear the news from the upper room? Please sit down with me, don't talk too much!"

"Yes! Master!" Chijia Feilong's old face was very long, unhappy.

"Hey! You still give me a look, I can't beat you!" Zhao Yuande's detective gave him a slap in the head again, and the beaten Chijia Feilongyan shot Venus and almost collapsed to the ground.

"Master, my face is long!"

"Dare to talk back!"

"I was wrong..." Finally under the violent repression of Zhao Yuande, Chijia Flying Dragon no longer dared to say anything.

"Several of your dishes are ready! Please use it slowly!" The girl with rabbit ears quickly brought a dozen dishes, each of which was full of flavors and tastes, which made people feel appetite!

"Go!" Zhao Yuande nodded to Yimeng.

"Wow! It's delicious!" Yimeng Gui added a piece and sent it to his mouth to chew. He suddenly felt a strong soup overflowing in his lips and teeth, and the soup was very delicious.

She can guarantee that this is the first time she has eaten such a delicious thing in her life!

Zhao Yuande also took a few bites, but the tasting was over, these dishes really didn't taste very good for him.

Chijia Feilong is unkind, sulking and eating!

At this time, he has been paying attention to the various messages in the mouth of the diners around.

Suddenly, the words of several aliens at the next table caught his attention.

"Did you know? We suffered a big loss in the beginning of this attack. I heard that the opponent has a young strong who has continuously captured more than a dozen geniuses from our side, like the Moro young master of the Mojin tribe, the sea emperor. His blue shark prince, Mo Sikong and Destiny Gemini of the Devil Wings were all taken away by him!"

"What! These are the leaders of the younger generation. They are all the top 50 youngsters photographed in the Desolate Realm. How could they be caught by a human being? Is there a lot of helpers around this human being?"

"I don't know, but I heard that this human is very powerful, and he rushed into the camp to rescue some powerful prisoners who were ready to be transported back!"

"Have these geniuses been killed?" someone asked with concern.

"No, this human genius does not know what is going crazy, and even priced the ten holy medicines for a genius!"

"He is crazy! How can those **** emperors make him succeed!"

"Hey! There are also strong men in the human field. In the end, he really succeeded. I heard that it was really greedy to exchange dozens or hundreds of holy medicines!"


Zhao Yuande is a little speechless, and his reputation has even spread here!

Even Yi Menggui blinked with big eyes at this time, watching Zhao Yuande whispering and asked, "Are they talking about true? Are there really such people in your world?"

"Hey! Far from the horizon, they are talking about me!" Zhao Yuande smiled and winked at her.

"You...impossible, although your cultivation base is powerful, how could it be the opponent of those people!" Yi Menggui almost jumped in shock, but she still didn't quite believe it.

"Yi Fairy! You are looking down on yourself, although your cultivation base is not as good as those of my captives, but your combat effectiveness is not worse than them. You just don't know it!" Zhao Yuande looked at Yimeng Gui and smiled at him. Tao, "If you are ranked in this world, it should be around thirty."

"Thirty? Maybe! But you mean your cultivation is much stronger than me?" Yimeng Gui suddenly tasted the meaning in Zhao Yuande's words, and suddenly eager to try it, she knew that Zhao Yuande was very strong, but she didn't know How strong Zhao Yuande is, she has been fighting since her birth, and the fight is nonstop. Now she is twenty-three years old, she is confident that she can defeat a strong man in the later stage of the world.