Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 490

Chapter 490: Glorious Mission

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After a dozen breaths, the old man in black rushed out of the shop and threw a storage ring directly to Zhao Yuande.

"Look! There are four sacred medicines in it!" Zhao Yuande took the storage ring and looked at the soul. Sure enough, there were four sacred medicines in it, and he immediately smiled.

"All right! All right! The seniors are indeed trustworthy people, your young master is for you!" Zhao Yuande threw Scorpion's head directly to the old man in black.

"Boy, you remember it for me, my Devil Scorpion will definitely kill you!" Scorpion Wushuang escaped from danger and suddenly revealed a fierce face, watching Zhao Yuande full of resentment.

"You don't have to wait for the family to start, I will take his life!" The old man in black showed apathy on his face, and forced him towards Zhao Yuande.

"Don't kill him, I'll smash him to death! I want to blackmail my Devil Scorpion's holy medicine, I really don't know the sky is thick!" Scorpion's face suddenly showed excitement.

"Hey! I know it!" Zhao Yuande sighed and took a big bow to bend the bow at the old man.


An invisible arrow shoots out, it is the arrow of time that he only recently built.

Before taking a step, the old man in black felt as if he had fallen into the quagmire of time, and the whole person lost control of himself instantly.

His pupils were wide, and he watched the opponent bend his bow again, shooting a silver arrow.


The silver arrow hits the head of Scorpion Wushuang in his arms, and the old men in black who are blown into a cloud of blood mist are all covered.

"Ah! No..." The old man in black felt heartbroken. He never dreamed that the other party had such a horrible practice. This arrow contained the power of time!

What kind of demon is this? Now that the rules of time have been comprehended, it is no wonder that people are not afraid of it. It is no wonder that they simply don't care about their devil family, it turns out...


At this time, Zhao Yuande had also shot the third arrow, which directly exploded the head of the old man in black.

"This..." All the onlookers were stunned. Although there were some strong among them, they did not see the key!

However, the news seemed to spread throughout the blood amber city in the moment of rising wings.

The young master of the Scorpion Clan connected to a powerful Emperor Realm of the Scorpion Clan, who was shot by a strong man, and the other party seemed to be just a wasteful young master with a big brain.

If those two arrows were helpful, they would kill the emperor's strongman directly. Who is this waste master?

Some people say that it is a disciple of a mysterious strongman. The strongman saw the new generation of young strongmen in the Desolate Realm chaotically and deliberately let the apprentice come out to clean up.

It is also said that this waste master is the mysterious young generation's first strongman in the legend, the terrible existence of the reincarnation of innate gods and demons.

It is also said that this waste master is the young master of the Xuanyuan family. This person has also been exposed before, and he likes to wander around after changing his appearance.

There are many opinions on Zhao Yuande's identity, but his deity is now looking at the five magical medicines in his hands. He now feels itchy hands, and he hopes to turn around in the blood city and arrest him a dozen or twenty young masters. Then a lot of ransomware!

However, he knew that this was unrealistic. This is not the Eastern Emperor Great World. There is no strong man from the Thunder Prison family to take charge of himself. He dare not take out these young masters to exchange the holy medicine, otherwise a divine emperor can directly shoot and die. he.

"Haha! I thought of it!" Zhao Yuande suddenly laughed excitedly, "How am I so smart! I am here to catch a large group of young masters, and then go back to the East Emperor Great World and then blackmail their family! Miao, too Wonderful!"

"Will you cause a fierce reaction in the Desolate Realm, and try your best to arrest you?" Yimeng Gui was also jumped by Zhao Yuande's madness, but after thinking for a while, it felt feasible, the only thing that made her What is uneasy is the drastic consequences that may be brought about after doing so.

"Master! are too bad! But...I like it!" Chijia Feilong was shocked by Zhao Yuande's crazy thoughts for a long time, but his eyes turned into a piece after the relief. Blood red!

Those are all holy medicine! If there are five master medicines for a young master, if you catch a hundred young masters... the saliva of the Chijia Flying Dragon is screaming!

"How many days are there to send troops to the Eastern World?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"I went out to inquire just now, it is said to be eighteen days later!" Chijia Feilong replied.

"Well! Eighteen days, strive to catch three young masters in one day! Go and ask me, what young master lives in any place, and finally your benefits!" Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to Yimenggui, "As for you, come over and give Master a pinch of my shoulder... ouch..."

"Sister outside let you, and you dare to instruct me here, I will help you loosen your bones today!" Yimeng Gui squeezed Zhao Yuande with his hands.

"Hey! Really spicy eyes! Before I left, I started to flirt..." Chijia Feilong's envious eyes were green.

"You come back to me to see if I don't kill you!" Yimeng Guiqian blushed, almost immediately going to hit someone.

"I went out to ask for information, and you play at home!" Chijia Flying Dragon fled the scene quickly, and a heart was frightened and thumped.

"Master, I inquired about the residences of thirty-one young masters. Seventeen of them had the opportunity to start, and all of them were protected by the strong emperor!" Two hours later, Chijia Feilong hurried back and ran back.

"What... just that?" Zhao Yuande didn't quite believe it.

"There are more than a hundred young masters coming this time, but there are only so many people living on this street, I'm not afraid you are in a hurry!" Chijia Flying Dragon explained.

"Well, let's hear..."

Yimeng Gui also gathered up at this time to help come up with ideas.

"Okay, these three young masters were finalized. Tonight I shot!" Zhao Yuande finally developed a young master arresting map, and hit three scarlet s on the map!

"Hey, this picture is going to be perfected. I feel that I am completing a very great project!" Chijia Feilong smiled very proudly.

"If this picture is publicized, it will inevitably cause uproar, and those old guys will definitely be blown away!" Zhao Yuande even thought of the expression of those family ancestors when he saw this picture, he was very looking forward to it, "I It is decided that after these young masters are successfully arrested, we will announce this picture to the public!"

"You are such a bad person!" Yimeng Gui felt a little heart throbbing, which was simply too exciting.

"All give me a lot of energy, if the arrest is successful tonight, I will treat you to food!" Zhao Yuande's excited eyes sparkled with gold, and his big hand gave a good meal.

"Good!" Yimeng Guidu jumped excitedly.

Since the last time I ate the food made by Zhao Yuande, she thought about it day and night, that taste is simply wonderful!

"Roar! I'm not tired! Continue to go out and ask for information, and strive to complete the master's capture plan as soon as possible! This is a glorious mission!" Chijia Flying Dragon rushed out excitedly, with unlimited power.