Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Kill

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"Huh! Finally fool!" Zhao Yuande touched the cold sweat on his forehead, and then returned to the opposite of Master Yijie.

"Brother, I think the girl seems to be very interesting to you. It is better for me to help you pick her up. You have to find a place to do her!" Master Yi Jie smiled with an evil smile and looked at Zhao Yuande uncomfortably.

"I said, Master, is there a monk like you? The meat is almost ready, don't always tell big truths here, but be careful and blame!" Zhao Yuande was really refreshed by the other party to set a new limit for monks.

"Hey! The poor monk is invincible, naturally invincible, and the demon jumps out as soon as the demon wants to become a poor monk!" Master Yijie suddenly frowned again and grinned, "These jumping beam clowns are still annoying. "

Zhao Yuande also felt that, looking up, he found several heroic young men and women walking out of the woods. One of them was Long Tiannan who was scared by his own head and begged for mercy.

Long Tiannan stood respectfully in front of a young man at the moment, pointing at himself with his fingers, watching the vicious light in his eyes.

"Brother! It's him, it's him who colluded with the evil monk, cruelly comrades, and indulged the golden eye beast to wreak havoc, just now, brother I was just by him..." Long Tiannan's acting talent was very strong. After this complaint, his eyes were red and choked. Endless.

Even Master Yijie looked at Zhao Yuande strangely and whispered to him: "Hey, brother, your fellows are despicable! Obviously you can't move you to rescue the soldiers, but you cry so grandly, so miserable. Qi Qi, I almost believed the master."

"The master is telling the truth again! He is not afraid of misfortune." Zhao Yuande pointed to the mouth of the master, and a smile appeared on his face.

"Do you want the master to smooth out for you?" Master Yijie waved his hand carelessly, and didn't seem to care.

"How can this kind of trivial matter bother the master to shoot, and the younger brother will return before the meat is rotten!" Zhao Yuande clapped his hands and walked towards Long Tiannan. Before leaving, he asked, "The master should carefully adjust the flame and warm the wine, etc." I'll come back and drink a bite!"

"Don't go, little brother!" Master Yi Jie looked at Zhao Yuande's back, his eyes flickering, revealing the light of expectation.

"You are the abolished body Zhao Yuande?" When the young man heard the teacher's description and heard Zhao Yuande's unspeakable words, he immediately felt disgusted at him.

However, he did not take the initiative to move to Zhao Yuande himself, but pretended to be a high person and sneered.

"This brother doesn't know which one?" Zhao Yuande walked slowly towards several people, with a calm expression on his face, as if he had never heard the sarcasm in the other's words.

"This is my brother Ling Feng, who is ranked third in the top ten disciples of Huo Yunzong!" A young man beside Ling Feng replied proudly, with the expression as if he was the third in the top ten disciples.

"It turned out to be Brother Ling Feng! Didn't you know that Brother came here this time?" Zhao Yuande came closer and closer and came to them in the blink of an eye.

"You bully the same disciples, collude with foreign enemies, and mess up Songhe Ridge, Brother is here to get rid of your sect scourge!" Long Tiannan saw Zhao Yuande getting closer and closer, and he was terrified in his heart, his body shrank back, some Se Li inside said.

"Since all stay here!" When Zhao Yuande approached Ling Feng, he suddenly turned into a fierce wild beast. With a roar, he directly flew to Ling Feng, the closest to him, Jingyingru The palm of jade is like a butterfly in the sleeve

Fly up and down.

"Ah! Oh! Oh..." The screams continued, how could several young people think that Zhao Yuande would suddenly erupt, without any precautions.

Especially Ling Feng, only to feel that his chest was trampled by a giant dragon. All the breast bones were smashed between this collision. The whole person was lying on the ground like a dead dog, spitting blood foam in a big mouth.

Others are not easy, either broken arms or broken legs, and even all limbs are broken.

Only Long Tiannan was stepped on his feet by this time, and his body was still intact.

"Long Tiannan, I warned you, I didn't expect your brain to be so bad, I will fulfill my promise today!" Zhao Yuande's crystal-like palm turned over and slashed towards Long Tiannan under his feet. Go down.

"No... don't kill me, I don't dare anymore..." Long Tiannan desperately begged for mercy, showing despair and regret in his eyes, but unfortunately everything was too late.


Zhao Yuande's palm rushed out of a huge palm print, directly blasting Long Tiannan into a pool of meat.

"You... you dare to kill the same fellow!" Ling Feng looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. He did not believe that anyone would dare to be so insincere.

"We want to tell you... let you die on the dragon-cutting platform!" A disciple screamed sternly. He was almost scared by the scene just now. He didn't say anything threatening the other side. He always felt very dangerous.

"Hey! You guys are forcing me..." Zhao Yuande suddenly became fierce, and the desire to kill lurking in the body was ignited by these people.

In the previous life, he was in the sky, killing countless Yuande Divine Emperor, and the people killed in his life can count hundreds of millions.

He originally wanted to enter the Huoyun Sect to practice with peace of mind, to be a low-key person, and to wait until he got into the qualifications of the **** market, but to say, but these people repeatedly and repeatedly provoked him, how could he not be angry.

Piff is still able to splatter blood for five steps in one anger, and the **** emperor kills hundreds of millions of miles in one anger, what is a little Huo Yunzong!

He killed one person in one step, and when he turned around again, the bones were everywhere and the blood flowed into a stream.

He burned these bodies to ashes with a random fire, striding back without changing his face.

In the distance, the master's eyes jumped in the distance. This kid was too ruthless. The brothers of the same class even said that they would be destroyed. Without any hesitation, I was three points harder than the master.

"Master, the meat is ready! The wine is also hot, let's start!" Zhao Yuande was not blood-stained, and returned to sit opposite the Master Yijie, competing for a gesture.

"Okay! The little brother really has a hero and admires his brother!" Master Yi Yi gleamed with golden light, staring at the opposite boy, and suddenly laughed, "The little brother is very appetizing to me. How about we as a brother?"

Saying such a thing, not only Zhao Yuande was puzzled, even Master Yijie froze himself. He didn't know what kind of psychology he just had, and he had such a strange thought.

"The master doesn't despise, the younger brother has seen the big brother here first!" Zhao Yuande is not a hypocritical person. Although he doesn't know much about this master, he still knows from some memories of his previous life that this guy is a Buddhist abandonment, but He always has his own bottom line and his own standards of good and evil. He still appreciates the straightforward character of this flower monk.

He couldn't help but casually, and simply became a brother with the other party.

"Okay! Brother, I don't like those red tapes. Since you called me brother, then we are already brothers! Come, our brothers must be drunk today!"

The two stuttered meat and drank a large bowl of wine, so they were happy.

The broth in the pot has bottomed out, and the altar wine is also dazzling. The master of Yijie still feels not addictive, and is about to take Zhao Yuande to buy wine.

Zhao Yuande pulled him all at once and said, "Did Brother not feel the abnormalities in his body?"

Master Yijie stayed for a while, and suddenly felt two strange forces swimming in the body, one in the flesh and the other in the sea...