Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 474

Chapter 474: Overlord Meal

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"Do you want to save Wei? Zhao, unfortunately, Thunder is just a tonic for me!" Instead of avoiding it, Zhao Yuande opened his arms to accept Tian Lei's baptism. Thunder storms rushed into his body before he was raged. His physical body absorbed, he actually followed these thunders to refine the physical body.

"How is this possible!" Yi Menggui's eyes widened. She once used this trick to directly kill a strong man in the late stage of the world, and forced a strong man in the early stage of the emperor. Unexpectedly, it did not cause Zhao Yuande. Hurt, but to nourish him!

"There is nothing impossible, this Thunder is not as good as mine Thunder Tribulation, too weak and too weak!" Zhao Yuande laughed wantonly, "Yi fairy, you still consider how to deal with my open five days! You There will be no retreat soon!"

"You..." Yimeng Gui felt the huge pressure. The huge five-color roulette in front of her definitely had the power to crush herself directly. She had to take out a bright yellow drum and tap it gently with her hands.

"Boom!" The drum sounded, and the drum sound turned into ripples, rippling in the air.

The drum sound became more and more anxious. Suddenly, the sound of Zheng sounded softly, and the void was cut by the ripples at once, and a huge force of pulling came from the dark void, pulling everything in this space, The five-color roulette that slowly rolled down was torn by the larger and larger voids, and became unstable.

There were bursts of cracking sounds from the five-color roulette, as if someone was setting off firecrackers to "slap".

But at this time, Yimeng Gui's face was also very unsightly. She tried her best to beat this drum, but it was too heavy for her. Every time the drum's anti-shock force made her face white. At the end, she opened her mouth and spouted a blood, her face suddenly faded.

However, she still did not give up hitting the drum, because the void that was cut out was too small to accommodate the five-color roulette, and the five-color roulette was renovated and collapsed. If there was an explosion, she might be blown away immediately, or she might be lost directly. He died, so he still insisted.

"Yi fairy, you still give up! It's too dangerous to go on like this. It's not as good as you admit to losing. How about I take back the five-color roulette?" Zhao Yuande had already got rid of the Thunder's attack at this time. Those Thunder did not give him. What danger brought him, instead he quenched his body, and now he stood outside watching Yi Menggui try his best to resist the attack of the five-color roulette.

"I... pooh!" Yimeng Gui just wanted to speak, and suddenly felt a huge anti-shock force coming, Zhangkou had a spit of blood, and her face was even paler.

Zhao Yuande felt a little bad, and the five-color roulette disappeared with a wave of hand. At that time, the broken void was not blocked by the five-color roulette, and a huge suction suddenly came.

"Not good!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the void, and a big hand directly grabbed Yi Menggui and the big drum, and caught them directly in front of him.

The broken void is sadistic, and has not closed for a long time, and is frantically tearing something that can be torn around.

"Hoo!" Zhao Yuande put Yi Meng back down, and said with some helpless smiles, "Yi fairy, why are you so bitter, I said earlier that you are not my opponent, if not me, you have already been sucked in now, I am afraid again Start to wander aimlessly in the cosmic sky."

"Thank you!" What Yimeng Gui can say, he lost, lost without suspense, and his proud attack has no effect on the other party.

And he is holding a magical thing, the opponent is just bare hands, which is enough to explain the problem.

"This is just a little discussion. Fairy Yi shouldn't be discouraged. In fact, the reason why I am so powerful is that I am a peerless body, a chaotic holy body!" Zhao Yuande shook his old man in order not to be too discouraged. Came out.

"Chaotic Eucharist?" Yimeng was puzzled.

"This is a cursed body. Before the realm of the realm, the world is invincible. The realm of the realm is an insurmountable high mountain. The strength of the heavenly calamity cannot be passed. I dont know how many chaotic bodies were chopped to death by the heavenly calamity. "The glory of the world may only be before the realm of the realm!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly, "It's a matter of time before you become a **** emperor with your talents and talents. By then, you know that winning or losing is just a play. !"

"It turns out so, you actually..." Yimeng Gui nodded gently, she could feel the other party's words were absolutely true, she handed the green horn to Zhao Yuande, and said with a smile, "I know you are encouraging me , Thank you very much, now the horn of this green beetle belongs to you!"

Zhao Yuande was naturally also polite, grabbed the horns, and suddenly felt a very peculiar force rippling in it. He felt that this force had a very strong decomposition force for the power of the earth, which is why it can be in the earth. Reasons for walking.

"Yi fairy, let's go back! Call the multi-mouthed dragon, I will make you a meal, let you try what is called food!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at Yi Menggui, and walked towards the direction of the city.

"What kind of foodie are you?" Yimeng Gui opened his eyes wide and looked Zhao Yuande up and down in disbelief.

"You will know in a moment!" Zhao Yuande chuckled.

The two quickly returned to the restaurant. The Chijia Flying Dragon was still sitting at the same place, but the food on the table had been swept away by him.

"Master, you're back, what was the outcome of the war? You haven't lost your helmet and removed your armor!" Chijia Flying Dragon snuggled up.

"Don't you know your master at all?" Zhao Yuande glanced at him, always feeling that this guy had something to say.

"The master is brilliant and invincible, the world is invincible, and any woman will be defeated by the master's majesty!" Chijia Feilong smiled unscrupulously.

"Well, Fairy Yi, ignore his nonsense." Zhao Yuande glared at Chijia Feilong fiercely, "I haven't rushed to finish my meal yet!"

"Where do I have a spirit jade!" Chijia Flying Dragon's face was helpless, but it was a ninth-order holy beast, and he had to check out such a low level when he came out to eat.

"You dare to come out to eat without Lingyu, are you going to eat the king's meal?" The girl with rabbit ears rushed over at once, and her ears were really sensitive, and they heard them the first time. conversation.

"What! Someone wants to eat a king's meal!" Hula Laa, a large group of strong and aliens rushed out, and they rushed towards Zhao Yuande, and they gathered around.