Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 491

Chapter 491: Wa Qiao

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At night, Zhao Yuande took Yi Menggui back and the two quietly figured out the restaurant they lived in.

Their heads are covered with spectacles, and no one under the emperor can see through their whereabouts, and they are even more dreamed of as a piece of animal skin taken out for safety. This is the skin of the Void Beast. If it is a dangerous time, You can escape into the void through this hide.

Their first goal today is the young master of the Condor family and his sister. These two men are very strong. Although they have not actively challenged the young people in the rankings, there are rumors that their fighting power should be in the front. Thirty levels.

For them, Zhao Yuande did not despise too much, but they certainly could not escape under their own sneak attack.

"Sister, today I got a good thing from Brother Dong Guo!" In the Blood Cloud Tower, one of the three restaurants in the Blood Po City, the young master Eagle Tianya took out an object and handed it to her sister to watch.

"This is..." The girl took what her brother handed over and looked carefully up and down, but she couldn't find any secrets and asked curiously, "Brother, what the **** is this?"

The object looks like one foot long, two round billows, slender in the middle, and there are countless strange textures engraved on it. These textures seem to be text, and they seem to be a kind of totem.

"I don't know what this is, but I always feel that the texture above is somewhat similar to the ancient writings recorded in our family, so I used a holy pill from Dongguo Brothers." The singularity is held in hand.

"Unfortunately, we don't understand the text above, otherwise we will know exactly what this is! I have a feeling that this thing is very unusual." The girl had some regrets.

"Wait back to the family, we will find that ancient book before we talk!" Ying Tianya put the spindle-like singular objects into the storage space, and suddenly felt as if he had lost himself all at once, as if time had stalled at this moment general.

He secretly said nothing and wanted to speak, but found that there was no sound at all, even his eyes could not blink.

"Brother, what's the matter with you?" The girl also felt that her brother was a little bit wrong. Why did she lose her brilliance, like a puppet?

"He was fixed!" At this time a beautiful woman appeared in front of the girl and gave her a soft smile.

"You... who are you?" The girl's reaction was quick, and she took out the sword and stab at the woman.


A brick hit the young girl's head behind her, turning her world around.

"If it doesn't work, let's do it again!" Zhao Yuande said again about the chaotic Tianyin.

"Tap, this is a little girl, you don't need to use such a ruthless hand!" Yimeng gave Zhao Yuande a glance.

"Don't look at her as a little girl now, this is a king of birds, if you turn it into a body, you know, you can swallow dozens of adults in one bite!" Zhao Yuande laughed, "Don't be too kind, this is ours enemy!"

"You are right, these are enemies!" Yi Menggui nodded. She remembered those human beings who were traded as slaves, and those human slaves with a blank look. These are their true compatriots!

After Zhao Yuande knocked down the girl, he talked about the bricks coming to Yingtianya a few times, and then stopped him when he rolled his eyes.

Zhao Yuande put his hands up and down very skillfully, and collected all the valuable things from the siblings, and Yi Menggui was a little stunned.

" used to do this kind of thing before?"

"How do you know?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other in surprise.

"At first glance you are a habitual offender, this technique is too skilled!" Yimeng Gui suddenly felt like a thief ship.

"Yes, I will tell you about my previous glorious deeds when I go back!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, "I miss the old days..."

"Huh! This thing..." Yi Menggui suddenly saw the spindle-shaped singular object held in Ying Tianya's hand, and suddenly a light of surprise appeared in his eyes.

"What's the matter? What's this?" Zhao Yuande leaned up and carefully, a lot of up and down. "It seems that there is nothing special except for the strange shape."

"This may be an ancient artifact. The text on it is the same as the simpler text left by the ancestors!" Yimeng Gui carefully rubbed the spindle-shaped wonder.

"Really?" Zhao Yuande came with curiosity and directly came to an appraisal technique.

"Ancient Artifact, Divine Silk Hammer, Weapon of Ancient God Wagong..."

"Yi Xianzi, have you heard of the name Wa Wao?" Zhao Yuande is not even familiar with the innate gods and demons, let alone the ancient gods. For this, he can only ask about the descendants of Yi Menggui, the ancient god.

"Wa...... How do you know this name?" Yimeng Gui's face suddenly became dignified. "Do you know the words above?"

"This, I don't know, I just feel like a legendary item in my Eastern Emperor's Great World, so I sounded the name." Zhao Yuande made up his head arrogantly, and he was helpless about his mouth. Last time It was made up by people who asked about it, and this time it came again!

"The legend of the Eastern Emperor Great World? But this ancestor seems to be from the Yuan Realm, and it is impossible to be connected with our hometown?" Yimeng Gui wondered.

"Your ancestor is also not an ancient god, why is his hometown the Great East Emperor?"

"My ancestor is really an ancient god, but this ancestor is a woman, she met her lover in her hometown, so only... please tell me, the legend of the Wagong..."

"It seems that someone is here, let's go back and discuss again!" Zhao Yuandela escaped from the Blood Cloud Tower as he escaped into Tongyou Mirror with Yi Menggui.

Zhao Yuande's breath took a breath. He felt he could never talk more in the future, and if he continued to do so, he would develop a bad lie.

"Let's continue to the next one!" Zhao Yuandela continued his second goal with Yi Menggui back.

After a busy hour, I successfully completed the stipulated goals. Under the power of Zhao Yuande's time and the offensive of the bricks, these geniuses were knocked down without any accident.

Three young masters and four young masters, Zhao Yuande sent them to the prison of the Eternal Tower. He also gave the prison a name, which is called the Genius Hall!

"Haha! Wait until one day, the talents in this genius hall are full, that is, it is time for me to shoot!" Zhao Yuande smiled proudly, these are all strains of holy medicine!

"Come on, you tell me the legend of Wasao!" Yi Menggui thought of the stubbornness and seized Zhao Yuande.

"I just saw a broken stone monument in the wild, with this kind of record on it, I really don't know anything else!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly, which really lifted the stone and smashed his own foot.

"Wait back to the Eastern Emperor Great World, you must just take me to see the stone tablet!" Yimeng Gui finished, hurriedly took out some yellowed animal skin rolls from the storage space, and began to study the above text , And soon entered the realm of ecstasy.

Zhao Yuande took a breath. Oh my! She hopes to return to the Eastern Emperor Great World, and she will forget, otherwise I will find the stone tablet!