Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 485

Chapter 485: Pig Management

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This man is a middle-aged man. He has a large body, a big beard, and a pair of big ears that have not yet been completely degraded. This is a magic pig.

"Zhu Guanshi, this person violated the rules of the magic dragon **** ship, and secretly attacked and captured my young master, and asked Zhu Guanshi to rescue my young master!" A slight smile, don't look at this person as a man of the Devil Pig Clan, but it is powerful and trusted by the Demon Dragon Palace. It is a great person with great authority.

The most important thing is that this person took Long Qi to find the young master of their family and made a request to teach this person.

"Someone dared to violate the rules of my magic dragon palace, young people, you should just grab your hands!" Zhu Guanshi asked Zhao Yuande to grab his hands as soon as he came up. There was nothing else.

"Which one are you?" Zhao Yuande saw two people frowning at a glance, knowing that this fat pig-like character was not a good thing, and now the young master of the Mokun tribe is in his own hands, and he has the capital to fight against them.

As soon as Zhao Yuande's words came out, all the people around him stopped talking. They backed away in a hurry, then backed away, and stopped until they reached a safe distance. They felt that a storm was coming soon!

This is provocative to imply the majesty of the emperor's strongman. Knowing that the other party is a strong man of the Devil Pig Clan, he also uses his head to call it.

"Boy, you are looking for death!" Zhu Guanshi turned blue and grabbed Zhao Yuande. The terrifying force formed a huge storm and swept the Quartet.

Those who were watching on the sidelines were all blown up and down, and some people were accidentally rolled up by the hurricane and hit the wall, and the blood was hitting.

Zhao Yuande's forehead cannot be avoided, Mo Shengtian in his hands greeted the terrible palm.

If Zhu Guanshi falls, it will inevitably smash Mo Shengtian directly. Zhu Guanshi is only a steward. Although he is reused by the Magic Dragon Palace, he is only a minion and an outsider. If he killed Mo Shengtian today, the Magic Dragon Palace He will hand over himself without hesitation and give it to the strong man of the Mokun tribe, when he is dead.

He hurriedly withdrew his strength, but at the moment he withdrew his strength, Zhao Yuande punched him directly in the palm of his hand.


A powerful force impacted on Zhu Guanshi's palm, Zhu Guanshi's body receded again and again, and there was a burst of qi and blood in his chest.

"Dare you dare to attack me, I..." Zhu Guanshi rushed to the crown in anger, but before the following words were spoken, he saw the other party grabbing Mo Shengtian's legs and grabbed them like a weapon, Turning towards yourself.

He didn't dare to fight with the opponent. Mo Shengtian couldn't fail, he could only humiliate back and forth to avoid the opponent's attack.

"Poof!" Mo Shengtian was used as a weapon, smashed around. The depression and unwillingness in his heart, plus the unbearable humiliation made him spit out a blood arrow, he was spitting blood.

"Broken! Pig steward, you shot too heavy, spit Mo Shengtian blood!" Zhao Yuande yelled in a fuss, "It's over! Pig steward, you have something to do! How dare you play secretly, think To kill Mo Shengtian of the Mokun tribe, you have a big event!"

Everyone around looked dumbfounded, this guy is too shameless!

Zhu Guanshi plus a group of world guards, at this time depressed to vomit blood, can not only be beaten passively, but also be threatened!

"Xiaoyou, are you really familiar with Dongmen Qingyue?" Suddenly, a voice sounded in Zhao Yuande's sea of consciousness. This was an old and low voice. It repeated through the ages and was very old.

"Naturally know, and Dong Menzhen and I are intertwined with each other!" Zhao Yuande blew the snail, anyway, the other party would not find it in one and a half.

" won't be surnamed Xuanyuan!" This old voice trembles a little. The surname of Xuanyuan is too defiant, he dare not mention it easily, but this is a powerful group with innate gods and demon.

"Guess!" Zhao Yuande chuckled. The old guy's imagination was so rich that he could imagine himself as Dongmen Zhen's fiance, the second-ranked strong man.

"...Well!" The voice was silent for a while, and continued to say, "I hope Xiaoyou will let it go! The relationship between the Mokun and the **** tribes is unreversable, but don't think that the relationship between the inner Xiaoyou is stiff!"

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande said lightly, "Come and come!"


"Okay, this is the end!" A huge shadow of the dragon appeared in the hall. Molong shadow stared coldly at everyone present, especially when he saw Zhu Guanshi, the expression on his face. It's all angry.

"Zhu Gangkong, you are doing a good job. From today on, you will be in charge of the wolf. Mo Shengtian, you despise the rules of my dragon palace, and I will punish you for imprisonment for three months! As for you, the demon sheep Juvenile, although your shots have a cause, but they are also unscrupulous. I punish you for not allowing you to walk out of the door of the guest room during the day when you reach the world of Blood Po from today!"

"Yes! Lord Mozun!" Zhu Guanshi's face was desperate. He didn't expect Lord Mozun to withdraw his duties for such a small matter. For Mo Shengtian, he was imprisoned, but only For the young sheep of the Devil Sheep tribe, they are particularly kind. Does this young man of the Devil Sheep tribe really have a very deep relationship with the blood-blooded tribe?

Hearing the other party's words, Zhao Yuande nodded gently, threw Mo Shengtian directly on the ground, then turned around and left.

Yi Menggui and Chijia Flying Dragon and Demon Wolf hurried to keep up, they really admired Zhao Yuande, especially the one who just took Mo Shengtian at the same level just now, and he is comprehending what power these days. Practice.

"Don't go out these days, otherwise you won't have such good luck next time." Zhao Yuande told everyone as he walked.

"What the **** happened just now? Why did this magic dragon treat us so generously?" Yimeng asked, puzzled.

"He thought that I really had something to do with the Dongmen Qingyue, and asked me a few questions about the Dongmen Qingyue, I just flickered, he actually believed, and now I think I am a disciple of a mysterious strong man What!" Zhao Yuande's voice was very low, only a few of them could hear clearly.

"Brother Demon Wolf, you'd better be separated from us, then Demon Dragon doesn't know that I'm cheating him, but when he comes to the world of Blood Po, he will surely know the truth as soon as he comes into contact with the blood-blood family." Zhao Yuande told Devil Wolf Son.

The demon wolf nodded, and he also felt the seriousness of the matter.