Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 503

Chapter 503: Fist Of Nature

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Zhao Yuande discovered that the magic dragon was not right long before Yimenggui. The kind of eyes were terrifying. The strong man of the dragon family who died just now is probably the descendant of the magic dragon, otherwise it will not send Such a big fire.

Zhao Yuande wrapped the two of them in one sleeve, and the horn of the green beetle appeared in his hand, and he walked directly under the earth.

As soon as he entered the ground, he suddenly felt as if the fish had entered the water, and he desperately rushed towards the depths of the ground.

On the ground above the head, there was suddenly a loud and earth-shattering loud noise. The whole world of Blood Aperture swayed violently under this palm. Zhao Yuande felt a tremendous pressure from above, and the mud behind him made a click. With a clicking sound, huge ravines appeared around him, ignoring the black magma rushing out of the earth and filling the ravines instantly.

Zhao Yuande fleeing desperately, but the power of terror finally passed behind him.

He directly brought the horns of Qingtianniu into the hands of Yimenggui, and turned back to the terrorful wave of mud behind him.

"Hurry up, I'll help you block this direction!" Zhao Yuande screamed, condensing all his strength and bombarded the terrible force coming behind him.

"You..." Yimeng Gui moved his face, and resolutely continued to flee with Chijia Flying Dragon.

Although Zhao Yuande is an incarnation, if it is broken, it will cause him considerable damage. At this time, he can think of standing up to block the wave of dirt behind him, which has moved Yi Menggui.

Although the power of this incarnation is less than 30% of Zhao Yuande's, it is also a force that can move mountains and fill the sea, colliding with the turbulent mud waves behind him, but only slightly blocking a breathing time.

However, one breath is enough, and one breathing time is enough for Yimeng to escape hundreds of miles away from the terrifying underground wave and escape their lives.

Zhao Yuande's real body also felt the demise of his avatar in the Blood Aperture City at the moment, but this did not cause much harm to him, but only damaged a small part of his blood, and he could get it back by eating something.

He quickly went to the direction of Yi Menggui's two people, to meet them, and they were caught off guard by what happened to them.

The three quickly met, and the first sentence of Chijia Flying Dragon asked, "Has the master succeeded?"

"Successful!" Zhao Yuande nodded gently.

"Hey, just now I almost laughed out loud. The clear light was really unlucky. It was even a robbery with our team. I didn't expect that I lost my wife and collapsed the soldiers. It was really cool." Chijia Feilong's eyes revealed gloating. Shine.

"This guy is also very poor, okay. It's not easy for him to summon the phantom of the green cow. I'm afraid it won't be summoned anymore in a while and you can see that the blood he sprayed is like rain. We hurt him!"Yi Menggui is a girl who is born with a soft heart.

"Humph! That guy just wanted to kill us together. If it wasn't for us to walk fast, I'm afraid it would have become a slime!" Zhao Yuande said coldly, "This guy is absolutely cruel and fierce against the League. , We must never trust him in the future!"

Zhao Yuande remembered the palm of the Jingguang Taoist just now, although not necessarily able to hurt the three of them, but the kind of decisive and unhesitating look made him very uncomfortable.

"Indeed, I thought he was messing his mind and slamming it casually." Yi Menggui thought about the uncomfortableness in his heart for a while. They and Jingguang could be regarded as an alliance, and he did not avoid the three of them in a rage. So, in his mind, the three of them are just tools.

"It makes me feel at ease, the diamond bracelet is now mine!" Zhao Yuande sneered.

"Don't underestimate the strength of that bracelet, you still have to be careful!" Yimeng Gui blessed Zhao Yuande.

"Okay, let's go back and say more!" Zhao Yuande re-entered the Blood Po City with the two of them.

"Chijia, I came to you but I was a mount. I didn't expect you to fly with me. I still have to take you with you. After this, I will be a mount for me!" Zhao Yuande felt very unhappy.

"Hey! Master, who makes you powerful and invincible, the small can only drag the master at this dangerous time." Chijia Feilong laughed with him, he found that although he is now a ninth-order holy beast, whether it is Zhao Yuande or Yimenggui can easily abuse him, which makes him somewhat discouraged.

"After I went back, I quickly sent a message to the blood phoenix to prepare the magic medicine!"

"Relax, this master, I will do this!"

"It's almost the same!"

The Vajra Bracelet spent a lot of time in the space, and Zhao Yuande also nervously paid attention to a few hours. Until the end, Jingguang seemed to be disappointed to give up the communication with the Vajra Bracelet, and the Vajra Bracelet returned to calm.

"I don't know where the clean light is at this time. Now I'm out of anger." Zhao Yuande mused with his chin in contemplation. He didn't know what kind of baby this diamond bracelet was, whether there was his own spirit in it. Cannot be subdued by yourself.

"Yi fairy, please tell me about the blue **** cow!" Zhao Yuande remembered the terrifying green cow phantom, and he couldn't help showing a faint look on his face. I went out to deliver the message, so I can ask directly about some things.

"The owner of the green cow is the same generation as my ancestors. They came from the depths of chaos and opened up a new world among the heavens and the earth. Only then was the birth of this cosmic starry sky. This powerful man is One Taoist cultivator is a supernatural being, one of the strongest in their generation. He likes to travel around the world in a low-key manner, wandering around in the starry sky opened up, and it is the green cow that accompanies him." Yimeng Gui knew only a half-claw, so he could only briefly describe it.

"By the way, is there any strong man who is proficient in boxing skills?" Zhao Yuande suddenly remembered the boxing techniques he practiced.

"Using boxing?" Yi Meng thought for a moment and nodded. "There is a man who uses boxing, but I don't know his name, but the ancestor left an image in my sea of knowledge."

Yi Menggui's fingers were gently between Zhao Yuande's eyebrows, and a pair of images suddenly transmitted into Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge.

"This... really is Kaitian fist!" Zhao Yuande's face showed extremely excited light. He saw only eleven punches on the Kaitian stele, but these images contained twelve pairs of them. Watching, comparing one by one, finally finally saw the last picture.

What punched out was a kind of creation, a kind of creation, let all things germinate the eleven universe starry sky. After this fist, suddenly vitality, suddenly formed a rule, an order, this is the fist of creation!

The first eleven punches are all for the last punch!