Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 500

Chapter 500: Heavenly King Laozi Is Not Wrong

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Time passed quickly, and the next day finally came.

The three tribes arranged an ordinary disciple in a field to take 30 holy medicines to the Black Raven Peak.

Behind this ordinary disciple, there are many lively cultivators, among them are the young masters of all major clans, powerful robber leaders, and intelligence personnel from major chambers of commerce. Follow far.

Zhao Yuande naturally mixed with these people.

"There is the young master of the Yellow Snake race, and his mount is a powerful emperor." Zhao Yuande they saw a huge yellow snake walking on the earth, and a young yellow man sat on the yellow snake. people.

"That is the young master of the jackal clan. Although there is no strong man to follow, but the jackal clan is a little poor, they may not be able to take the holy medicine." They saw a man with a somewhat strange look in the crowd. Although it is good, but it obviously avoids the common young and weak.

"That's... it seems to be the young master of the demon wolf family. No one is around him!" Jingguang suddenly saw the young demon wolf, and his glasses suddenly turned on.

"Don't! That's my friend. If you caught him, how would I tell him." Zhao Yuande hurriedly stopped.

"I have a goal, I just don't know if you dare to do it!" Zhao Yuande suddenly saw a figure.

"Huh! I don't care who I am! Even the king of the king, I'm still robbed!" Jingguang was proud.

"Look, it's him!" Zhao Yuande pointed in one direction.

I saw there was a young man in white, standing alone, there were many people around, but he didn't dare to get close to him.

"This is the blood of the blood phoenix. Although there is no ranking among the younger generation, some people estimate that his ranking should be fifth!" Jingguang said while swallowing slobbering, "If we put He was robbed, it seemed to poke through the sky!"

"Why? Brother Jingguang dare not dare?" Zhao Yuande looked at him with a smile.

"Come out, grab a top ten! If this guy can get started, we can at least exchange for ten magic medicines, and we won't lose money anymore!" Jingguang gritted his teeth and made up his mind, "It's him!" "

"Haha! That's right!" Zhao Yuande laughed with his hands clasped. "But this needs to be well planned, and the previous plan will be overthrown."

"Play and play big, this time you must grab this Phoenix Blood Sky!" Jingguang clenched his fists, he suddenly remembered the day, the snake that he was about to get, and this time the guy would not Let's make trouble!

Soon the disciple recommended by the three tribes came to the Black Raven Peak.

"Please also be a little further away from the Black Raven Peak, our young masters of the three tribes must not be lost!" An emperor strongman blocked the way to watch the lively people, let them be a hundred miles below the Black Raven Peak The place stops.

Although the people were unwilling, the three tribes are now in a rage. They can do anything for the sake of their young masters.

"Ready, a moment of anger of the strong tribes will inevitably cause a panic, we will take advantage of the chaos..." Jingguang looked at Huang Xuetian, his eyes flashed with a ruthless color in his eyes.

"We are responsible for creating chaos, you must be ruthless, this Phoenix Blood Heaven must have extraordinary treasures to protect him." Zhao Yuande asked, "Don't let him escape."

"Relax, this time I put a lot of effort on it, and he can't escape my palm by his means." Jingguang took a slap-sized bracelet as white as jade from his arms.

Not far away, Yi Menggui saw the bracelet, and his eyes suddenly showed a surprising light, as if he couldn't believe it was in his hands.

"What's this?" Zhao Yuande looked at the slap-sized bracelet and found nothing strange.

"The origin of this thing is mysterious, I also got it by accident, but it can take everything, even if it is a Divine Emperor quilt in a moment, don't want to break free." Jing Guang touched the white and jade bracelet, and his face was proud. Emoji.

"It's so magical!" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, and he couldn't help but thump in his heart, if he could grab this thing...

At this moment, there was a cry of exclamation in the direction of Black Raven Peak, and the disciple rushed down the Black Raven Peak without nakedness.

"No, the holy medicine was taken away, and the three young masters were not on the Black Raven Peak!" The disciple looked as if he was dreaming, and he had no idea that he would be knocked down as soon as he got on the Black Raven Peak. By now, everything was stripped off, leaving only one pair of pants running down the Black Raven Peak.

"Waste! Why do you want it!" A strong man rushed out of the crowd and slapped the disciple into a slime. The speed was almost like a teleport. The next moment has appeared on Black Raven Peak. The two strong men broke through the sky and also appeared on the Black Raven Peak.

These are the three powerful emperors of the Divine Emperor. As soon as they reached the summit, they saw a huge stone tablet with vermilion characters written on it, Youre fooled! .

"Damn it!" one of the Divine Emperor strongmen roared and slapped the entire Black Raven Peak into powder.

The huge air wave was mixed with soaring smoke and dust, and instantly covered hundreds of miles.

"Good opportunity, start now!" Zhao Yuande and the three people pushed the crowd around to Huang Xuetian in a panic.

The strength of the three teamed up is so great that those unguarded cultivators suddenly rushed to the Phoenix Blood Heaven like a tide, pushing the Phoenix Blood Heaven back again and again.

What kind of person is Huang Xuetian? He suddenly found that some of them were not right. His eyes were sharp like an eagle, and he swept the Quartet to see who wanted to pluck his beard.

Many people do not understand his strength. Many people think that his combat power can be ranked in the fifth or sixth place. In fact, he has once fought a battle with the second-ranked Xuanyuan. Their strength is equal, but in the end he will eventually Some exhausted, lost half of the move.

He is confident that except for the illusory reincarnation of the congenital demon and Xuanyuan, no one else is his opponent, so he has the confidence to travel alone without a guard around him, because even the top emperor is not his opponent, and Divine Emperor is even less likely to deal with him by lowering his honor, so there is basically no difference between guarding and not.

"Is that the one?" The Huang Xuetian eye swept to a young man who was somewhat obscene, and at this time the young man was holding a bracelet that had always been as white as jade.

The man grinned at Huang Xuetian and opened his mouth to say a word.


The white jade bracelet in the man's hand directly hit Huang Xuetian.

Huang Xuetian didn't feel the crisis of Jiang Da, nor did he feel the tension of life and death. He didn't believe his feelings. Was this bracelet so bad? Is this person kidding?

Huang Xuetian didn't even bother to hold up his body aura, directly blocking a jade fracture fan in his hand.

But at the next moment, his face suddenly changed.

The jade bracelet hit the jade fracture fan, and suddenly expanded and changed into a jade ring with arm thickness. The jade ring reversed directly and put him in the whole person.

Huang Xuetian suddenly felt that there was no trace of strength in his body, and the whole person seemed to become a mortal without any power.

His complexion changed a lot, it seemed like a huge transformation from God to man, which made him unable to adapt at all for a while.