Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 478

Chapter 478: Embrace Thigh

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"Did you just look at them as alien food?" Yimeng Gui couldn't bear it.

"There is no way to cure the symptoms but not the root cause. The only way now is that we become stronger as soon as possible, so strong that we can fight against the aliens of the entire Desolate Realm. Only then will these human beings be truly liberated and their status will be truly changed. "Zhao Yuande's eyes firmly said, "I believe there will always be such a day!"

"Hey! It can only be so!" Yimeng Gui sighed, and she knew that this was the real best policy!

"Okay, we have been out for such a long time, we should go back and have a look, maybe the ticket has already been obtained!" Zhao Yuande's face suddenly showed a fierce color, "This is the world tour of the Blood Po World Use blood to conquer the first battle of the Desolate Realm!"

Looking at Zhao Yuande's eyes, Chijia Feilong shivered.

"By the way, I was so slow for so many days, I forgot my original promise, let's eat a delicious meal here now!" Zhao Yuande slapped his head, remembering this, and immediately took out the gluttonous real Lingding, There are many other ingredients that have already been prepared and start cooking.

After three hours, a pot of fragrant delicacies arrived in front of Yimeng Gui and Chijia Flying Dragon.

"Try it! But you can't hug my thighs after you taste it!" Zhao Yuande smiled and began to taste his masterpiece. "So fragrant! Well, so soft, so smooth...this smell..."

Yimeng Gui's face is full of intoxication, she thinks this is the most delicious thing she has eaten in her life, even if the holy medicine is not as good as this delicious, she almost eats and eats even her own The tongue was swallowed.

"This... this force is still refining its own body, purging its own soul, this effect..." Yi Menggui's face was even more amazed at the end of eating, it was almost like taking a magic medicine!

"Master! My dear master! Lao Chi, I will be your faithful servant in the future!" The old man transformed by Chijia Feilong suddenly fell in front of Zhao Yuande and hugged Zhao Yuande's thigh! "Go away! Your saliva wets my pants!"

Zhao Yuande kicked him out with a kick, looking at the wet piece of pants, his face black.

"Hey! Master, I'm sorry, I just admired you too! You are the vain Shenyang, shining on me..."


"How exactly is such a magical delicacy made?" Yimeng Gui's face appeared surprised.

"This is a kind of secret technique, a family history!" Zhao Yuande smiled. He naturally couldn't tell his secret. Although he was very interesting to the woman in front of him, it was his greatest secret after all.

"Can you..." Yi Meng returned to the beautiful eyes and looked at Zhao Yuande like this.

"Yes! As long as you can provide materials, I guarantee your satisfaction!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "But the materials can't be too bad, otherwise I won't do it!"

"I have a lot of elixir materials here, you can see if you can do it!" Yimeng Yi pours out all the elixir materials that have been stored in his storage ring for a long time.

These materials are basically unique to this world, and Zhao Yuande has never seen them before.

He went up and identified them one by one, and classified them one by one. He quickly classified all these elixir materials!

"There are still a few elixir materials..." Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to the old man transformed by Chijia Flying Dragon. "You... You can't just eat it, take your storage ring and let me see it!"

"'m really poor, I have't...master spares!"

It was useless to rebel, and Chijia Flying Dragon was quickly suppressed by Zhao Yuande and began rummaging through its storage ring.

"Hey, a lot of survival... this one can be used... and this..."

Zhao Yuande soon confiscated some useful elixir materials.

The old man transformed by Chijia Feilong was downcast, and his face was wronged.

"Okay! You can eat..." But when Zhao Yuande said this sentence, his eyes suddenly glared up, and that's what he looked like...

"It's finally ready to go!" Yimeng Gui's eyes shined, and he looked at the food in the gluttonous real spirits without blinking, and a gleam of crystals could not help flowing from the corner of his mouth.