Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 473

Chapter 473: Fighting

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Yi Menggui couldn't wait to pull him to a wilderness outside the city and let Zhao Yuande show her.

Zhao Yuande sketched the giant mountain in the wilderness with the spirit of the soul, and then sketched the snow mountain on the top of the extreme north according to the memory of his previous life.

"Only Manhuang's picture is somewhat similar, the others..." Yimeng Gui was obviously disappointed when he saw the scene sketched by Zhao Yuande, and then he wondered whether he was lying to himself.

"Is Fairy Yi know how many years have passed from Taikoo to the present? Hundreds of billions of years, the sea has changed into a mulberry field, and even the sea can be withered. Can the world change a little? It's good to have a similar place!" Zhao Yuande explained this way.

"You're right, since there is Chitong legend there, naturally it will not be wrong!" Yi Menggui nodded slowly, watching Zhao Yuande's eyes have more trust, she whispered, "It seems my The decision is right."

"Yi Fairy, don't worry! I will never lie to you!" Zhao Yuande patted his chest and promised, and then smiled, "Since that's why we might as well go back?"

"No! I am very curious about your strength. I think we should take advantage of this opportunity to fight!" Yi Menggui held Chi Tong bow, and there was a burning war in his eyes.

"I don't want to bully a woman, just forget it!" Zhao Yuande really didn't want to do anything with her, there was no benefit.

It is a waste of strength, and it must try to restrain the strength. It is better to win the fear of giving the other party a shadow, and it is even worse to lose. It is better to not fight!

"Do you want to win the color?" Yimenggui obviously misunderstood Zhao Yuande, "This is not impossible, how do you think about this?"

Yimeng Gui took a cyan horn from the storage space and placed it in his hand.

"This is a horn of an ancient **** cow, but a loot of my ancestors. What do you think of it as a colored head?"

"The ancient gods, the horns of the ancient beast, the blue beetle, have a strong ability to evade the earth, and they can walk through the earth at will..."


Zhao Yuande couldn't help swallowing, his expression was a bit dull and a little sloppy, and this thing could even be used as a color head. You're too bad a woman!

"Why? You are not satisfied yet, do you want to add this again?" Yimeng Gui took another thing out of the space, carried it in his hand, and wobbled back and forth.

This is a golden bell, only the size of a slap, the sound is crisp and sweet, very nice, and has a special power that can shake the soul.

"This is a bell left after the death of an ancestor's horse. If it is hung around your neck, you can keep your mind clear. It is always enough to be a color head!"

"An ancient artifact, a pure **** clock, can purify the soul..."

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande felt that he had been busy in his life, and people casually took out one of them is an ancient god, which is much more precious than any innate spiritual treasure!

Be aware that innate spirit treasures are some spirits that were born together when the world was born. Although they are very rare, there are thousands of pieces in a big world!

The ancient artifacts are different, don't look at one of the ancients, this ancient is not the other ancient, it is the treasure before the chaos, and it is not worse than the chaotic spirit treasure!

"Isn't that enough?" Yimeng Gui frowned a little. "Your appetite is too big! These two cherished ancestors, although I don't know their true value, are definitely treasures!"

"No! Fairy Yi, I don't mean that. I mean these things are too precious. What do you do if you take them out as a gift, do you press yourself up?" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly, "I don't have this on my body now. Breed bets with you."

In fact, he really has, such as the gluttonous true spirit tripod, such as the chaotic sky seal, and the eternal tower, which are more precious than these two.

But Zhao Yuande feels that these items are the basis of his own foothold, and it is already an inseparable thing. If it is used as a jackpot, even if he is confident and will not lose, he feels like there is a kind of disrespect for them. .

"So it turns out, if that's the case, you can just take one out of it! Anyway, I don't lack baby, just right." Yimeng Gui doesn't care about waving, "Just this horn, you win. It is yours!"

Yi Menggui shook the horns, and a strange wave emanated from the space, so that the earth didn't feel sinking.

"In this case, then I will take out a Holy Order Elixir!" Zhao Yuande took out a Elixir, which contained a Taiqing Golden Essence Elixir he had refined earlier.

"Yes!" Yi Menggui nodded, "Come on! Don't keep your hands, otherwise you will lose ugly!"

"Really? I haven't had a full battle for a long time. I don't know how much power Fairy Yi can make me use?" Zhao Yuande also rubbed his hands.


Yi Menggui's speed is very fast, flashing out hundreds of meters in an instant, Chi Tong bow shoots a silver awn in his hand, and shoots towards Zhao Yuande's leg.

She obviously kept her hands, knowing that if she fought hard, she would usually attack the opponent's eyebrows and know where the sea is.

Zhao Yuande did not deliberately dodge at all. He caught up with Yi Menggui with a flick of his body, and stretched out his hand to catch the red bow in her hand.

"Quick speed! I forgot that you are good at being flesh." Yi Menggui's speed is not slow, her body is moving like an elegant crane. Instead of keeping hands, the selected targets are the eyebrows, lower abdomen and soles.

"Yes, you can work with me on the speed alone, but it's just work." Zhao Yuande's body didn't move like a mountain, just a punch.

With this punch, a five-color roulette burst out of the void, and the huge force could almost crush the sky dome. The five-color roulette blocked Zhao Yuande's body and shot all three silver awns on it.

The thing that shocked Yi Menggui happened. The three silver awns shot on the five-color roulette, as if they were shot on the unshakable Taishan Mountain. His little soul attached to the silver awn was all at this moment. The terrible power shredded, and she could clearly feel the power contained in this five-color roulette, which was enough to crush herself directly into the powder.

"How is this possible!" Yimeng Gui's face changed, "Do you want me to use the strongest attack directly?"

She was very simple, and the red bow in her hand burst into a bright red light. She slowly pulled the red bow away, and a bright meniscus flashed in her body. Slowly merge, exuding a terrible breath of destruction!

"Heaven shoots!"

The bright light from Chi Tong's bow rushed up to the sky, and the sky seemed to be blown open with a huge mouth, and a terrible thunder poured like a torrential rain towards Zhao Yuande, instantly drowning Zhao Yuande.