Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 487

Chapter 487: Not An Ansheng

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Was this person really the first contact with Chitong Bow? It is too much to be able to understand the whole bow in just a few breaths!

Their journey was delayed, and Yimeng Gui began to teach Zhao Yuande how to use the bow correctly, and let Zhao Yuande gradually communicate with the true spirit of Chi Tong bow, and temporarily obtained the approval of the true spirit.

He no longer used Chitong bow as hard as it was at the beginning. With the spirit's approval, he used thousands of times less power than before. The bow pulls the full moon easily. His skilled gold, water, fire and earth, Thunder and wind can shoot energy arrows smoothly.

When Zhao Yuande unexpectedly integrated the power of time into his attack, what he shot was an invisible arrow of time, which fixed a big bird in the sky in the void for ten breaths!

But because this big bird was just a fifth-order beast, Zhao Yuande deliberately shot an arrow at Chijia Flying Dragon, and Chijia Flying Dragon was stopped for two breathing hours.

This discovery made Zhao Yuande so excited that he couldn't help himself. Not to mention two breaths to the enemy, even one breath was deadly enough.

If this is a cold arrow, it will kill an enemy in seconds, but now this arrow needs time to brew, and it will take some time.

Regardless of Yimenggui and Chijia Flying Dragon's perverted vision, Zhao Yuande immediately fell into repeated drills of this arrow. His understanding of the rules of time is still in its infancy, and there are still many places to be deduced...

"The host is really a dedicated person!" Chijia Flying Dragon lay bored on a soft grass, looking up at the sky.

"Hey! This is probably one of the reasons why he is so powerful! Only his attitude towards cultivation is his real worthwhile study." Yimeng Gui looked at Zhao Yuande and his eyes showed light. "You first Help him protect the Fa, I will practice for a while!"

"Hey! Maybe! But Grandpa, I don't have so much interest in cultivation!" Chijia Flying Dragon is still lying on the ground, his ears twitching.

But at this time the big man on the dragon ship was violently thunderous.

"This little boy dared to deceive me. He has nothing to do with the blood-blooded family. No wonder he lost track in just a blink of an eye. It turned out to be! Fuck!"

The big man slapped a magnificent giant mountain outside the city of Blood, and a careful sect gate connecting the giant mountain was directly smoothed.

Countless people in the Blood Aperture City are silent, they don't know what happened at that moment, they only feel that the magic power is monstrous, almost overturning the whole Blood Aperture City.

"Sister, don't be angry, this son dares to pretend to be my son-in-law of the blood-blooded family. This is a provocation to our blood-blooded family. It is better to issue a killing order for our two families!" A handsome middle-aged man is now Standing in front of this great man, although the other party is a strong in the Divine Emperor Realm, but he is neither humble nor overbearing, and behaves very decently.

"Hey! It can only be so!" The big man smashed the giant mountain with a palm, and the depression in his heart was also dissipated. "I didn't expect that the geese will be pecked by the geese all year round. This little boy may I really know the Dongmen Qingyue of the over-blooded family, otherwise it will not be as seamless as I said, even I believe it!"

"I will ask my sister, but at this time, my sister is fighting in the Eastern World, there is really no way!" The middle-aged man turned out to be the current patriarch of the **** family, and the most powerful head of the powerful forces in the Desolate Realm. It is no wonder that in the presence of a powerful Divine Emperor, he can calmly take it easy.

The Magic Dragon Palace and the Baxue family ran wildly for a few days, but did not find the figures of Zhao Yuande and the three of them. This big search gradually calmed down.

However, in the next few days, Blood City began to become lively.

Countless **** ships from various worlds are moored outside the blood amber city, and the arrogance of a demon wasteland disembarks. They wait in the blood amber city, waiting for the next army of the devil wasteland.

Most of them are full of excitement and want to make a fortune on the battlefield of the Eastern World.

But what they don't know, waiting for them may not be a very beautiful tomorrow and a fierce battle!

Zhao Yuande closed for ten days, and only ten days later he woke up from the closed state with satisfaction!

Zhao Yuande nodded with satisfaction after shooting at Chijia Flying Dragon for a while.

"I have gotten a little bit of retreat these days!" Yimeng Gui is also full of excitement, taking out a short sword with a whole body of chaos, marking the swordsmanship, "Do you have any research on swordsmanship, look at my tricks How about swordsmanship!"

"Chaos Excalibur, ancient artifact, chaotic stone polished, quenched in Chaos God Thunder, extremely sharp..."


Zhao Yuande couldn't help swallowing again!

At this time, he has a kind of storage ring that opens Yi Menggui to see how many such babies are in it, which is simply shocking!

This Chaos Excalibur can be a hundred times stronger than any mirror sword. If you take it out, you might know that the Divine Emperor will pull down his face to **** it.

"How much do you still have this kind of thing..." Zhao Yuande's face shivered. "Don't take it out casually in the future, otherwise it will lead to death!"

"And... I won't tell you!" Yimeng Gui blinked and smiled, "I naturally know this, you will not come to grab my things, so I took it out in front of you."

Feeling the sincerity and trust in himself, Zhao Yuande couldn't help smiling.

"Yes! I won't hurt you, but other people, such as this flying dragon..." Zhao Yuande looked at Chijia flying dragon with bad intentions, "If he spreads it, it would be bad, we might as well stew him Come to eat, what do you think?"

"Giggle! Okay! I haven't eaten flying dragon meat once, I don't know how it tastes?" Yimeng Guixiao's big eyes were crooked into crescents.

"Master! I'm your most loyal mount, how can I say it!" Chijia Flying Dragon covered his face with black lines, so he said these things, but he didn't know anything about it!

"This is not necessarily!" Zhao Yuande looked up and down at the Chijia Flying Dragon. "Come here, I will see the fatness there..."



"Go! Depart, go to Xuebo City!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, his face full of enthusiasm, "However, don't reveal my name when you go to Xuebo City, otherwise it will cause big trouble."

"Master, what's the trouble?" Chijia Flying Dragon asked curiously.

"Hey, I used to have a bad reputation in the world of the East Emperor. If those strong men on the front line returned to the Desolate Realm to bring back my glorious deeds, I am afraid I will be hunted down by everyone!" Zhao Yuande could not say himself The kidnapping and extortion of dozens or hundreds of sacred medicines, it is self-impaired in front of beautiful women.

"The master is not a peaceful person anywhere!" Chijia Flying Dragon slurped, what the master did was a bad thing that made them conscience, so that these people could hate him so much.

At this moment, Yimeng Gui nodded and nodded!