Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 493

Chapter 493: Laozi Hu

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"You... let's talk!" The tall, middle-aged man looked at the powerful Condor family who couldn't breathe a moment ago, and his tone was full of doubts and orders!

"I..." The depressed man in the strong mind of the Condor Clan, was deceived by the fake Mozhahai strongman just now, and this was ordered by the real Mozhahai strongman.

"Hey! I saw that the two were like this just now!" Another strong Condor clan knew that his companion was a fiery character, afraid that he would conflict with the other, and immediately outlined the appearance of the two in the void.

"Well! You are fine!" The tall middle-aged man nodded, a smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Uncle Ming, did you get the result?" The young man with snake hair only came down at this time, looking at the other party, Dan Dan asked.

"Well, I already know the appearance of the two people, and I just felt their breath just now!" The middle-aged man is very respectful to the snake-haired youth!

"The prestige of Mozhahai can't be swayed, you take the two guys to me and bring me in front of me!" The serene light in the eyes of Snake Hair Youth was revealed, so that the people who saw it couldn't help but shivered. .

"Your son..." The middle-aged man hesitated,

"It's okay... I'm here with the snake, who can take me!" The young man with snake hair is proud, this is a kind of self-confidence, confidence in his own strength.

"What! He is the ninth ten thousand snake! This..." Everyone was shocked and retreated backward!

"The son said yes!" The middle-aged man's body disappeared quickly, chasing towards the two escaped guys just now.

"Haha! Good opportunity!" Zhao Yuande's eyes showed excitement, "ranked ninth, you should be able to exchange a few magic drugs!"

"You... Master, you are so crazy, you dare to fight with the attention of Wan Snake?" The red armored dragon on the side shivered and felt things awkward.

"No... Some people are potentially secret, and it seems that they must also deal with this snake!" Zhao Yuande's eyes suddenly fixed, he looked in a direction, and found an indecent old man is approaching Wan snake quietly.

The old man's eyes flashed as if he were an ordinary person, but Zhao Yuande could clearly see a trace of excitement in his eyes!

He himself is a veteran of kidnapping for extortion. The glance of this old man knows that he is secretly excited. He wants to pay attention to the snake!


"Huh! This old guy is so mysterious, he doesn't know what secrets cover his cultivation behavior, even I can't see through his details!" Zhao Yuande has never encountered such a thing, can't help but have this old man I was a little curious, but this old guy wanted to buy and sell with himself, that must not make him happy!

"We sneaked in quietly, waiting for the maneuver, don't let this old product succeed!" Zhao Yuande they were covered by the pass mirror, and even the powerful of the Divine Emperor Realm could not find it. Naturally, Zhao Yuande was very confident. , Can **** Wan Snake in front of this old product.

At this time, Wan Snake suddenly felt some inexplicable irritability in his heart, and always felt that something was going to happen, but he never dreamed that he would become a yummy squat robbed by two people, otherwise he must be blown off his lungs!

Zhao Yuande approached Wan Snake quietly. Instead of hurrying to do it, he stopped and waited for the opportunity.

And the old man has quietly come to the distance of less than three feet behind Wan Snake at this time. This is a safe area. There are many cultivators outside the three feet behind Wan Snake. They dare not come close, making these three feet a vacuum. .

At this time in the old man's hand there was a gray brick, and it seemed that there was still a spell in his mouth. The brick flew out, but the next moment he escaped into the void, but the next brick appeared directly in the next moment. Over the head of Wan Snake, a brick was directly hit on the back of Wan Snake's head.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look a little dumbfounded. This brick is much better than his chaotic sky.

"Boom!" The brick hit on the back of Wan Snake with a loud noise.

The gray brick shattered, and the snake was shaking, his eyes were white, and he would fall to the ground.

Ok? Is that brick really just an ordinary spirit treasure? And the mantra that the old man said is the key to let the bricks escape into the void? But now you can't control so much, don't be preempted by this old guy!

The obscene old man saw that when the blow hit, Wan Snake was really shaky, and suddenly rushed out with excitement, and hit a white horse training towards Wan Snake.

Although Wan Snake was hit hard, he lost his resistance completely as the old man thought. He resisted the dizziness in his brain and raised his hand to throw out a red spear.

The old man's white horse swiftly swept away the red spear, and continued to roll towards the snake at a constant speed.

"Roar!" Wan Snake roared angrily, forcing a breath, throwing a small silver shield. When the small shield was thrown, it collided wildly, and finally turned into a big shield covering half of the space.

"Give me!" The old man had already rushed up at this time, and turned out to be a powerhouse of the world's triple dominance. His majesty broke out with a flashing sledgehammer in his hand and slammed towards the shield.

"Click!" The big shield burst into pieces, and the old man grabbed at the snake with excitement.

Just when Wan Snake's eyes were splitting and he was struggling to throw out his life-saving cards, he suddenly felt a pain in his head, and he suddenly lost consciousness.

And the old man's hand just touched Wan Snake's chest at this time, and had touched his clothes, but at this time, the Wan Snake in front of him disappeared!

The old man was cold and had a breath, and suddenly became anxious and corrupted.

"Who is it? Who is the one who robbed Lao Tzu? Lao Tzu and you don't wear it together!"

It was only at this time that the onlookers around them reacted. It was only a matter of moments before the old man attacked the Wan snake and the Wan snake was robbed by others. Everyone saw the old man fighting with the Wan snake, and then the Wan snake disappeared!

"Wouldn't this old guy be acting! Does he think that he can get rid of suspicions?" Someone looked at the old man suspiciously and had some doubts about his IQ.

"His courage is so big, he just dare to come out and make waves when the emperor strongman of Mozhahai leaves!" Some people have envy in his heart, this old guy gets cheap and sells well.

"I know! The two fake Mozhahai strongmen just now must have been with this old man. They are trying to get away from the mountain!"

"It's broken. I feel a big storm coming. I'm going to leave the blood amber city, and there will be life worries when I walk away!" Someone suddenly thought a lot, Mozhahai is not a fuel-efficient lamp, their counterattack It is likely to make the whole blood amber city disappear.

"Hurry up..."

There was a mess on the street.

The old man's eyes glanced among the crowd, wanting to see who had just snatched his prey, he was almost blown away!