Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 494

Chapter 494: A Raccoon Dog

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"Not good! The old guy is back!" The old man suddenly looked in one direction, his face suddenly changed, suddenly rushed into the crowd, and disappeared in the next moment.

Zhao Yuande stared at the old guy violently. As soon as the old guy burst into the crowd, he suddenly became a young son, and in a blink of an eye, he became a big man...

Soon after he was happy for more than ten times, he rushed out of the street in a blink of an eye.

"This old guy... no... he may not be an old guy, these are not his true looks." Zhao Yuande said behind him while saying strangely, "This person is absolutely powerful and ever-changing, if we don't have I am afraid that the shadow of the mirror can really not be able to grab him!"

"Such awesome?" Chijia Flying Dragon never heard Zhao Yuande commenting on such a person.

"Very powerful, the fighting power is not lower than me! And there is definitely a big secret in my body!" Zhao Yuande looked solemn, and then told the two to say, "If you see this person alone in the future, you must not conflict with him, otherwise..."

This is the first time Zhao Yuande has felt that someone is so extraordinary. Although he is already a strong player in the triple world of the world, he has never encountered such an uneasy feeling. He even feels that this person is more chasing than that day. It is even more dangerous to kill yourself at the East Gate Qingyue!

If this person is in the world, I am afraid that he can be ranked on the ground list!

"Who is it! Who stole my young master in Mozhahai!" Behind them came the angry roar of the emperor's peak strongman, and then saw a big hand of Optimus fall directly, and a large building in the city It's broken, and I don't know how many people were filmed as meat sauce!

"Friends of Mozhahai, please rest your anger!" The God Emperor Realm Strongman of Blood Po City came forward to block and grab his next palm, otherwise most of Blood Po City would be destroyed!

"Quiet anger, how can I breathe anger! If my young master is in trouble, you and my ancestor of the Mozha Sea!" This emperor, your strong, did not give the opposite face at all, and left a word coldly, tearing the void and Going, he is going back to Mochahai and telling the matter.

"Hey! It's really troublesome!" The Divine Emperor strong man, his face twitching, "I don't care about this matter, let those old guys worry about themselves!"

He walked away, notifying him that the strongman behind him had gone.

Zhao Yuande followed the person out of the city all the way, and soon came to a mountain thousands of miles away.

"I'm here, and the friends who follow me will also come out to meet!" The man finally turned into a somewhat sloppy young Taoist, sitting on a boulder, shouting in the direction of Zhao Yuande.

"He found us, what should I do?" Yimeng Gui on the side was a little nervous. Zhao Yuande described the other party as too powerful, and even she was a little bit inward.

"How is it possible? How could he find us?" Zhao Yuande was surprised, the power of Tongyou Mirror is unquestionable, and the strong under the emperor could never be discovered.

Because the Divine Emperor has control of the origin of the entire void, their eyes can see through all the vain, even if you can't block it through the mirror.

Under the Divine Emperor, there is no way to communicate with the source, there is no way to discover the existence of Tongyou Mirror.

"He looked in this direction and it happened that he was cheating us!" Zhao Yuande suddenly got a glimpse of this guy's sinister intentions.

"We don't move, see what tricks he can play." Zhao Yuande figured out these thoughts suddenly.

really! The young Taoist looked at this direction for a long time, and then he exhaled gently.

"Hey! Is it my nerves? I just felt that someone was watching me." The young Taoist just relaxed, took a gourd from his arms, and plucked the wine stopper and poured wine into his mouth.

"Who is fighting against me? Is it the Lord who came?" The young Taoist took a sip of wine and began to guess, "If it is, it is too terrible, he can hide in front of me. Shape, can take away the snake at such a critical moment, this person is definitely not simple!"

"Why haven't they returned yet, are they really chased by the guy in the Mozhahai?" The young Taoist looked at the Blood Aberdeen in the distance and shook his head gently, "Impossible! It's impossible to catch up at their speed. , It may be because something is delayed!"

"Sure enough! The two guys are really associates of this Taoist priest. They had a good idea. If it weren't for me to act decisively, this fat sheep would become the meat of others' mouth!" Zhao Yuande sighed.

"I don't know what the two remaining people are doing. If we are like this Taoist, we think it is better for us to retreat!" Yi Menggui looked in the direction of Xuebo City. If they knew that we had robbed Wan Snake, they would definitely not Will give up.

"Don't let other people's ambitions extinguish their prestige, they can't catch us no matter how strong they are!" Zhao Yuande patted her shoulder to make her feel at ease.

"Come!" Yimeng Gui looked in the direction of Xuebo City and found that the two figures were flying in this direction at an incredible speed.

"It turns out that it's okay if it's okay!" The young Taoist naturally saw the two figures, and his face suddenly showed a clear expression.

The two figures arrived in a blink of an eye and fell in front of the young Taoist.

The three looked at each other, and then the two figures rushed into the body of the young Taoist, and the breath of the young Taoist surged again by one point.

"These two turned out to be his avatars!" Zhao Yuande's voice was a little trembling, able to change into three, and the breath was completely different. This person did not know what kind of strong practice he had practiced.

If he can...can take it off and get this kind of exercise, his combat power will surge several times in an instant. In this way, he may give himself a little more vitality in the field of disaster, Zhao Yuande is really a bit Heart moved.

He was a little dry, and his heart was like a hundred claws, but he did not dare to act lightly. This person was too strong, and one might not even fall into himself.

"What is the path of that fellow Taoist?" The young Taoist frowned and thought, "He could have taken someone under my eyelids, and there must be something I didn't expect, if I could catch him...hehe!"

The young Taoist thought of the beauty and couldn't help but chuckled.

"This guy has the same idea as you. You two are really a raccoon dog. Every good thing!" Yi Meng turned to Zhao Yuande and found that the expressions of these two guys were so similar.

"Boom!" Suddenly there was a loud noise in the blood apo city.

They looked towards Xuebo City and found that a huge space-time gate appeared above the blood-pepper city. Countless terrible existences rushed out of the space-time gate. The first one was thousands of feet tall. He had four legs, eight arms and three sides. Like a congenital demon coming out of the Pantheon, the terrible might even felt like they were tens of thousands of miles away, and they felt a shudder in their hearts.

"My mother! Fortunately, I ran fast, otherwise I was run into by this old guy, and it would be crippled too!" The young Taoist covered his chest with some fear, his heart almost jumped out of his chest, he Some feelings for the rest of his life, whispered, "Now it seems that it is a good thing not to catch that ten thousand snakes, even this one has come out, and a big world that is not able to do blood will be destroyed!"

"This is a Peerless Divine Emperor, and Xiu Wei has reached the middle of the Divine Emperor, and he has basically no opponents in this world!" Zhao Yuande was also terrified. If he exchanged ransoms here, he would never dare to catch this Thousand snakes.

He even has the urge to kill this snake, and Mozhahai keeps it short, leaving it as a bane.