Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 483

Chapter 483: Mo Shengtian

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Their figure soon disappeared into the sight of everyone. At this time, an old-fashioned old man looked at their disappearing faces with dignified faces and sighed softly: "I don't know what this kid said Its true, but since he can tell the East Gate Qingyue of the **** clan, there may be a certain connection, and Ill hurry to talk to the palace master!"

They walked all the way, and soon came to a giant dragon-like ship.

"This **** ship is of great value, and this dragon palace is really rich!" Zhao Yuande thought of the starry ship of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce that he once did. Both talked about the momentum of the dragon ship, but the speed. Maybe the starship will be faster.

They took out the token and set foot on the magic dragon ship all the way. They were not troubled or obstructed, and the demon wolf gradually reassured.

The four are resting in the magnificent hall of the **** ship, listening to the conversations of many aliens around them, and getting information from them, they see an old-fashioned old man approaching them. The old-fashioned old man looks like humans, but A closer look reveals that there is a broken single horn in the smooth and shiny hair he combed.

"This is the talented young man of the Devil's Clan!" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande and examined him up and down.

"Yes, I don't know what your predecessors are doing?" When the other party looked at him, he was also in large numbers.

"Remnant dragon, the chief of the Dragon Palace, mid-Emperor, descendants of the Canglong..."

"Little friends, don't be nervous. I'll come and say thank you on behalf of my housekeeper. Thank you for showing mercy to our son!" The old man bowed deeply to Zhao Yuande, his expression was sincere.

"This...hehe, our young people are young and full of spirits, there is always a quarrel between them, and we can't kill someone for a small thing!" Zhao Yuande laughed hypocritically, and even Yimenggui on the side couldn't help but pouting.

"I've counted on the entrustment of the palace lord, a few are free!" The old man nodded to them and left.

"Everything is gone, calm and calm!" The demon wolf boy smiled, and he finally let go of his heart.

"Don't be too happy, these old guys are not good things one by one, I don't believe that he will have no hate for me, we still have to be careful! When the boat is sailing, we will practice more and less out!" Zhao Yuande When he saw the old man leaving, a smile appeared in his eyes, which contained too much meaning.

Soon the magic dragon ship was opened, and Zhao Yuande alone took out the remaining pages of the book of time from the time cave in the room.

He read the small characters recorded on this page back and forth, and found that it really recorded some perceptions of the rules of time, as well as some vague ways of applying the rules of time. He had a slight perception of the rules of time in his last life. Now, with this broken page, the river channel that seemed to be blocked is cleared up and restarts circulation.

Soon he fell into the perception of the law of time.

Not knowing how long it took, Zhao Yuande opened his eyes and suddenly lightened a little toward the space in front of him.

The space seemed to be at rest all at once. He opened his eyes and looked closely. The air, aura, and even many fine particles that could not be seen with the naked eye in the space were completely caught in still time at this moment.


This static space is only the size of a fist, and at the next moment it begins to crumble and disintegrate, and pieces of time falling into pieces fall away.

"Now me!"

Zhao Yuande pointed his finger a little more, and those time fragments regrouped into a long slash of time fragments.


Under the control of Zhao Yuande's Dementor, the long whip was drawn towards a jade table in front of him. The jade table shattered suddenly, and the long shard of time fragments shattered into a gleaming light. The debris spilled on the ground.

Zhao Yuande tried again, trying to reassemble these shiny pieces, but found that these pieces had lost all their power and could no longer be used.

"Hey! The power is too small and the range is too small. Now I am afraid that even a cultivator of the blood-sea **** fetus realm cannot be killed!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly. "However, just continue to work hard, and there will be an improvement soon." !"

Although Zhao Yuande is very dissatisfied with his achievements, but if the scene just made some emperors and even powerful divine emperors see it, they must be speechless. The rules of time are the most obscure and difficult to understand, especially the difficulty of getting started. One.

Zhao Yuande cultivated like this, and even at such a young age, he was able to practice the rules of time to such a degree that it was already against the sky!

Zhao Yuande closed his eyes again and began to understand the rules of time.

"Dong Dang Dang!" I don't know how long after that, there was a sudden knock on the door outside, and Zhao Yuande opened his eyes at once, grabbed the void of the door, and opened the door.

"It's not good! It's not good! The little lady is surrounded by people, please hurry and check it out!" Chijia Feilong's face outside the door was anxious.

"What!" Zhao Yuande's face suddenly showed coldness, grabbed the collar of Chijia Flying Dragon, and brought him to his front, "What the **** happened?"

"It's been boring for more than 20 days. We wanted to go for a walk. As a result, we met a guy named Mo Shengtian on the deck. This guy took a fancy to the little girl and said that she would take her back to be a concubine! "Chijia Flying Dragon said things anxiously.

"What about Devil Wolf? What is he doing?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"As soon as he looked at the guy named Mo Shengtian, he suddenly softened, and he kept begging there, but people didn't look at him at all, you go quickly!" Chijia Feilong thought of the devil wolf son. The guy is too boneless.

"Mo Shengtian, hum!" Zhao Yuande dropped the Chijia Flying Dragon and sneered. "Not leading the way yet!"

In a luxurious hall, a young man with a handsome face and some monsters looked up and down at Yi Menggui surrounded by a large group of men, with a satisfied smile on his face.

"It's a superb beauty! Gee, why didn't I find out before? If it's discovered early, you won't have to be so bored for more than twenty days!" The young demon has sharp ears and thick dark green hair. There are also two black jade-like horns hidden inside.

"Brother Mo, don't be like this, this girl is my friend, even if you give us a face to the devil wolf clan..." The devil wolf son stood in front of the monster young man, and begged constantly.

"Magic wolf, its not that I dont give you the face of the demon wolf family, but your face is too small to be negligible, you are still waiting on the side. After the boss is tired of playing, maybe I can still play for you. Play!" The young demon's mouth scornfully smiled, and he did not put the devil wolf in his eyes at all.

At this time, Yimeng Gui was surrounded by a group of powerful aliens. One of them was very powerful, but he was the strongest in the worlds triple dominance, and there were a few of the worlds double cultivation, especially the opposite monster. The young man gave her a very dangerous feeling.

Although she was angry at this time, she did not dare to act rashly. She was waiting for Zhao Yuande.