Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 509

Chapter 509: Fairy Jade

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"How much spirit jade does it take to build a large transmission field of this size, it is no wonder that gathering so many talents will start, and I am afraid that hundreds of millions of top-grade spirit jade will be burned in an instant." Zhao Yuande felt the power of space Whispered softly.

"This large array is not something that the top-grade spirit jade can urge, but a kind of fairy jade. This kind of fairy jade can only be produced in the fairy world or the devil world, so it is very precious, one is equivalent to one thousand The energy of Yishanglingyu!" An alien with an old seabed looked at Zhao Yuande and explained in a low voice.

"Fairy Jade..." Zhao Yuande gaped. He didn't think that this teleportation group was actually powered by burning fairy Jade. No wonder he could send so many battleships at the same time.

"Don't make a fuss, Xianyu is nothing extraordinary. In fact, there are also Xianyu in our sea royal family, and there are still a lot of them. That was sent by the old ancestors from the devil." The old seabed aliens looked at the shock in Zhao Yuande's eyes. He smiled, his face showing proud colors.

"Senior, senior! Tell me that Demon Realm and Immortal Realm are not two opposing realms? Why do they produce Immortal Jade? Not Moyu?" Zhao Yuande sounded curiously, he thought this old guy was not simple.

"What demon fairy world, this is their own name. In fact, there is only one realm called the upper realm. The fairy and the devil are two opposing forces. The fairy loves to call the upper realm the fairy realm, and the devil likes to call it the magic realm! "Undersea aliens waved their hands and continued," But the two forces of the fairy and the demon fell in love with each other, but in the end they had to unite together to resist the threat from the Pantheon. That's why they have been fighting and never winning. . In the event of victory, face the Pantheon alone!"

Zhao Yuande increasingly feels that this old alien is not simple, but it seems that his cultivation behavior is not very high, but it is just a strong man in the five-fold **** situation in the field. I dont know why he knows so many hidden things.

"Lan Kai (weak), the former patriarch of the sea royal family, the five-fold **** realm of the realm, has the real blood of the sea emperor, and intermediate ingredients..."

The sea patriarch's once patriarch, and is in a weak state, it is estimated that he must have hidden secrets.

"Why do you tell me these secrets, Senior?" Zhao Yuande was curious about the other party, wondering what the other party was thinking.

"Hey! People are old, without ambitions, I just don't want to die, I want the little friend to save my life at the critical time!" The old alien Lan Kai looked at Zhao Yuande and smiled mysteriously, "If I guess well If you are, all three of you have hidden cultivation practices, you are not those miscellaneous soldiers."

"How can seniors see it?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously. He did not deny that from the eyes of the other party he knew that the other party did not lie.

"This is not difficult, the three of you are calm, without the excitement on the faces of the soldiers, or the helplessness on the faces of the insiders, you are calm all the way! This shows that you are in the chest, you are not afraid of this time. The danger in the emperors world tour, and..." Lan Kai told Zhao Yuande their flaws one by one, and the three people who listened couldn't help but frown.

"Senior, do you think we will be in danger this time?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"Natural crisis is very heavy, we have got the order of the big devil world to enter the world of the East Emperor to **** the opportunity, and the fairy world will naturally not ignore it, and of all the worlds, the elite will definitely welcome us in the world of the East Emperor! There must be a time when a war broke out, and we, the miscellaneous soldiers, must have absolutely no one in the end!" Lan Kai's analysis was right, even Zhao Yuande believed.

"What do seniors do to us?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other.

"My old bones haven't lived enough, so I naturally want to live."

"Seniors want to rely on this information to make us risk saving you?"

"My old man still has some family members. As long as you save my life, these top-grade spirit jades are yours!" Lan Kai handed a storage ring to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande took a look and found that there were a lot of top-grade spirit jade, hundreds of millions!

"No, the identity of the predecessor is definitely not simple, and it should be more than enough to respond to the battle of Wanjie with your means. Does anyone want you to die?" Zhao Yuande grinned and smiled.

"You... how did you guess?" Lan Kai was shocked, looking at Zhao Yuande, his body backing up again and again, seemed to be ready to escape at any time.

"Seniors are not afraid, I am not the one who wants the life of the seniors." Zhao Yuande waved his hand and indicated that the other party should not be nervous. "Actually, I just guessed. You can know so many secrets because you are so low, this only shows that the seniors I used to have a very high status, and only in this way can I come into contact with this secret. On the other hand, I feel that there are several avenue breaths in my seniors, and only the Emperor Strong has the breath of the avenues, so I guess that the seniors were once a heavy power The strong emperor of the emperors realm came to this place because of being harmed by others, and the person who framed you wanted to cut the grass and roots, so there will be people who will kill you at any time."

"Good! Good!" Lan Kai opened his mouth and praised, and then continued, "The little brother really is not simple, I will say it clearly! I am the former patriarch of the sea royal family Lan Kai, because my son is also the young master of the sea royal family I was hurt by someone and lost my inheritance, so I was ousted from the position of patriarch, and it was my brother who killed me!"

As it turned out, Zhao Yuande suddenly understood the ins and outs of the matter, but in fact the matter still originated from him.

He caught the young master blue shark of the royal family in the Eastern Emperor Great World. Compared with the blue shark, he was replaced with ten holy medicines. Then he attacked the father and son of the blue family, which led to the final tragedy.

"Senior wants to live a simple life, as long as you give me an immortal jade, I guarantee the safety of the elder, and also help the elder restore his cultivation." Zhao Yuande looked at the other party, he knew that there must be an immortal jade on the other person's body When it comes to fairy jade, there is really a natural sense of superiority on the face.

"Okay! Deal!" Lan opened his mouth and agreed directly, without any surprise.

Zhao Yuande suddenly regretted that he shouldn't only need a fairy jade, he should open a high price!

"The deadline my senior gave me!"

"Three months, I hope you can guarantee my safety for three months, this fairy jade is the reward!" Lan Kai handed a storage ring.

Zhao Yuande glanced in and found out that a milky white jade was lying in the storage ring, and a powerful aura was rippling around the jade, as if the sticky mist had formed.

Zhao Yuande felt the powerful energy contained in it, although it could not be 100 billion times that of the top-grade spirit jade, the class had at least billions of times.

And in the core of jade, there is a little golden energy crystallization, this energy is obviously in the quality of Reiki, this is probably immortal!

"As long as the seniors listen to me, let alone three months, three years is no problem." Zhao Yuande stepped forward and caught Lan Kai's shoulder, and when he hadn't responded, he was sent directly into Into the space of the Eternal Tower.

"A fairy jade is in hand!" Zhao Yuande's face showed excitement.

"This old guy is not simple, there is a fairy jade on his body, you might as well rob him directly!" Chijia Feilong smirked.

"No, I am the most trustworthy person, even if I want to grab it, I have to wait for him to recover completely!" Zhao Yuande also smirked, even if the other party was completely recovered, even in his own eternal tower, even a **** The emperor could not find any waves.

"You really are..." Yimeng Gui's face was helpless.

"Who called him an alien!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "I am famous for the good credit in the Eastern World, but for the alien, my credit is still good!"

"Look! The door to that space is open!" Suddenly an alien cried out.