Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 477

Chapter 477: Placement

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The huge iron cages contain all kinds of beasts. These beasts are very powerful, but they are all listless, pulling their heads down. It seems that these slave traders have lost most of their wildness.

A group of humans locked up with iron chains attracted Zhao Yuande's attention. Most of these humans were in ragged clothes. They were all ordinary people. They had not been trained, and they were weak, and had difficulty walking.

"Humans, the best ingredients, whether you fry or cook them, or even eat them raw, they are very delicious. Thirty heads are packaged, as long as a hundred pieces of middle-grade spirit jade!" Waving his arms on the high platform, he strongly recommended his cargo.

These humans have no eyes, like walking dead, numb!

Zhao Yuande almost rushed up to shoot the old man with a slap, and the humans called it with one head. So many humans are used to eat!

"You go buy them!" Zhao Yuande kicked Chijia Flying Dragon and gave him a storage ring. This guy was drooling at this time, and it was greedy, "Dont give me a twist, otherwise I will I cooked you!"

"Yes!" Chijia Flying Dragon shivered and hurriedly stepped forward to kick the wretched old man, "His mother, are you greedy Laozi? I have all these!"

He left Lingyu and led these humans behind him.

Zhao Yuande saw more than a dozen batches of human beings in a row along the way, and he bought them one by one. At this time, the anger in his heart could no longer be concealed, and the fists clenched loudly.

"Take them, we go outside the city!"

Zhao Yuande felt that he could no longer shop here, otherwise he would have to kill and quit!

Yimeng Gui is even more heavy-hearted. She and Enron have always lived in this world, knowing the tragic situation of humans in this world, but she has never had a chance to come to the slave market to see.

Today, she feels very guilty if her ancestors are fighting with people here, and the human beings here will not be enslaved by other races, nor can they become food of other races, **** and sold by iron chains.

Arriving in the suburbs where no one is, he asked Chijia Flying Dragon to let go of these humans and wanted to return them free.

But after the iron chain was unlocked, these people were all standing and trembling. They looked at Zhao Yuande with terrified eyes, and they dared not move!

"Why don't you go?" Yimeng Gui's voice was soft and soft.

No one spoke, and their faces were even more frightened! There was only one little girl, about eleven or twelve years old. She looked at Yi Menggui's expression and stepped back.

"Don't move! They are the devil. They like this kind of game the most. They will eat you first!" A man with a red upper body grabbed the girl's hand and lowered his voice in the girl's ear. Said.

Zhao Yuande feels distressed like a knife, these humans...they...

"Actually, we are all human beings, we save you, we want to give you back your freedom!" Zhao Yuande recovered his real body, looking at these ragged, skinny humans, "You can go, remember to be careful later, don't I was caught again!"

"Who are you cheating! You devil, you like to play this kind of game the most, you are all devil..." Suddenly there was a middle-aged woman who screamed hysterically and rushed towards Zhao Yuande's face.

All humans closed their eyes silently at this time. They had already decided the death penalty of this middle-aged woman in their hearts. They could not bear to see the tragic scene of this middle-aged woman being eaten alive.

"Hey! I'm really a human!" Zhao Yuande was slapped with a sorrowful expression on his face, how can he make these humans like the startled bird believe themselves.

"You..." The middle-aged woman, looking at Zhao Yuande at this time, suddenly surprised, fell to her knees in front of Zhao Yuande, and kowtowed to Zhao Yuande, "You don't have a trace of magical energy, you are really human. You must be the fairy sent by Fairy Realm to save us! Fairy Realm did not give up on us and sent someone to save us!"

"What! Is this true?" Another old man rushed up, sniffed on Zhao Yuande, and then fell down on his knees in disbelief, and the tears fell like rain, "Yes, he is not those aliens, he It is a human race as pure as we are, and the fairyland sent people to rescue us!"

With a hula, everyone knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Zhao Yuande.

"Please Master Fairy take us away!"

"Please County Master, take us out of this terrible world!"


Everyone is praying.

Yimeng Gui, who was on the side, sobbed softly. She always felt that it was all related to her ancestors, and I was sorry for these innocent human beings.

"Since that is the case, I will take you away!" Zhao Yuande has a world on the other side, which can hold countless people, and their parents have always proposed that Zhao Yuande get more people in. They like to be lively.

"Can you also take away the other people in our village?" the little girl asked timidly.

"Yes, there are many people in our village, and they all need help!"

"Yes! You can show me the way!" Zhao Yuande swept all the people into the other world, leaving only a few people who led the way.

In a short time, they shuttled around the big city and sent the humans of the twelve villages into the other side of the world.

At this time, in the other side of the world, Zhao Yuande has helped them divide the area, let them build houses here, cultivate the fields, and form a small village.

He also asked Zhai Linxuan and Li Rushuang to select some of the stronger, better-qualified young people among these human beings to teach them some basic cultivation methods so as to protect the safety of the village.

Because in this other side of the world, he caught a lot of fierce beasts, if the villages and towns do not have a little self-protection, I am afraid that these fierce beasts will be attacked.

What surprised him was that some of these humans still circulate some cultivation exercises, and they are very simple, which saves a lot of trouble.

Zhai Linxuan naturally asked Zhao Yuande where he is now. Zhao Yuande settled the matter and she settled down. Although she was anxious about her parents, she felt that it was not very long for more than a month.

"Are we still going to rescue the humans in other big cities?" Yimeng Gui's face is gloomy and somewhat helpless. The humans here are too scattered. If you want to save them all, you don't know how much time it will take.

"No! We are not going, so this is not a way at all. The entire Desolate Realm does not know how many big worlds there are, and almost every big world has a human branch. I am afraid that if we save this, we may not be able to save it in our lifetime!" Zhao Yuande Shook his head.