Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 484

Chapter 484: One Ear

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"Beauty, you don't have to resist. No one here dares to save you, and no one can save you!" The strange young man's mouth showed a grim smile, "As long as you obey me, I promise you one in the future Above tens of thousands of people, the resources for practicing the secrets of the exercises are squandered by you!"

"Humph! You are dreaming!" Yi Menggui embraced Chi Tong bow and looked coldly at this strange young man. She had seen more of this coveted person, and gradually got used to it.

At this time, if she was not on the magic dragon ship, she would have shot already. Although these people are very powerful, they can't keep him!

"Since you don't know what to do, don't blame me for forcibly taking you down!" The young demon raised his hand and gave orders to him.

"Brother Mo..." The devil wolf took him, "Don't be impulsive!"

"Crack!" The strange young man gave Slave Wolf a slap with his backhand. The slap was so loud that he slapped Slug Wolf and almost fell to the ground.

"Go away, you scumbag, soft egg, stay away from my son, and my **** mother will feel sick when I look at you!" The strange young man kicked at the foot of the demon wolf, and his face was full of disgust.

"Mo Shengtian, this is the Devil Dragon Divine Ship, you dare to strike at will!" The Devil Wolf looks at the other person in disbelief. The Demon Dragon Palace is a well-regulated place. , But it's really lawless.

"Humph! Fool, do you know what I am? The three sons of the Dragon Palace will give me a little face. The rules of the Dragon Dragon Ship are for you to obey. For me, it is just a decoration!" Mo Shengtian held his head high and his face was scornful.

"" Demon Wolf pointed at Mo Shengtian, his face showing anger and helplessness.

Does he dare to shoot? The other party is the genius of that powerful ethnic group, and his own group is just a small subordinate group. Even if he is stronger than him, he still dare not take action, he can't provoke the evil wolf clan!

"Brother Demon Wolf, please go to the side! I will deal with it at this time!" A voice rang in his ear at this time.

Zhao Yuande patted the shoulder of the demon wolf, this guy obviously has good strength, but he did not dare to shoot, all of them were tired by the ethnic group, and he did not exist in Zhao Yuande, who dare to provoke him, he dare Kill this man because he has no worries.

"Brother Kong Yang..." The devil wolf lowered his head and walked silently to the side. His heart was bleeding, he felt his face was ruthlessly trampled by someone, and he was about to reach the edge of the outbreak.

"Who are you? The little sheep of the Demon Sheep Clan?" Mo Shengtian saw Zhao Yuande early, and did not express surprise at his arrival. He was entrusted by someone today to teach this guy!

"I will disappear from my face immediately, otherwise I will personally throw you all into the void and let you die by yourself!" Zhao Yuande didn't even look at this Mo Shengtian at all, the other's cultivation practice was similar to that of Long Qi , Not worth his attention at all.

"You are arrogant, but you use your arrogance in the wrong place. In front of my eyes, you have no arrogant capital!" Mo Shengtian sneered. "I haven't been active for a long time. I will let you see it today. The Kun people's means!"

"Devil Kun!" Although Zhao Yuande didn't show any expression on his face, he was shocked in his heart. The strength of this race is not lower than that of the **** family. Although the opposite person is very weak, but if he is moved, the devil's The strong will definitely come to find their own trouble.

However, Zhao Yuande can't take care of these things. He wants to return to the Eastern Emperor World this time. You Mokun Clan can't help me when he is so powerful.

"The Mokun tribe is strong, but you are too weak!" Zhao Yuande ignored the angry expression of the other party at all, but his fingers gave him a soft touch, "Give me!"

"What!" Mo Shengtian saw the other person whispering to himself with his fingers, and was about to sneer, but suddenly felt that he had lost control of the body all at once, and even the four of them were running slowly at this time, his There was panic in his eyes, and he saw that he had been grabbing himself with a big hand, but he couldn't resist at all.

"Dare to provoke my friends for your kind of things, lie down!" Zhao Yuande grabbed his neck and poured him directly on the ground.

The floor blessed by the powerful formation method was extremely hard. Mo Shengtian was covered with blood all over his face. He felt that his knowledge of the sea was turbulent, and he almost passed out.

"What! Who is this man? It was so powerful that he captured the talents of the Mokun tribe in a single move. Was he going to go against the sky?" Someone suddenly exclaimed.

"This is called Tian Zuo Sin. There is nothing for him to do, but whoever wants him to provoke others, deserve it!"

"But he is always a person from the Mokun clan. Isn't the other party afraid of the Mokun clan when he gets it? That's a great **** clan, a super power that can stand side by side with the demon dragon clan, the hegemon clan, and the blood phoenix clan. Dare to provoke."

"The strength of that person may be ranked in the top 20 of the younger generation. Can such a person have no strong support behind him? Maybe others are really not afraid!"

"This time Mo Shengtian can be regarded as an embarrassment, I think he dare not come out arrogant and overbearing!"


"You... you let me go!" Mo Shengtian was still in Zhao Yuande's hands at this time. His face was bloodied and he was ashamed and angry, and he almost wanted to find a ground seam.

This hate in his heart now!

If it wasnt for Dragon Qis **** thing to slap him, how could he rush to be beaten up, and now he was restrained by one stroke, he hated Dragon Seven.

"Let go of my young master!" The strong men around Yi Menggui saw their young master arrested, and they all surrounded him.

"Let them all kneel on the ground for me!" Zhao Yuande squeezed one of Mo Shengtian's ears, "otherwise I will make you an ear."

"You...what do you say, do you want us to kneel like you and want to die?" The powerful man in the world's triple dominance headed at Zhao Yuande, almost burst into flames.

"Let them kneel and apologize to my friends!" Zhao Yuande grabbed Mo Shengtian's ear and pressed hard.

"You guys are still stunned, and quickly knelt down and kowtowed me. Do you want my son to die?" Mo Shengtian was shouted and snarled towards a dry hand.

Yimeng Gui has returned to Zhao Yuande by this time, smiled and nodded to him.

"Haha! Yeah, kowtow to the uncle, knock hard!" Chijia Flying Dragon laughed excitedly at the side. It was also a little embarrassed just now, thanks to the fast running, otherwise it was also surrounded by these guys.

This group of seventeen or eight world powerhouses admits to Qi Menggui and kowtows neatly. The grand scene is shocking.

"It's so **** damn ugly!" The head of the world powerhouse insulted insincerely, "This idiot young master, it's really not enough to accomplish what you want!"

However, they had to do what he said, otherwise if the other party really killed the young master, none of them could live.

"What's going on here? Why is it noisy?" At this time, a person came in.