Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 498

Chapter 498: Retrospective Reduction

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"Let's practice this kind of exercise together! If the practice is successful, I am afraid that the combat power will triple in an instant. It is a powerful exercise that is absolutely against the sky." Zhao Yuande suggested.

"Well, there is no need to ask for that person for the follow-up of this kind of exercise. After the Eastern Emperor Great World, I have a special feeling that I can find the strong mans shelter through the introduction of this kind of exercise. We may get a complete exercise." Yi Menggui nodded and said something like this.

"Really?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other in disbelief.

"Yes, my family has a special ability called traceability reduction, which can be traced to the true image of things through a bit of clues." Through the matter of one gasification and three clearings, Yimeng Gui has fully believed Zhao Yuande before he can Say your biggest secret to the other party.

"That's easy to deal with, this guy doesn't want to take advantage of me anymore... But since I promised to help him arrest those young masters, I can't say anything." Zhao Yuande carefully thought about his attitude towards the young Taoist in the future, the other party always returned Its a kind of fate that you can meet in this foreign land if you are a member of the Eastern Emperor Great World. You must not harm him.

Late at night, Yimeng Gui and Chijia Feilong were awakened by Zhao Yuande's excited yelling.

"Master! What's wrong with you? With such a loud voice, this is to lead the wolf!" Chijia Feilong murmured, but he fell asleep.

"This even got an avatar...successful so quickly?" Yimeng Gui looked at Zhao Yuande with some shock at the moment, and found that there was an identical Zhao Yuande in front of him, all smiling at himself. .

"Haha! Although I only have 30% of my combat strength for the time being, but if I hide the breath inside, no one can tell whether it is true or not." Zhao Yuande laughed excitedly.

"I haven't got started yet, you already..." Yimeng Gui was really hit.

"Don't be discouraged. It depends entirely on the strength of a person's soul and flesh. My soul is comparable to Divine Emperor. The flesh is invincible in the same realm, and with my little talent, it will be so fast! "Zhao Yuande explained, and then sighed softly, "I think if there are follow-up exercises, I will practice it soon, but it's a pity..."

"Come on, you tell me..." Yi Menggui's eyes showed a trace of fascination, pulling Zhao Yuande to help her explain some unclear problems in cultivation.

The time passed quickly, and it was time to make an appointment with the other party.

"Hey, here!" They waited for a long time at the place where they didn't see the young Taoist Jingguang appearing. Just when they wanted to leave, there was a sound in their ears.

The clear light was waving to them in a dark corner.

"Brother Jingguang, you are not punctual at all. In this case, we will not play with you." Zhao Yuande was very unhappy.

"That's right, you Taoist have a little idea of time, my master's time is very expensive, we can't do it twice." Chijia Feilong accused him impolitely.

Yi Menggui's eyes are also a bit unkind. Anyone who glares like a fool for a long time will also be angry.

"Sorry! Sorry! When we first cooperate, I always have to be cautious. If you are led by someone, wouldn't I cry without a place to cry." Jingguang didn't hide his thoughts.

"Well, how is it now? If we still don't believe it, we can leave!" Zhao Yuande turned to leave.

"Hey! Brother Fei Long, breathe our anger! Let's go and target Mo Jiao Young Master!" Jingguang held Zhao Yuande and whispered, "In order to show my sincerity, we will still share the Holy Medicine in accordance with the previous agreement!"

"Oh! Will you be so kind?" Zhao Yuande didn't quite believe it.

"Cough! Brother Fei Long, you and I are the same as before, and I dont want to hide you. Actually, I want to swallow these young masters by myself, its not easy. First, its not easy to exchange that level. To share the risk, your family always has some strong presence! Let them come forward to take back the holy medicine!" After a long time, this guy turned out to be for this reason.

"However, if the strong man of our family is not afraid to be directly destroyed by those angry strong men, I would rather not do it than harm the family!" Zhao Yuande shook his head, he didn't have any family, in case he promised Isn't it going to be exposed?

"In this's not as risky as us to turn into a ghost image of a powerful god. We are like this..." Jingguang seems to have expected that Zhao Yuande would not agree, so he said his plan.

"Is this possible? If we are disassembled, we are afraid that we will be hit on the spot!" Zhao Yuande felt that this guy was really crazy, and even dared to deceive the gods, it was simply putting his head on the waistband and could be lost at any time. life.

"It's okay, I'll arrange a retreat. This retreat can guarantee our safety." Jingguang looked vowed, but Zhao Yuande didn't believe him.

"Let's talk about robbing these young masters first. Anyway, this is all a matter of the future. It's not too late to think of a way!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Since Brother Fei Long doesn't believe me, let's talk about it later. It's no big deal. We will replace these young masters by half, and each will receive the holy medicine."


Lord Mo Jiao was wandering in the Dragon Chamber of Commerce at this time. He was suffocating recently. After the kidnapping and extortion incident in the Blood City, the family ordered him not to go out and could only wait at the residence of the Dragon Palace.

Today, he couldn't stand it anymore, begging to protect his two elders in the family, and finally the two elders finally promised that he could stroll around the Magic Dragon Chamber of Commerce.

Master Mo Jiao was so excited that he bought a few good medicines in the Magic Dragon Chamber of Commerce, and he also befriended a beautiful and beautiful elven woman.

He was about to take the woman back to his place, and suddenly the elven woman saw his companion.

"Master Mo Jiao, I'm still looking for a friend. I'll come to you again someday." The elven girl was very polite and waved to him.

"Hey! Beauty, don't go! I have a lot of time today." Master Mo Jiao found that his investment was going to float, and he was anxious to increase the price again. "I have a beautiful face, which I originally planned to send To my mother, if you come with me, I..."

Beauty Yandan can only be obtained with Lingyu, this is a beauty of this level is not easy to find, Jiaolong lust, how can he bear this kind of beauty.

"Beauty face..." The face of the elven woman showed expectation, but she finally shook her head. "I haven't seen these friends for a long time. If you can entertain them with me, if they leave for a while, ..."