Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 507

Chapter 507: Unrighteous

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Several figures rushed out of the room, chasing the man in front.

"It's now." Just at that moment, Jingguang suddenly rushed into the room.

Zhao Yuande and the three did not rush in, but waited quietly outside.

"Bang Boom!" There was a violent collision sound in the middle of the room, and almost the entire auction house was to be overturned by this battle fluctuation.

The fighting was fierce, and the two came to the corridor while they were fighting.

"Hurry up, the people in the Magic Dragon Palace will appear immediately." Jingguang's voice passed into their ears, full of anxiety.

At this time, Jingguang was fighting fiercely with one of her guardians, and Jingguang prevailed, but because of a treasure in the opponent's hand, she could never win it.

Zhao Yuande winked at the two of them. They suddenly realized that they rushed towards the battlefield. Yi Menggui had a long bow in the hands of both of them. They shot at the battlefield for a while. Their bows and arrows were very The big pinned Dongmen Zhen's guardian at the pinnacle of the world, created enough opportunities for Jingguang to win Dongmen Zhen.

At this moment, a roar of anger came from the direction of the Dragon Palace, and a terrifying momentum was suppressed towards the auction house.

"Hurry up!" Jingguang shouted and slapped Dongmen Zhen back and forth.

"Crack!" Zhao Yuande, who was lurking behind him, covered Dong Menzhen's head as soon as he was chaotic.

Dongmen Zhen suddenly shook his body and suddenly lost his ability to resist.

"Successful, let's go!" Zhao Yuande kicked Dongmen Zhen towards Jingguang with one foot, and gave orders to Yi Menggui and the two of them disappeared in a flash in the corridor. The next moment they should have appeared In the auction hall below.

Jingguang grabbed Dongmen Zhen, and did not send her directly into her own space, but froze!

"Isn't this fat dragon really the one who attacked himself? Or did he recognize this as a trap?" Jingguang was puzzled. He spent a lot of effort to prepare for this, but he didn't expect it. This is the end.

"Who the **** is it in my auction house!" A strong man approached the Magic Dragon Palace auction house and appeared directly in front of Jingguang.

Jing Guang held the Dongmen Zhen in his hands, without hurrying, and said to the strong man: "Senior, my wife and I clashed because of the auction of an item, and Ill cover all the losses here!"

"Is this the case?" The strong man of the Magic Dragon Palace looked at the "Dongmen Zhen" in Jingguang's hands, and wondered, "This woman is really your wife?"

"Damn bitch, don't hurry up to wake me up yet!" Jing Guang slapped on the **** of Dong Menzhen.

"Oh! You dead man, dare to shoot me with bricks, I fight with you!" Dongmen Zhen struggled desperately, and even continued to scramble on Jingguangs body without any resignation.

"Senior, you see..." Jingguang's helpless face smiled at the powerful dragon palace. "This shrew doesn't know how many auction houses have been damaged. I can't take her."

"Hum! Give me double compensation for the loss!" The strong man of the Dragon Palace walked away from his sleeves. He was not surprised at this kind of thing, and the other party was obviously a VIP of the Dragon Palace. The Dragon Palace opened the door to do business. The race offended and died.

"You can rest assured, you can rest assured!" Jing Guang agreed with a smile.

"Brother Jingguang, what do you mean? Amuse us to play?" When Jingguang walked out of the auction house, Zhao Yuande looked at him with a bad face, "There is no Dongmen Zhen at all, this is clearly the trap you set. ,what do you want to do?"

"Taoist, you are too injustice. We have spared our lives to help you. How dare you play with our feelings!" Chijia Feilong grinned and looked at Jingguang very uncomfortably.

"Unjust and unbelievable people!" Yimeng Gui also despised on the side.

"Hey! It's hard to say a word! I just wanted to lead that little thief back to take back my treasure, but I didn't expect that little thief to even appear!" Jing Guang sighed with guilt, "I still explain to you the half of the book Kaifeng, this time you actually have nothing to lose."

"Humph! The loss is great, what we lose is our trust in you..." Chijia Feilong continued to speak, but Zhao Yuandela lived.

"Forget it, it means that we don't want to do **** skills, give him back, let's go!" Zhao Yuande directly threw the scripture to Jingguang, and directly pulled the two people around and left.

"You... you!" Jingguang looked at the three distant backs at a loss. He suddenly felt that he was wrong. These three guys were not what he thought.

"However, you are all aliens after all, **** if you are aliens!" Jing Guang's mouth sneered, "When I return to the Eastern Emperor World, I will make you aliens pay the price!"

He threw that scripture directly into his storage space. He prepared a lot of such scriptures in case he needed it from time to time, and the most critical part he would not take out.

"Do you think he will try to injure us again?" Chijia Flying Dragon always feels a little uneasy. It is not a good thing to be targeted by such a strong man.

"No, he has calculated us this time, and he already has guilt in his heart, so as long as we don't fight him, will he not find us again?" Yimeng returned.

"Not exactly. He is a member of the Eastern Emperor Great World. In our eyes, he is just an alien. No matter what means he uses to deal with aliens, we still have to be careful. We havent gone out in the last half month. Retreat and practice!" Zhao Yuande also hates interracial, so he can imagine that the other party should not feel guilty for the three of them.

But now in the demon wasteland, where there are so many aliens, Jingguang should not give priority to them.

He was actually afraid of Chijia Flying Dragon just now, so he said so seriously.

Zhao Yuande practiced retreat for half a month, and his understanding of one gasification and three clearings is more thorough. You have completed many of the loopholes and many shortcomings in the past. Now his second avatar can also have three points of the body. One of the strengths.

However, Zhao Yuande also found that the last missing scriptures were the most important, and one-third of his strength was already his limit. If he could not get the final scriptures, he would certainly be unable to break through this limit.

"This guy is really appetizing. One-third of the strength is not very important in the confrontation of the strong, but it is better than nothing!" Zhao Yuande sighed. Today is the day to go out of the customs, and it is also the star of Blood Po City. The domain sends the large formation to send troops to the Eastern Emperor Great World.

"Have the two of you come out long ago?" Zhao Yuande walked out of his room and saw Chijia Feilong chatting with Yimenggui. Their faces seemed excited.

"Well, I was just out of customs." Yimeng Gui nodded, a smile flashed on his face, and it seemed that the retreat for half a month was not a small gain.

"Master, you don't know. I just went out and looked at it. Now the whole Blood City is full of people. It is said that the teleportation array will be opened after an hour." Chijia Flying Dragon was a little excited, "I don't know my second hometown, What does the Emperor Donghuang look like?"

"It is ten thousand times more beautiful than here. There is no such thing as red fruit between people here. Humans are neither slaves nor slave races. All races are treated equally." Zhao Yuande randomly described the Eastern World.

"In fact, it's almost the same, where the strong are respected, the weak are shrunk, and the same is true of the Eastern World." Zhao Yuande sighed, "So what we need most is to work hard to improve our cultivation and let ourselves be respected instead of Be a turtle."

"Hey! Or the master understands thoroughly." Chijia Flying Dragon flattered.

"Okay, let's go! We will all change our appearance in a while, don't let those hatreds see us."

"By the way, there is now a lot of rumors spreading outside, saying that Xuanyuan has also come to the World of Blood Po, and it seems that he also wants to enter the Eastern Emperor World to fight." Chijia Flying Dragon Road, "and the second prince of the Magic Dragon Palace Its also here, this time its definitely a gathering of heroes!"

"Unfortunately, Wan Snake and Huang Xuetian were caught by us, otherwise the top ten strong men came to the four, which is also considered a prosperous world!" Yimeng Gui smirked.