Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 496

Chapter 496: Take A Slice

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"This guy is relying on his nose, is he a dog demon?" Zhao Yuande carefully observed this young Taoist, but he could not find any traces of his aliens, no matter how he behaved or smelled, and even the breath he emitted was human. same.

"Is it true that he is a human?" Zhao Yuande suddenly had such an idea. He looked up and asked Yi Menggui, "Have you ever seen a powerful human cultivator in this desolate realm in these years?"

Yimeng Gui shook his head and said, "No, I haven't even heard of it."

"It's really weird. This person is a human being out of ten, nine, did he come here by accident through the passage of time like me?" Zhao Yuande now has a urge to ask out clearly.

"There are no traces left here. They seem to have disappeared out of thin air in this room! Are they still hidden here?" The young Taoist suddenly took out a red sword and shuttled back and forth in the void.

"It's dangerous, fortunately we are hiding in the void animal skin, otherwise this will expose the stuffing. I really want to get a bit on the back of his head now." Zhao Yuande rubbed his hands.

"I'll come, let me come!" Chijia Flying Dragon came forward and would start.

"Save it! Your strength, I am afraid that you will be caught directly. Now he is prepared everywhere. We have no chance to start. We need to have very good patience to catch this guy's small tail." Zhao Yuande carefully looked at the young Taoist in the room, with a meaningful smile on the corner of his mouth. He also wanted to start, but now is really not the best time.

This young Taoist sneaked here and there for a long time, and found no traces of clues. His face suddenly showed disappointment.

"Did they leave long ago? Then I'll leave as soon as possible!" The young priest pushed the door away, quickly, as if afraid of being discovered.

"This tortoise grandson, dare to say that the uncle is stinky, I..." Chijia Feilong scolded, his face showing a look of anger.

"How many days have you not taken a bath? Hurry and find a place for me to take a bath!" Zhao Yuande glanced at him. "He doesn't say that I don't think that you really smell!"

"I..." Chijia Feilong wanted to cry without tears, Zhao Yuande said so, what else can he say, hurry up!

"No! This guy didn't go!" Zhao Yuande just wanted to tear the Void Beastskin, and suddenly put it down again, "This guy is very smart, it's impossible to leave like this, we will wait!"

Sure enough, after a quarter of an hour, this guy gently pushed the door in and saw that there was still nothing in it, and he couldn't help but show disappointment on his face.

"This guy didn't show any breath. There must be some secrets in his body." Zhao Yuande looked at the door, and I think he hadn't left yet.

"No!" Chijia Flying Dragon looked at him bitterly, watching both of them pinching their noses, making him think he had a bad smell, and always felt itchy.

"Do not believe, we bet?" Zhao Yuande looked at Chijia Feilong with a smile.

Chijia Feilong's body was trembling, and Zhao Yuande's eyes made him feel a little dazed.

"No... no bet! Master, I believe everything you say!"

"It's almost the same!"

"This guy is really cunning, and he hasn't really left yet!" Yimeng Gui opened his eyes and saw that this guy quietly pushed open the side window and watched quietly inside.

After a while, the guy finally gave up and turned away.

"I won't come back this time!" Chijia Flying Dragon breathed out.

"There is no way to say, let's go!" Zhao Yuande withdrew the Void Beast's skin, still wearing a pass mirror on the top of his head, and pushed open the door and rushed out.

They soon appeared on the street, removed the shield from the spectacle mirror, and Zhao Yuande took out several pills and handed them: "After eating this pills, the whole body will emit a fragrance, which is boring to me. The works of the time just happened to restrain the dog's nose!"

"Good fragrance!" Yimeng returned to the entrance of Lingdan, and suddenly felt a scent of fragrance, and he felt comfortable all around.

"Is this the master's practice? Is the master or an alchemist?" Chijia Feilong leaned over his head, his face full of excitement.

"Yes, I am a Holy Pill Master!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Hey, this panacea is really delicious!" Chijia Feilong put the panacea into his mouth, and ate it happily.

"If you see the young Taoist in a while, don't show anything." Zhao Yuande asked, "He will probably follow here. Hey, come, you don't turn your head, pretend to know nothing. ."

"Huh, how the taste breaks here again, there are too many people here, which affects my sense of smell." The young Taoist looked at the crowd, feeling a little sad, "It seems that I can't catch the two guys."

"This Dad Brother, I don't think you are like a local, did you come to join the team to conquer the Eastern World?" Zhao Yuande walked up and looked up and down at each other, and started talking to him.

"Are you?" The young Taoist glanced at Zhao Yuande, but when he saw Zhao Yuande's fat body, his eyes lit up. "You are a fat dragon..."

"How does Dao Brother know me?" Zhao Yuande was a little surprised. He didn't expect the other party to know himself. His status as Fatty Dragon was only a short while on the road.

"Poor Dao Jingguang, Xiongtai, the young master who killed the Devil Scorpion on that day, is really unparalleled. Poor Dao has long wanted to know Xiongtai!" The young Taoist smiled with a smile on his face. Sentiment.

"Jingguang!" Zhao Yuande frowned when he heard the name. This is his own track number. How can this guy call Jingguang!

"How? Brother Feilong has heard the name of the poor Dao?"

"No, I didn't even see the Taoist before you." Zhao Yuande shook his head.

"Let's go and have a drink with the poor. I have a big deal to introduce to Brother Fei Long." Jingguang took Zhao Yuande's hand and went into a restaurant on the roadside.

Chijia Flying Dragon and Yi Menggui hurried to keep up.

The four of them sat down in a corner of the restaurant. After the food was served, Jingguang looked around mysteriously and whispered, "Three people have heard of that person who dares to extort the holy medicine of all the tribes?"

"Blackmailing the big races? It was impossible that the masters of the Condor, Guling and Demon Spiders were captured last night. What happened to the blackmailed holy medicine?" Zhao Yuande held back his smile and asked seriously.

"Good! That's the thing." Jingguang said with some excitement. "I want to join the three of us. We are also sharing a piece of soup here. By then, we will grab a dozen or twenty young masters. Yet?"

"This..." Zhao Yuande looked a little hesitant and did not directly agree.

"Why? Brother Fei Long has any concerns?" Jing Guang saw Zhao Yuande hesitating, and he felt a little sure in his heart.

"How do we distribute this holy medicine?"

"Haha! It turned out that Brother Feilong was really concerned about this matter. We naturally share it equally. Are you and your men half, and myself half, is this unfair?" Jing Guang looked at Zhao Yuande and smiled, "Could it be? Brother Feilong thought I was not qualified? You see what this is..."

Two people, one man and one woman, walked out of the body of Jingguang, and they looked exactly like Yimengzhu and Chijia Flying Dragon!