Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 508

Chapter 508: Teleport

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The three of them changed their appearance again and walked out to the restaurant, walking towards the largest city center square in Blood City.

The central square of the city has a radius of thousands of acres. There are huge warships moored in mid-air, and there are hundreds of them in the eye.

Zhao Yuande they couldnt help but breathe a sigh of relief when they saw this scene. Each battleship represented a huge race. Hundreds of powerful races sent troops together. Even if the ten great worlds were captured, I dont know this time What is the fate of the big world?

They also saw ordinary interracial densely packed in the square, their faces showing excitement at this time.

In this expedition to the Eastern Emperor Great World, most of them basically intend to fish in the muddy water. They heard people returning from the frontline describe how rich the Eastern Emperor Great World is, the countless spirits and grasses, and even the cultivators. number.

In the eyes of these aliens, the value of the cultivator even exceeds the elixir and spirit grass, and they are captured and sent back to the slave market, each of which is of great value.

Especially human women, who are all beautiful and flowery, are softer than those of interracial women, and have a scent on them. They are the favorite goods of the strong people of various races. If they can catch one or two, they will spend the rest of their lives. There is no need to worry about practicing resources.

"Master, look, that battleship is the battleship of the Devil's Palace. Standing at the front is the Second Prince of Devil's Dragon, the sixth-ranked superpower!" Chijia Flying Dragon points to a battleship.

Zhao Yuande looked down his finger, and found that the warship was huge and magnificent, a strong man with a cold face and a black armor all over his body, standing proudly!

"Prince Demon Two is really extraordinary, and his real combat effectiveness is not lower than that of Huang Xuetian. He ranked sixth, which is awkward!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were so obvious that he saw the other's reality.

"Master, look over there, that is the battleship of the Demon Royal Family, and that person is Xuanyuan!" Chijia Flying Dragon pointed in another direction, and there was also a huge battleship there, which was no bigger than the Devil Dragon Family.

Zhao Yuande saw a young man in red standing in a penetrating manner. The young man looked like twenty or so, but he looked handsome, but he didn't have a trace of breath on his body, as if he were an ordinary person, but he had a kind of emperor's prestige. , Let people have a sense of being afraid to look squarely.

And this young man looks like a human being both in breath and appearance.

"The demon royal family is clearly a real human being. Why did they become one of the most powerful forces in this desolate wilderness area, also known as the demon royal family?" Zhao Yuande looked puzzled, looking at Yimeng Guigui, hoping she could give Out of the answer.

"Actually, the Demon Royal Family is not human in the strict sense, but the Protoss. They are like me descendants of innate gods!" Yi Menggui sighed softly, his face somewhat sadly said, "Their ancestor is Xuanyuan Huang, also It was the innate **** who fought with my ancestors. At that time, my ancestors were defeated, and the descendants were left outside. In my generation, only me was left! Although the Xuanyuan Emperor defeated, he was dormant because of the injury, and founded the Demon Royal Family. Three hundred years later, Emperor Xuanyuan died in the Demon Royal Family, but he has cultivated several super strongmen in these three hundred years, and finally this great family passed down!"

"It turns out that the devil royal family is your rival, I have to take a good look at him."

Zhao Yuande's vision is now higher, and some ordinary people are not happy to spy on their information, but it is worth his energy to meet the strong man such as Xuanyuan.

"Xuanyuansheng, the heir to the ancient **** Xuanyuanhuang, contains the Holy Blood of the Emperor Dao, the sixfold heavenly realm of the realm, high-end ingredients..."

"This person is really extraordinary, and he is really the heir of the Xuanyuan Emperor. He still has the Holy Blood of the Emperor Dao in his body!" Zhao Yuande doesn't know what the Holy Blood of the Emperor Dao represents, but he knows that this is the second time he saw himself People are called high-end ingredients!

The last time was Yi Menggui, who was also a descendant of the innate god.

"You can even see this? What do you think?" Yi Menggui looked at Zhao Yuande with some shock, and kept on the line looking at him.

"Actually, I have Tianyantong, you see!" Zhao Yuande's eyebrows slowly opened a gap, which shot a silver awn.

"Tianyantong? You are Thunder's Eyes, how can you see through people's physique?" Yimeng Gui expressed doubt.

"Actually, my eye contact is mutated today, huh!" Zhao Yuande knew that he was just showing off again and hurriedly changed the subject. "Okay, let's go! To enter the teleportation array, you need to join a camp."

"You're not honest!" Yimeng Gui pouted his lips.

As soon as they entered the chaotic recruitment hall, they were surrounded by a group of people.

"Brothers join us in the Dalin Dynasty! My Dalin Dynasty owns a warship, which can reduce the damage to us to the greatest extent when transmitting through the star field!"

"Join my Mojiao tribe, and each of you will send you a teleportation order, which can guarantee your safety in the large formation."

"Come to our Tianma tribe..."


Zhao Yuande they only felt a headache.

"I choose you..." Zhao Yuande casually pointed to a family, anyway, he borrowed a way, and immediately left when he arrived at the East Emperor Great World. It didn't matter which one he went to.

Zhao Yuande refers to this alien as a shark-headed alien. When he saw Zhao Yuande choosing himself, he suddenly smiled.

"Okay! Brothers have a vision, our sea royal family is the most generous, see you are not weak, I promise you to bring a team of ten!"

"We are just small people, just follow the gang..."

Zhao Yuande's Xiuwei and Yimenggui are both manifested in the realm of the realm, while Chijia Flying Dragon is the realm of the world. The three are indeed very prominent among the mixed soldiers.

The three of them were arranged in a huge sea clan ship, which was equipped with tens of thousands of undersea aliens and sea soldiers who joined the sea royal family. .

These guys are in a mess in the big ship, waiting for the start of the star field teleportation boringly.

"There are tens of millions of so many aliens, and if they are all put into the battlefield of the East Emperor World, I am afraid that they will directly form an overwhelming advantage. The East Emperor World is in danger!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but worry. Under the attack of these tens of millions of alien strongmen, even a **** emperor will be crushed directly to death, let alone a big world.

In this way, I still feel a little optimistic. If the other big world does not come for reinforcement, I am afraid that it will take less than three days, and the whole world will be occupied by aliens.

Time hurried by, and suddenly the Great Blood World remembered a loud horn.

Above the central square of Xuebo City, there was a wave of void, and a huge portal slowly revealed.

This portal is about ten thousand feet high and several thousand feet wide. At this time, it seems that a giant in the sky is slowly pushing the door open.