Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 488

Chapter 488: Gun Shot Head Bird

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The three of them quickly returned to Xuebo City. Zhao Yuande looked like an arrogant young master.

Chijia Flying Dragon and Yimenggui really seemed like two loyal followers at this time.

"Mingyu girl, let's squeeze the legs for the young master, young master I'm tired!" Zhao Yuande sat at the door of a shop and raised his legs.

"It's young master!" Yimeng Gui squeezed lightly, his face still showing a very clever look.

"You... what are you doing, am I thirsty without seeing the young master?" Zhao Yuande squinted and glanced at the Chijia Flying Dragon beside him.

"Master please..." Chijia Flying Dragon gritted his teeth and handed a piece of Lingguo to Zhao Yuande.

"Well! It's almost the same!" Zhao Yuande took Lingguo, and before he stuffed it in his mouth, he heard a cold hum behind him.

"Huh! The fat pigs there dare to block the way of the son, and don't leave me away!"

Waiting for you! Zhao Yuande smiled coldly in his heart and started from you!

Zhao Yuande turned his head around and saw a young man in gray clothes. Although the young man in gray clothes was pretty good, his eyes were strange, and a long scorpion dragged behind him.

Behind this gray-clothed young man there are two beautiful women, one is as white as a cream, and the other is wearing a scarlet demon flower. Although the two women stand together, they seem to be out of place. The woman with a white as a cream is younger, she looks When a woman with a scarlet demon flower above her head, there is always a kind of vicious hostility!

But the woman with the Scarlet Demon Flower above her head seemed to have no feeling, but she looked calmly into the distance, seeming to avoid it.

The aura of these three people is very powerful, and they are no less than the devil wolf.

"What did you just say? Master Ben didn't hear it clearly!" Zhao Yuande stood up swayingly, came to the young Scorpion Tail, and looked up and down at each other uncomfortably.

"! The Scorpion Warriors of the Demon Scorpions faced off with people!" These three aliens are obviously well-known strongmen, and their actions have all received the attention of some people. Now this happens, Suddenly attracted a large group of people to watch.

"This Scorpion Warrior is really overbearing. People just sit on the steps and take a break, and he speaks insult!" Someone shook his head and sighed.

"Of course, the people of the Devil Scorpion are overbearing. In the Desolate Realm, the Devil Scorpion can rank in the top thirty large groups, and naturally have their own arrogance!"

"But now this time, he should converge a little bit! The genius strongman of the entire Desolate Realm has come here, he is not afraid to accidentally overturn the boat?"

"Do you look like that guy, like a strong man? Can he still fight?"

"I watched Scorpion Wushuang want to stand up, take this guy and stand up!"

Some people couldn't help laughing, thinking that Zhao Yuande was simply a soft persimmon, otherwise how could Scorpion Wushuang go pinch it.

"I said that you are a fat pig! Do you hear clearly now?" Scorpion Wushuang smiled coldly and repeated it again. He only came to the Blood City today. He really wanted to be in the limelight. He picked it up and finally picked him up. Zhao Yuande who thinks it is a soft persimmon.

"Wushuang's brother is so domineering!" The woman with white skin and curds looked young, and she was very squeamish and made her scalp numb.

"Forget about Wushuang, don't make trouble here anymore, Xuebo City has the rules of Xuebo City!" Another woman with a demon flower on her head glanced at Zhao Yuande, and she couldn't help but reveal a trace of intolerance, gently comforting Scorpion Wushuang's ear .

"Brother Wushuang, don't listen to her. I want to see you domineering and crush this fat pig!" The skin-white woman showed provocation to the demon woman.

"Hey!" The woman with the demon flower above her head sighed softly and said nothing more, but the body slightly backed away.

"You dare to insult Ben Shao!" Zhao Yuande glared at each other, then turned to look at everyone behind him, "Everyone heard that, he first insulted me first, if I killed him, everyone would have to do it for me Testify!"

Immortal corpses of the people watching around were stunned, and they all laughed. They thought the matter was really ridiculous, but they nodded.

"You can rest assured, even if you killed Scorpion Musou, we will help you to clarify the truth of things in front of the City Guard, you can rest assured!"

"Come on, let's kill the Scorpion Warriors! Let's see your domineering side!"

"Haha! This is so funny!"


"Haha! Kill me, you are not dreaming!" Scorpion Wushuang couldn't help but laugh!

At this time, he can clearly feel that the other party's practice is not as good as his own. Even if his blood is a little vain, can such a person kill himself? Even if he is allowed to fight, can he break his defense?

"Then I will kill you!"

Zhao Yuande stretched out his fists and smashed towards Scorpion Wushuang.

"Haha!" Scorpion Wushuang laughed, slaps towards Zhao Yuande, he decided to let the other party humiliate!

But at this moment, he suddenly felt that a terrible power was suddenly bursting out of the opponent's body. The flirty fist suddenly turned into a terrifying death, and he will harvest his next moment. life.

"Ah!" Scorpion screamed. He knew it was bad this time. He wanted to step on people and mentioned the iron plate.

But his frightened yelling did not stop Zhao Yuande's fist. This seemingly weak fist, a seemingly understatement punch, directly hit Scorpion's chest.

A blood burst into the sky, and the body of Scorpion Wushuang seemed to be hit by a mountain, and it shattered into countless pieces, leaving only one head flying up the old high.

Zhao Yuande grabbed his hand and grabbed the head of Scorpion Wushuang in his hand, with a smile on his face.

"Let me say this! I really can't blame me, I said you insulted me first!" Zhao Yuande pinched his head and said innocently, "And you are too weak, I just put you down Broken! This really blames me."

"I hate na!" Scorpion Wushuang was desperate at this time, he was crying in his heart, is he really weak? It's clear that the other party is pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!


Suddenly there was a sound of breathing in the air at the scene.

They never dreamed that this would happen. A fat young man broke Scorpion Wushuang with a punch, and his face was full of innocent expressions.

"You... ah!" The skin-white woman saw the scene and screamed in shock. She looked at Zhao Yuande as if she were looking at the devil, screaming and running away.

"Hey! Sure enough!" The woman with the Scarlet Demon Flower above her head gave a slight sigh, and she left.

"Don't kill me, today I am wrong. I apologize to you!" Although Scorpion only has his head left, he can still feel the strong killing intention of the other party, he knows that the other party must have been killed, continue Begged, "And here is Blood Aper City, you can't kill me, kill me, but you violate the rules of Blood Aper City, you will be chased and killed by Blood Aperture Power!"

"You humiliated me first, although Blood Po City has rules, but it can't control my head. If I don't kill you, someone will humiliate me like this in the future, and today I will kill the chicken and monkey!" Zhao Yuande pinched him Looked at the crowd around him, "You guys will testify for me!"

There was a sudden silence in the crowd, but this arrogance of the Devil Scorpion Clan, if today they died here, they said that they must be unlucky to suffer.

When the gun shot the head bird, they would not take the initiative to stand up and testify for Zhao Yuande.