Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 506

Chapter 506: False East Gate

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"Take out that book and let me see it." After Jingguang left, Yimeng Gui immediately wanted to leave the book from Zhao Yuande and began to study with great interest.

"You're like this... there won't be any problems!" Zhao Yuande looked at Yi Menggui's tossing and turning over the examination script with some uncertainty.

"Relax! His seal technique originated from the innate god, and my ancestor happened to have some understanding of it. I think that the technique in the inheritance memory should help you to unlock this seal!" Yimeng Gui was full of face. confidence.

"Hey, look! It's open!" Yi Meng returned to his hand, glowing in the void of several areas of the scripture, and a dim fire in the scripture was broken.

Zhao Yuande's face showed excitement, and he took over the book.

"This guy is really treacherous, this book is incomplete, and there is one third less. This is a middle volume!" Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth with hatred.

"This is already pretty good. The so-called "one gasification and three clearings" means that three powerful avatars can be transformed, but with your current state and spirit, it is already the limit to divide up to two avatars. The third avatar will not only drag you down Ontology, will also make your soul be too scattered and the risk of collapse, only to reach a higher level can you try three points." Yimeng Gui has inherited memories of Yiqi Sanqing, and he knows this kind of exercise very well Pros and cons.

"It turns out that I don't have to worry about it. The two clones have doubled my strength, and I have added some confidence in the field disaster." Zhao Yuande heard the other party explained this, and gradually relaxed. Mentality.

It seems that instead of the lower part, it is a good thing, and I will save a lot of energy to study chemical boxing.

"You must be careful this time, I always feel that this matter is a little unreliable, and the **** family will not let us succeed so easily." Zhao Yuande calmly analyzed.

"The most important thing is that I don't think this clean light is good intentions. I don't think you should avail yourself to count him. This may be a trap for your real body!" Yimeng Gui suddenly and seriously analyzed, " This person may have doubts about us. He gave you the scriptures so generously this time. Maybe he wanted to test us by this time. Finally, he might push things to our head! "

"It's unlikely! We didn't show anything at all, and all three of us were present last time... Did he think of me as the first avatar?" Zhao Yuande was suddenly shocked with a cold sweat, "This pole It is possible that if the other party really wants to count me, this is the best way, but I will know if the matter is true or false tomorrow. If the other party really wants to count me, then I will make him cry!"

"Master, otherwise I won't go tomorrow?" Chijia Feilong suddenly felt that the two said something was too terrible, and he could still show it in front of others, but when I came to these two, I was afraid I would not Know how to be shot dead.

"No! I just added a big meal for you. If you want to escape now, I will just cook you!" Zhao Yuande's face is evil.

"It's okay, don't be too far away from me tomorrow, I have a way to get out." Yimeng Gui smiled at Zhao Yuande, "you can rest assured to toss! I have the means to protect myself."

Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, and the other party didn't know how many collections of the ancient **** really had self-protection means.

Three hours later, Zhao Yuande and three others appeared at the door of the magic dragon auction house as scheduled.

Under the hint of Jingguang, they bought tickets and entered the auction house.

At this time, the auction house was very lively, because to invade the East Emperor Great World, all the aliens are constantly improving their fighting power. Most of the sales in the shop are some ordinary goods, which can only be seen in the auction house. Treasures, so the best place to improve yourself in the auction house.

Especially at this time, the auction house is almost endless throughout the day, rotating day and night, and someone has been presiding over the auction.

At this time, an innate spirit treasure was being auctioned on stage, and the price soared to tens of billions of top-grade spirit jade. At this time, there were still some extraordinary young people who were screaming at the price. This kind of hot degree made Zhao Yuande all Can't help but be shocked.

"I don't know what is happening to my Tianyi Chamber of Commerce now? With Liu Dong's talents, it should be better than these aliens!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but think of things in the world of the East Emperor, and there was a trace of miss in his eyes.

"Are you homesick?" Yimeng Gui looked at the light in Zhao Yuande's eyes and asked in a low voice.

"Yes, I haven't known what the situation is at home for a few months!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly. Although his family is now living well in the other side of the world, this place is still a heterogeneous place. Is his real hometown.

"I'm homesick too, and I want to go back to my ancestor's hometown early! I hope this time I will pass through successfully, and I can return to the Eastern Emperor World in half a month!" Yimeng Gui's face was full of anticipation Color.


There was a dull thunder outside, and then a pour of heavy rain poured down, and the sky became dull.

"I didn't expect this guy to be proficient in weather observation. The thunderstorm came as scheduled. The guy sent information, let's go!" Zhao Yuande looked at the many elegant rooms in the rear and slowly stood up and walked back.

At this time, the auction was still fierce, and the auction house was full, and there were still many learners standing in the corridor, no one would bother to take action of the three of them.

"Your real body should never be taken lightly. I worry that this is a trap." Yimeng Gui once again asked.

"Relax, I will never get involved easily."

According to Jingguang's prompt, they quickly came to a room, and Jingguang was closely watching a direction outside the window.

Zhao Yuande followed their eyes and found that they were looking at the window of another elegant room at that moment. The window of that elegant room was pushed open from the inside, revealing several silhouettes, of which the head was a beautiful woman.

At this time, the woman was quietly looking at the auction below, occasionally flashing in her eyes.

"This woman is Dongmen Zhen. It seems that she is not interested in singing at the auction and will leave soon!" Jingguang said, "In a while, my avatar will cause riots and lead some of her guards, I will create an opportunity for you to attack her, and it should be very simple by your means."

"Everything is up to you." Zhao Yuande promised very happy, but there were sneers in his heart.

This woman is not Dongmen Zhen at all. The real Dongmen Zhen was once taken away by him, and his appearance is not the same as his breath. This is obviously a fake!

This matter is not that Jingguang is supposed to lead out his true body, or that he is also deceived, but Jingguang is like a monkey, and the probability of the previous guess is greater.

"This person is not Dongmen Zhen. This is a trap. Don't act rashly. Follow my instructions." Zhao Yuande passed the message to the two.

The dignified color that appeared in both eyes at the same time, Chijia Flying Dragon leaned back to Yimeng Gui!

The three Zhao Yuande remained silent, waiting for Jingguang's next move.

"Okay, let's go to the corridor and wait for them." Jingguang saw the window closed, his eyes lit up, and led Zhao Yuande and others out of the room, slowly approaching the room in the circular corridor .


Suddenly a loud noise came from the room in front of the room. The door of the room was blown open. A figure rushed out of the room and flew away in the other direction.

"Catch me that assassin!" A woman roared angrily from Yajian.