Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 476

Chapter 476: Human Slave

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"Hey, you dont know, I heard that there is a genius called Devil Cow in the Demon Cow Clan. I challenged the door, but in the end this guy was not there, so I knocked up and down the peers of the Devil Cow Clan! Lonely! Ah!" Zhao Yuande showed an invincible and lonely expression, which made Yimenggui and Chijia Feilong look at the urge to kick him.

"The Devil Cow Clan is a powerful group with **** emperors and powerful people sitting in towns. Isn't it that they didn't appear to suppress you?" asked Xiaoxin, the demon wolf son, and he felt more and more that the young man in front of him was extraordinary.

"Huh! They are really dare, but in the end I casually said a name and made them frightened, and finally gave me this red armored dragon to indemnify!" Zhao Yuande kicked the red armored dragon, "Does your eye have a problem? ?What blink?"

"Master, I..." Chijia Feilong sighed with some blush. If Zhao Yuande didn't give it a kick, he might laugh, but at this moment, it seemed like a shameful expression.

Yi Menggui's expression was light, leaving no trace.

"Brother Kong Yang is extraordinary, even if he is a ghost bull, he may not be Brother Kong Yang's opponent. Admire it!" Young Master Devil wore his eyes, knowing that he had encountered a young man who had just been born. Can be ranked in the top 20, this kind of people must make good friends!

"Hey! By the way, Master Wolf knows that there are strong men. I have just been born, and I want to find some strong men to discuss, such as the existence of the top ten!" Zhao Yuande showed strong confidence and even came up directly. Challenge the top ten.

"Goodong!" The devil wolf gulp out secretly, he didn't think the other party was crazy, because the strength of the Chijia Flying Dragon was there, and he saw that Chijia Flying Dragon was afraid of Zhao Yuande again.

"I'm afraid this will disappoint Brother Kong Yang! In fact, recently, all the strongmen of our generation have rushed to the frontier of the Desolate Realm, the Blood World, and are ready to participate in the crusade against the Middle East Emperor World of All Realms! "Devil Wolf whispered."

"All gone? It's just a big world, do we need to invigorate the teachers like this?" Zhao Yuande was a little shocked. This is not good news. He tried his best to attack a big world with a star field. The East Emperor's big world can now be said to be in jeopardy.

"Brother Kong Yang was closed, I am afraid I don't know what happened recently. It is said that our genius in the Desolate Realm was arrested by a genius named Zhao Yuande from the Eastern Emperor Great World for extortion of the holy medicine, and even the Emperor The little princess Dongmen Zhen, the eighth-ranked strongman, was arrested and replaced with magic medicine!" The devil wolf said some lips were dry. "This guy is brave and arouses everyone's anger, especially It is the fiance of the little princess, the terrible strong man of the devil royal family ranked second, leading a large group of admirers to kill the past with great force."

Yimeng Gui looked strangely at Zhao Yuande. She didnt expect this guy to be so tossed. She even caught Dongmen Zhen. But she had seen the little princess of the overlord family from afar. Yingfeng, if you know this, you will not compare with this guy, and you will be ugly!

Hearing this news, Chijia Feilong gave Zhao Yuande a dreadful look. Both the eighth ranking and the Patriarch family made him tremble. The master's power is still above his imagination.

"This...I also want to see the world of Blood Po, and I don't know if there is any way for the demon wolf son?" Zhao Yuande just got to the point.

"Go to the Blood Po World... let me think about it!" The devil wolf is thinking, although his practice is shot at the end, but to deal with some ordinary masters or grasp it, should I go to the battlefield to experience it?

The last time the tiger roar of the Devil Tiger clan invited himself, but he politely refused. If he goes again this time, will he be teased by the other party?

Do not! This time there is this person, maybe I can get a little bit of benefit under his men, and get out!

"Actually, my younger brother is also thinking about going to the Blood World to experience it, not as good as our companions." The demon wolf son continued without waiting for Zhao Yuande's agreement. "One of my elders is a steward in the Devil's Chamber of Commerce in the Devil's Palace. If I entrust this elder, maybe I can get a few tickets for the Magic Dragon God Ship. We should be able to reach the Blood Po World in a month by riding the Magic Dragon God Ship."

"Since that is the case, please ask the demon wolf son, I don't know how much spirit jade is needed?" Zhao Yuan Demo was holding the ring and had to pay the ticket.

"Hey! Brother Kong Yang looks down on his younger brother, this point of Lingyu is nothing." The devil wolf is actually bleeding in his heart, and a boat ticket will cost 1 billion top grade Lingyu. Over a billion, it almost cost him half his life!

"In that case, I would like to thank the demon wolf son! Today, I am really sorry for the demon wolf son. These spirit jades are even entitled to compensation!" Zhao Yuande threw out a storage ring. He saw the other person's painful expression and worried about the other party. If there is something wrong that delays your journey, you will lose the reward.

"How can I have it today?" When the devil wolf digs the soul into it, he suddenly found that the spirit jade piled up in the hill has billions of dollars!

"Okay! You don't have to quit. It's the right thing to buy the ticket quickly. I can't wait for a fight now!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand to stop the other party from continuing, "We're going around these days , If there is news, find someone to notify us immediately!"

"Brother Kong Yang, just wait for my good news!" The devil wolf raised his eyebrows and patted his chest.

The three of them floated out of the restaurant, and Chijia Feilong asked inexplicably: "Master, why do you give him Lingyu?"

"You know a fart, I feel like an arrow now, I will go back late, I am afraid that my world will be occupied by people!" Zhao Yuande's eyes flashed fiercely, it seems that this time I will go to the world of Blood Po and kill again Now!

"Our world is in jeopardy, and I will do my part this time!" Yimeng Gui has long regarded the world as the hometown of his ancestors, and his hometown must not be lost!

"I don't understand! I don't understand!" Chijia Flying Dragon couldn't understand their emotions. In his heart, even in the hearts of the vast majority of foreigners in this desolate area, he is centered on himself, as long as he doesn't perish , How about the rest of him!

"We went outside to go shopping. I want to see what specialty is in this desolate field, and take it back by the way!" Zhao Yuande and the three of them hung out in this big city.

"It's so lively ahead, I don't know where it is?" They soon came to a busy street.

"Many people, this is the slave market!" They only knew when they saw the big hanging sign.