Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 486

Chapter 486: Shoot A Hole In The Sky

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From this day, Zhao Yuande's three people could not close the door in the room. As soon as Zhao Yuande began to study his own time rules, the other two closed their doors and practiced.

Since this day, the demon wolf son has been appearing everywhere in the **** ship. Once someone asks about his relationship with the three Zhao Yuande, he will use ordinary friends as an excuse. Many people know that the devil wolf clan's son is the favorite Make friends everywhere, and over time people naturally think that the demon wolf and Zhao Yuande are not too familiar.

The time hastily passed for another month, and on this day, a clear ringing sounded in the cabin, and it turned out that it had reached the world of Blood Po.

Zhao Yuande opened his eyes for the first time, and called Shang Yimenggui and Chijia Flying Dragon to get off the ship quickly.

They appeared in a huge city, where people were bustling and bustling. Zhao Yuande took out a dark mirror to cover the breath and quickly led the two into the crowd.

"I will change my appearance and change my breath immediately!" Zhao Yuande has now turned into a somewhat fat boy with a pair of curved dragon horns above his head. "Since then, I am the young master of Fatty Dragon, the two of you are me Your follower, your name is Mingzhen, your name is Mingyu!"

Zhao Yuande took them on the street and walked through the streets, and Tongyou Mirror always hung over their heads. Even the God Emperor might not be able to find their clues at this time.

Yimeng Gui became a pretty little girl with a horn on her head, her name was Mingyu.

Chijia Flying Dragon became a somewhat stout young man, except for some changes in his appearance, he was a real star, it was called Mingzhen.

They quickly rushed out of the big city and ran tens of thousands of miles before they stopped.

"You must remember your identity, don't wear it, this identity will accompany us to leave the desolate land!" Zhao Yuande once again told the two.

"You can rest assured, I know!" Yi Menggui nodded.

"Come on, help Master Master squeeze his shoulder!" Zhao Yuande leaned over Shuo Shuo's body and blinked at Yi Menggui.

"Okay! I'll help you pinch!" Yimeng Gui smiled at the corner of his mouth, and a pair of small hands pinched the soft meat in his waist!

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande's fat fluttered and shouted loudly, "Dare you treat your son like this, and wait tonight!"

"You dare to say it!" Yimeng Gui blushed, and he pinched Zhao Yuande with no weight.

"The host finally spoke his heart out with this effort, which is really a beast!" Chijia Feilong grinned as he watched Zhao Yuande's squealed wows, his mouth was grinning behind his ears.

"Okay! Don't make trouble, we have entered the scope of the Divine Soul of the Divine Emperor." Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a sense and stopped the trouble, "Must not show the horse feet, the Divine Emperor strong enough to crush us lethal."

Yi Menggui stopped here, and there was still a hint of blush on his face.

"Let's stop here for a while, and remember your identity. Especially your Yi Menggui, what I said next may be false, and it's only true if I pass you a message." Zhao Yuande Focus on her, "If it is not possible, you can enter my other side of the world, if you don't come out, you will not be exposed, and you can avoid too much trouble."

"No! No, I want to be outside, I want to watch you scourge these alien geniuses." Yi Menggui's eyes show the look of expectation. She has been dealing with this desolate area since she knew that the Eastern World might be her hometown She began to feel disgusted. She knew that this time Zhao Yuande was going to make trouble in the world of blood and blood, how could she miss such a wonderful thing.

"If you lend your Chitong bow to me, I will change my fighting style, otherwise it will probably be recognized." Zhao Yuanchao Yimeng Gui extended his hand, he just wanted to make a joke, he thought It is impossible for the other party to give himself such an important treasure.

If he lacks weapons, the eternal tower can be transformed into a halberd, and no one in the Desolate Realm knows it.

"Here you are! But you can use it to kill more aliens in the Desolate Desolate Region." Yimeng Gui handed the red bow behind him to Zhao Yuande without hesitation.

As soon as Zhao Yuande grabbed Chi Tong's bow in his hand, he suddenly felt a terrifying gravity exerted on his body, and he was almost crushed by his terrifying power.

"It's heavy!" Zhao Yuande held Chi Tong bow in his hand and weighed it. "I'm afraid that even a powerful person in the world may not be able to hold it!"

"You... can you really take it?" Don't say that Zhao Yuande is surprised at this time. The most surprising thing is Yimenggui. She originally wanted Zhao Yuande to be ugly.

If she did not get the approval of this red bow, she could not shake the bow at all. According to what her ancestors left behind, ordinary people want to really display this red bow, at least it needs the cultivation of Divine Emperor Realm, want to shake a trace It also requires the later stage of the world, after the great power of the world is completed.

And what she saw in front of her, this guy was a little hard to hold his red bow, but he was full of excitement, and he was trying to open the bow.

It wasn't until she saw that Zhao Yuande could only gently pull the bow string out of a small arc, and a smile appeared on her face. That's right, not everyone can cast this bow!

"Give me!" Zhao Yuande suddenly shouted, and the power of terror and thunder contained in the sky in his eyebrows suddenly burst out. His hands seemed to be thundered at the moment. It's like a **** of thunder!

That bowstring was pulled away a little bit by Zhao Yuande... and finally turned into a full moon!

"Shoot!" A gleam of thunder was shot from the bowstring, and the terrifying thunder broke the void and appeared in front of a huge mountain in a moment.

"Click!" The giant mountain exploded and the rain fell across the sky. The three were almost buried under the stone.

"I'm relying on it! Master, you are going to shoot a hole in the sky!" Chijia Flying Dragon looked straight at his mouth and swallowed. This terrifying power, I am afraid that a top-ranking emperor could not resist it!

"very tired!"

After Zhao Yuande shot the arrow, his body seemed to collapse, and he sat on the ground and gasped.

"You... you can even pull the red bow!" Yi Menggui stared blankly at Zhao Yuande, suddenly remembering a paragraph left on the ancestor, his face flushed for a while.

"Fortunately! Lucky!" Zhao Yuande handed Chi Tong bow back to Yimeng, "No, I really can't use this, or give it back to you!"

"No... you hold it first, I will teach you the real way of using it!" Yi Menggui gave Zhao Yuande a deep look and gently handed Chi Tong bow back to Zhao Yuande's hand, "You use this bow In order to maximize the power, if you want to return me, just wait to return to your hometown to talk!"

"That's fine, I feel that this bow not only has the power of thunder, but also the strength of various other attributes are bred in different places. For example, the bow string is thunder, the bow body is wood, and the two dragon patterns are gold... " Zhao Yuande talked eloquently, listening to Yi Meng's tongue.