Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 495

Chapter 495: The Above Purpose

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In this matter, the terrifying God Emperor has opened his six eyes and scanned the area of the Thousand Miles of Blood Amber City, but it seems that there are still no traces of the snake.

"Since playing snakes is no longer here, I will first level the Blood Po City!" The **** emperor glanced at Sifang Road, "Children, block me from the void all around, and everyone here will die today!"

"Yes!" The horrible strongmen flew to the Quartet with a hula, as if spreading an invisible large net to cover all regions.

"Hai Zun, don't be angry!" A figure flashed in the sky, a tens of thousands of black dragons came out of the sky, "This place is a springboard for my demon wasteland attacking Wanjie. If you will Here ruined, the adults may be unhappy!"

"Another great **** emperor! This might be the big man of the Devil Dragon Clan. It has been hundreds of thousands of years to see him at least!" Zhao Yuande looked at the Devil Dragon and couldn't help but show his hopes in his mouth. "If it is It is awesome to be able to ride this magical dragon and travel through the stars!"

"Don't dream! This powerful existence of the top of the sky, if you can one day, maybe you have to wait for thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years!" Yimeng Gui gently shook his head, "Before the Emperor Realm It is very simple, but as soon as you reach the Emperor Realm, you begin to enlighten various avenues. The enlightenment of one kind of avenue can be several years, Changze, hundreds of years, or even thousands of years. Years, as for the comprehension of heaven, it is even more obscure. Normal people do not understand it for tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of years..."

"I'm not an ordinary person. Other people need hundreds of thousands of years. Maybe I only need more than ten years?" Zhao Yuande smiled gently. It didn't take tens of thousands of years for him to enter the realm of God Emperor in the last life. It only took hundreds of years. This time he felt he would shorten this journey to within a hundred years!

Achieve the Divine Emperor in one hundred years...this is his goal!

"Huh! Was my young master in Luochahai captured like this?" The **** emperor didn't give him a face at all. The flames in his eyes almost all said that the sky dome burned.

"Even if you don't give face to the adults, you must give it to the face above!" This black dragon claw pointed to the sky, "This attack on the Eastern Emperor's World, but the purpose passed on above, if you destroy Once here, dont you fear that anger will come down from above!"

"Up!" The **** emperor of Mozhahai shivered, and finally it slowly calmed down.

He knew that what the other party said was true, let alone the anger above him, even the entire Mochahai could not bear it!

"In this case, then I will give you the opportunity to check and rescue my successor from me! If he dies, I will destroy the blood world without any consideration. I will be punished and you will not be blamed!" Zunzhahai strong man shook his sleeve, "let's go!"

Many Mochahai strongmen followed him and entered the void again.

Xuebo City regained calm again, but Zhao Yuande heard a bit of something wrong from their conversation!

"Are they talking about the above, does it refer to the Devil Realm?" Zhao Yuande whispered, "Does this attack on the Eastern Realm of the Imperial Realm mean the Demon Realm? Why did they attack the Eastern Realm of the Royal Realm alone? This matter, the large group of foreign races retreated. Is it related to the battle between the two realms of immortals?"

"Immortal Realm and Demon Realm are two high-level planes that only appeared after the world was opened. Among them are some very powerful ancient gods, which are also regarded as an old nest of ancient gods!" Yi Menggui said softly, "What can cause these powerful men?" Attention? Let the Desolate Realm attack the Eastern World, what secrets are there in the Eastern World?"

"Huh! Where did that Taoist go?" Zhao Yuande suddenly found the young Taoist missing, and suddenly showed a look of surprise.

"I didn't pay attention!" Yimeng Gui shook his head.

"Go! Maybe this guy really found our clues, we hurriedly left here!" Zhao Yuande rushed down the cliff with Yi Menggui and flew towards Xuebo City.

After they walked for a long time, the young Taoist flashed out from a huge stone, squatted down in the place where Zhao Yuande had hidden her, and sniffed carefully.

"Sure enough someone has been lurking here, this is still two people, one of them is that woman, this fragrance... This is definitely a super beauty, or a young child!" The young Taoist's face showed a grin, but for an instant It was dark again.

"They could be lurking around me unconsciously. They must have discovered the ones just now! However, the scent on them was got by me, and they couldn't escape even if they wanted to escape! Today I will get you out Let you spit out my ten thousand snakes!" The young Taoists followed Zhao Yuande's cliffs under their moon and followed them all the way.

Zhao Yuande and the two soon returned to Xuebo City and found Chijia Flying Dragon like an ant on the hot pot in the room.

"Master, you can come back, you know I was almost scared to death!" Chijia Flying Dragon began to complain as soon as he came up.

"Shut up, it seems that someone is following us!" Zhao Yuande suddenly looked blank, grabbed Chijia Flying Dragon with his big hand, and then quickly enveloped himself with the light of the quiet mirror.

"You are uninsured, we escape into the void." Yi Menggui pulled out the animal skin and put it on the heads of the three people. They were suddenly covered by the void and completely disappeared into the void.

"Who the **** did we find our tracks?" Zhao Yuande was puzzled, and we have always been very cautious.

"It must be the bad Taoist!" Yimeng returned, "Since you can't see through him, maybe he really has something extraordinary."

"Here he is!"

They saw a young Taoist crept into their room, powerful spirits were sweeping in their void, but the others spirit was obviously not strong enough to penetrate the void, and they could not be found at all. .

"This bad Taoist really has two hands, and he was able to track down this place. How did he find us?" Yimeng was puzzled.

"These two people were very careful, and their smell disappeared here. Did they find my track hidden?" The young Taoist walked very carefully in the house without touching anything or leaving a trace. .

"There is still a person's smell here, it smells... It's a dragon race, Chijia Flying Dragon! Only this flying dragon has this smell!" The young Taoist murmured, sniffing inside the house.

"I'm **** fucking fucking!" Chijia Feilong's face was irritated green, "You're **** fucking stinky, your whole family is stinking! Master, we must knock him out, throw him out into the big dunghole , Let him know who is stinking!"

"Well, I'm embarrassed to say you, you are really a bit stinky." Yi Menggui covered his nose and nodded solemnly to it.

"I... I don't want to live!" Chijia Feilong's face turned black, almost fell down, and he was rejected by others.