Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 504

Chapter 504: Old Man

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But now Zhao Yuande can't understand the mystery of this fist, he just looks at the water in the mist and looks at the moon.

"Thank you Yi Fairy!" Zhao Yuande paid a visit to Yimeng.

"What are you?" Yimeng was puzzled.

"Actually, I got the remnants of this set of open fist, but I just missed the last one. Yi Xianzi gave me these twelve images to help me complete this set of fist!" Zhao Yuande's expression on his face has not faded. .

"That's really great!" Yimeng Gui's face showed a happy look, which could help Zhao Yuande. She was also very happy.

"If this set of boxing skills Yixian is interested, I can pass it on to you." Zhao Yuande got a lot of things from the other party, especially the other party's weapons are now lent to him. This is a peach.

"No... what I have learned is too complicated. If you learn this set of boxing techniques and waste a part of your energy, you will lose more than that!" Yimeng Gui refused.

Yimeng Gui said very well, Zhao Yuande actually thought so.

He once learned the rules of the Chaotian Seal, the sky-cutting fingers of the Kongzong Dao Sect, the four seasons sword technique, and even the halberd method dedicated to the Eternal Tower, but he completely released these for the purpose of opening the sky. Going forward, he only wanted to practice the Kaitian boxing method into the Kaitian seven rounds, and used it to deal with the territorial disaster.

As long as he successfully survives the field disaster, he will really give time to practice other exercises, so that his attacking methods will not be so single.

"It's okay, but I don't know what this predecessor really is, what a pity!" Zhao Yuande sighed. "This set of boxing techniques was engraved on a Kaitian monument, so I called it Kaitian boxing, but I saw After the last picture, I found out that it should be called the boxing technique or the order technique!"

"In the memory passed to me by the ancestors, there is really a strong man called the old man of fortune, which may really be the creator of this boxing technique!" Yi Menggui's eyes showed strange light, and he said such a fact softly.

"Old man of fortune?" Zhao Yuande nodded gently. "I don't know how effective this old man of fortune is among many ancient gods?"

"Count one or two!" Yimeng Gui replied in this way.

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande Yang showed a surprise light. He suddenly thought of something again and asked, "That diamond bracelet is trapped by my treasure. I don't know if there is any way for Fairy Yi to conquer it?"

"Vajra bracelet... This treasure is very powerful. Your treasure can actually trap it? Can you show me?" Yi Menggui's eyes showed curiosity.

"This is no problem."

Zhao Yuande gently took Yi Menggui's shoulder and took her into the world in the Eternal Tower.

"Here..." Yi Menggui looked at the world in front of him, and there stood a celestial tower of unknown height in the middle of the world, and a terrifying breath of horror radiated out all the time.

"Here is my eternal tower, a treasure of chaos!" Zhao Yuande had an arrogance on his face. He worked hard for this weapon, and now he can show him some pride in front of people.

"Eternal Tower! Chaos Treasure! Although this treasure was born after the opening of Chaos, it is not necessary that the super treasures used by the ancient gods are even worse, and even more powerful!" Yimenggui can be said to inherit the ancients The inheritance memory of God, she said such words are very heavy.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nod when he heard it, just like the Chitong bow, which is really better than the Eternal Tower.

"Come and see, the diamond bracelet is in this room. I dare not take Huang Xuetian out. I'm afraid that diamond bracelet will run away." Zhao Yuande waved his hand and a picture appeared in front of them.

Huang Xuetian was hiding in a corner of the room like a startled bird at this time. His eyes were full of panic, staring straight at the diamond bracelet not far away.

"Vajra Bracelet doesn't have its own spirit, it's just looking at the owner's wishes, but according to me, the **** of pure light is a little stronger than you. You can't surrender it." Yimeng Gui shook his head and sighed. It doesnt seem to control the diamond bracelet, you can bring it out.

"Hey! There is no way, so let's do it first!" Zhao Yuande grabbed Huang Xuetian and thrown it into another prison. The diamond bracelet didn't move.

"Don't be discouraged, when your soul is stronger than him, you can borrow the horns of the blue sky beetle in your hand to help you conquer this diamond bracelet." Yi Meng returned to him disappointed and continued with a smile, "This blue sky beast In fact, it is the cyan **** cow, and holding the horns of it should make the diamond bracelet close to you."

"This horn will not be cut off by your ancestors!" Zhao Yuande said with some concern. "Will that be self-defeating."

"What are you talking about! My ancestor has no relationship with this one. He gave this horn to my ancestor."

"So it turns out, then I have to redouble my efforts for this diamond bracelet!"

Soon the Chijia Flying Dragon came back and brought bad news. The Blood Phoenix Clan let out the words and they no longer wanted it, let them deal with it casually.

"They probably thought that they would kill Huang Xuetian, and then Huang Xuetian quietly used the undead Phoenix Blood to resurrect, and they played a good idea!" Zhao Yuande said fiercely, "If you give me more wind, you will say that Huang Xuetian will soon To be executed, but there are three drops of undead phoenix blood shot, ask which one is willing to exchange ten magic medicines."

"High! Master, you really are high. I want to see what these guys can say. This time, if they don't take out fifteen magic medicines, they will never give them to Huang Xiantian." Chijia Feilong showed a look of excitement on his face.

"Tell me again, and say that the snakes of Mochahai will also be exchanged together, and the place is in the East Emperor Great World. As for the time, let them wait for another notice." Zhao Yuande smiled, "I want to see Look at that Jingguang, what kind of expression will it be when you hear this news."

"I'm afraid he will be mad!" Chijia Feilong smiled badly.

"So you have to be careful, don't expose yourself, otherwise this guy will definitely come to the door, we are not his opponent now!" Zhao Yuande asked.

"You can rest assured that I am doing business." Chijia Flying Dragon vowed to leave.

After a few days of running around, I will first make a delicious meal, and wait for Chijia Flying Dragon to come back to eat with us.

"Gourmet!" Yimeng Gui's eyes were shining brightly. Since she had eaten Zhao Yuande once, she couldn't eat it after eating the restaurant. She was thin-skinned and embarrassed to speak. As a result, when she heard that Zhao Yuande wanted When I was cooking, I was almost excited and almost jumped up.

"In the past few days, we have been tired from running continuously, and my doppelganger was destroyed, and I lost a part of my essence and blood vitality. This time I used Jiaolong meat as the main supplement with the holy medicine to make a Longzhen Dabu soup!" Zhao Yuande After reading many recipes in my head, I finally settled on this one.

"Long Zhen Dabu Tang, I'm looking forward to it!" Yimeng Gui has an uncontrollable sense of anticipation in his heart.