Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 472

Chapter 472: Ancient Artifact Chitong

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And the other party is younger than himself in terms of age. Isn't he in a worse condition than he is in, living on the brink of life and death?

Just when the other party surrendered this red armored dragon, it did show extraordinary strength. He was able to surrender the other party in strength, which shows that he is probably pure physical strength, and what she is best at is the battle in the running. No matter how powerful the physical power is, it cant get close and has no effect!

As for the five-color sword, she thinks it is a powerful treasure of Zhao Yuande. She fully believes that the big bow in her hand can restrain all treasures!

What she did not know was that Zhao Yuande had memories of two lifetimes, and his previous life was still a powerful and invincible **** emperor. His physique was even more chaotic, a terrible physique that heaven and earth could not tolerate.

"Hehe! Just a little stronger than you, a little bit!" Zhao Yuande knew she was dissatisfied, but this kind of thing is not just a matter of words. What is needed is fighting. As long as he shows real strength, he will surely convince the other party.

"Shall we go out and try it out later?" Yimeng Gui's face showed a trace of excitement. As the descendants of her ancestors, what she likes and excels at is fighting. Once she fights, she has a faint sense of excitement. .

"Yes, but what if you lost the fairy Yi?" Zhao Yuande made a nonsense nonsense, "In our world, there needs to be some colored heads when fighting between humans!"

"What do you think you should have?" Yimeng Gui's instincts felt a little wrong, and there was a feeling of being calculated. She suddenly felt that Zhao Yuande was very honest. There must be a conspiracy.

"If Fairy Yi lost..." Zhao Yuande looked up and down at the other party, especially when he swept the big bow in his arms. There was a little curiosity in his eyes.

"Chitong, an ancient artifact, can shoot energy arrows, the tree of the bow tire world, the bow of the Lei Zelong dragon..."

Zhao Yuande's breath almost stopped at this moment, he even had an urge to rush up to grab treasure and kill!

But he finally defeated his desire with reason, and he let out a long breath, moving his eyes away from the bow with reluctance.

Ancient artifact! This is more powerful than the innate spirit treasure and chaotic spirit treasure. This ancient is not referring to the current ancient, but the ancient during the ancient times. At that time, the universe of heaven and earth has not been divided, and a group of big people who dont know where to fall Yes, holding an ancient artifact, opening up the earth, opening up chaos after another, forming a vast expanse of starry sky!

Could it be that the ancient artifacts are the ones that have been hand-held? Is the ancestor of Yi Menggui one of those powerful?

No wonder that the silver awns she shot between raising her hands and throwing her feet are so powerful, it turns out that this big bow has such a terrible beginning!

"You... where are you looking!" Although Zhao Yuande was looking at the big bow, but the big bow was held in the arms of Yimeng, there was not only a big bow, but also a pair of peaks and peaks, Zhao Yuande's eyes were easy It caused the other party's suspicion.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I'm just too surprised! I can't help it!" Zhao Yuande explained with confusion.

"You..." Yimeng Gui obviously misunderstood Zhao Yuande's meaning, and his face became ashamed and angry.

"Yi Fairy, I really didn't mean it!" Zhao Yuande felt very wronged, but he finally restrained the desire in his heart. Do you still want me to do this?

"I'm fighting with you!" An animal leg in Yimeng Gui's hand smashed directly towards Zhao Yuande's head.

"Little girl, you misunderstood my host!" At this time, Chijia Feilong felt that he would not stand up again. He coughed gently and said seriously, "Little girl, you are as beautiful as a fairy, and the body is very hot. , Especially the pair of murderous weapons on the chest, the master of my family has been very restrained of you. If you change to the former master, you will be pressed down...Well!"

"I told you to talk nonsense!" Zhao Yuande felt that he could not let this guy go on, it would be a big trouble. He put the leg that he just took into the mouth of Chijia Flying Dragon.

"You must think so too!" Yimeng Gui's face was red and white, her red lips clenched, almost impulsive.

"Yi Fairy! Actually, I see the bow in your arms! I recognized the origin of your bow, it is called Chi Tong!" Zhao Yuande had no choice but to talk nonsense again, "In fact, I have had this in my hometown. According to the legend of the bow, it is an ancient artifact. I heard that it once followed an ancient great power to come across the space. It is a world tree as a bow tire, and an ancient Lei Ze dragon's tendons as a bow string. "

"You... everything you said is true?" After hearing Zhao Yuande's words, Yi Menggui shivered all over the body, and immediately believed Zhao Yuande's words, because in her inheritance memory, there was indeed the origin of this bow, and What Zhao Yuande said is generally the same.

Seeing the expression of Yi Menggui, Zhao Yuande suddenly put a big stone down in his heart, he said seriously: "How dare I just talk nonsense at this time, this is absolutely true. If you don't believe it, let me go to my hometown to see it. See, maybe we are fellows!"

"Really...I finally found my hometown! I lived up to my ancestors. I finally found my hometown. You can rest assured that I will bury you on the top of the snowy mountain!" , Kneel directly to the ground, kneel to the distant void!

"All right! Don't be excited, those guys are watching it!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly lifted her up, but don't show her feet here.

"What landscapes do we have in our hometown, such as snowy mountains, grasslands, and wildness? You show me!" Yi Menggui couldn't wait to grab Zhao Yuande's hand, his eyes filled with anticipation.

"It's not great here! Seen by some aliens, we are about to be exposed!" Zhao Yuande felt a little embarrassed. "It's better to wait for a while, and we'll talk after we have heard the news."

"No, I can't wait, you come with me!" Yimeng Gui pulled Zhao Yuande and ran out.

"You are waiting for me here!" Zhao Yuande glared at Chijia Flying Dragon and told him, "Don't try to run away, otherwise I will make you exterminate!"

The Chijia Flying Dragon was all trembling. He had originally planned this, but thinking of Zhao Yuande's terrible soul, he couldn't help but dispel this plan at once.

The tables around are some of the three people looking at this table inconceivably. They are too direct! I can't hold my back after eating, it's really destructive, I envy others!