Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 479

Chapter 479: Where Are You

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After Zhao Yuande made a meal for them, the two guys looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes as if they were hungry wolves, and even Yimenggui couldn't help but let out a hint of crystal saliva!

"Okay, as long as you perform well, I will often help you do it!" Zhao Yuande really stared at them with a little hair.

"Why is it good performance?" Chijia Feilong looked at Yimeng with some envy. "Master, this is not fair. As long as the little lady secretly climbs into your bed, I'm afraid it's a good performance! And I am a public, I can't do this!"

"I... I killed you!" Yimeng Gui nearly ran away, chasing Chijia Flying Dragon and hitting.

"It's really deserved. Can this kind of talk be arbitrarily? Just think about it in your heart!" Zhao Yuande's last sentence was very quiet, and suddenly the white flower body appeared in his brain, and a heat wave rushed between his mouth and nose. , Almost bleed directly.

"Hey! This life is still a young child, the blood is too strong!" Zhao Yuande sighed in a low voice, he must not blame them before breaking through the realm of the realm, otherwise he is a beast.

Yimenggui did not kill Chijia Flying Dragon in the end, but just made him have a few blood holes, but she still blushed again when she saw Zhao Yuande, and she was afraid to look up.

"Master! You can't tell the truth when you're a man. You're always beaten to be honest! Your dragon was almost killed, you don't stop it!" Chijia Feilong dragged his head to Zhao Yuande and complained.

"Tell you to talk nonsense, deserve it!" Zhao Yuande knocked a note on his head.

"Oh! Master, don't you think that way? The little lady looks so evil that I can't help but I don't believe you haven't twisted your mind at all!" Chijia Feilong covered his head and started talking nonsense again. stand up.

"I...fight!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help it anymore, this guy's stinky mouth should be sewn, even more than the black wind!

Yi Meng, who was on the side, glanced over here and was thinking, this guy is definitely not an honest person. The first time he met was to appear naked in front of him. Was he really involuntary?

The three of them returned to the big city, when a young man from the Devil Wolf clan came to them.

"Master Yang Yang, my son is looking for you!" The youth was very respectful.

"Lead the way ahead!" Zhao Yuande had a vague guess in his mind, and it must have been the ticket of the Devil Dragon Ship.

"Brother Kong Yang, fortunately, the ferry ticket has been handed over, we can now go to the station of the Magic Dragon Palace!" The devil wolf handed three golden and brilliant jade cards to Zhao Yuande, "We bought this time Still in the middle class!"

"Medium cabin?" Zhao Yuande was slightly dissatisfied.

"Brother Kong Yang, you don't know that the first class and the special class cabins are only qualified by the strong men above the emperor. We can get the middle class cabin which is the limit of my elders!" Zhao Yuande's expression immediately explained to him.

"It's not bad, let's go!" Zhao Yuande kicked the Chijia Flying Dragon. "Hurry and turn me into a mount. Do you want the master to fly in person?"

"Yes! Master!" Chijia Flying Dragon turned into a huge Flying Dragon very obediently.

"Devil Wolf, please!" Zhao Yuande gestured to Demon Wolf.

"Today I will touch the light of Brother Kong Yang!" The demon wolf is very happy, but this is a holy beast with strength no less than his own!

The residence of the Magic Dragon Palace is not far away from this big city. After three hours, they slowly fell into the clouds and appeared in front of a magnificent big city.

"This is the thirteenth largest city to which the magic dragon palace belongs, which is ten times larger than our magic wolf city! The wealth here is more than one hundred times that of our magic wolf city. It can't be compared!" The magic wolf son said with some envy, "especially Its like a strong man, and even more genius."

"The demon wolf is the forty-ninth strong man. Do most of the geniuses in the desolate field come from the magic dragon palace?" Zhao Yuande felt that the demon wolf was too modest.

"Hey! Brother Kong Yang, you dont know, our ranking after these ten is simply inaccurate, some people dont bother to compete with us, they are staring at the top ten places, especially the third dragon palace. The eldest son, one is stronger than the other, the boss is ranked third, the second is ranked sixth, although the third is not ranked, but everyone knows that he is holding back and striking the top ten!" The devil wolf shook his head and sighed, "We all It's some foil, it's foil!"

Even Zhao Yuande showed a dignified color on his face at this time. The other party said something good. Their strength is indeed a bit low. If the Devil's Desolation Area is at their level, there is no danger at all.

"Let's go! Let's get on the boat, I heard that there are many interesting things on the ship, such as small auctions, gambling games, and even unobstructed meetings..." The demon wolf's eyes shined and excited, " I heard that there are top-level witches, mysterious buddhas, and sages of the true dragon..."

The corner of the mouth of the demon wolf exposed crystal liquid, and his face was covered with evil light.

"Wow! There is also the sage of the true dragon..." Chijia Flying Dragon's eyes suddenly turned red, "I...I...hate!"

"What do you hate Chijia?" The devil wolf still has some fears for Chijia Flying Dragon. This guy is a holy beast in this way.

"I hate that I don't have a spirit jade. If I can be with the goddess of the true dragon family once, I can at least unlock the seal of one third of the blood of the real dragon in my body!" Chijia Feilong turned his attention to Zhao Yuande, " Master..."

"Stop! I don't have so many Lingyu to let you squander, the sage of the True Dragon family! You want to benefit from her body with your cultivation, it is simply a dream!" Zhao Yuande slapped on the Chijia Flying Dragon with a slap On his head, "I'm afraid you haven't gotten any benefit, you will be drained away!"

"Oh! Also!" Chijia Flying Dragon sagged his head, his face full of regret.

"Have a good performance. If you are satisfied with me, I will give you a chance to evolve into a real dragon!" Zhao Yuande is a kind of grace and slap, giving a slap to a sweet date.

"Really?" Chijia Flying Dragon remembered the food he had eaten, his eyes lit up.

"Look at your watch!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly.

"Master!" Chijia Flying Dragon hugged Zhao Yuande's thigh directly. "As long as you give a command, I will go up the sword to the pan and it will be unambiguous!"


Suddenly there was a contemptuous laughter, and a group of three came towards them.

The three are headed by a tall young man with two crystal dragon horns on his forehead, with a trace of majesty in his arrogant breath.

Standing next to this young man was a rickety man. This man was extremely ugly, and his head was pimple-like, covered with sarcoma. It was the man who just snorted.

"It's really embarrassing, how could you among the dragon clan have your stubborn rubbish!" The ugly man looked at Chijia Feilong with a mocking expression on his face.

"You're the one!" Naturally, Chijia Feilong was insulted by others, and he glanced at the ugly man.