Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The Birth Of The Demon Race

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He subconsciously used an identification technique.

"Blood God Stone, the stone impregnated by the blood of the ancient demon god, can help people understand the ancient demon **** avenue, high-end ingredients, match the recipe'Blood God Luo Tiandao', add an ancient demon **** avenue, ingredients list Tiandao flower, emperor's heart, chaotic Jinwu blood"

Seeing this piece of information, Zhao Yuande's heart almost jumped out. This recipe is too apocalyptic. It can even directly add a demon avenue. Having a avenue is the realm of the emperor. This stone can directly make people become emperors!

At this time, he couldn't even help to get this blood **** stone in his pocket.

But when he saw the several auxiliary materials he needed, he couldn't help being dumbfounded! There are many kinds of them that he has never seen in the previous life, especially the chaotic golden black blood. The chaotic golden black blood is an innate **** and demon, beyond the powerful existence of the Divine Emperor, who dares to take its blood and find death?

I was thinking about anything. This predecessor gave me a life-saving jade charm. How can I covet his baby when his life and death are unknown?

The palm under the earth must be the means of that family. The seniors must not stay here for long, I will take him away.

At the moment when he was in a trance, as soon as he quit, he also saw the man lying in the center.

"Who is this person? Brother, you seem to know him." Yi Jie looked at Zhao Yuande's expression and couldn't help asking uncertainly.

"It's one of my predecessors!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly shook his head. "He seems to have been seriously injured. I want to take him away!"

"Can this senior take you away?" As soon as a ring protruded forward with his finger, he was blocked by an invisible position. No matter how hard the ring tried, the finger couldn't move forward at all.

Zhao Yuande also experimented a bit, but he was also unable to surpass Lei Chi by half a step.

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande suddenly took out Kuaiyu Fu and took it in his hand.

"Sure enough!" Zhao Yuande found that he could cross the invisible barrier, and he was overjoyed, and took a step toward the man.

Yi Jie felt the powerful force of repulsion, watching Zhao Yuande walk in casually, revealing a magical color involuntarily, does this brother really know this predecessor who knows the world?

Zhao Yuande had already arrived in front of the man at this time, and wanted to lift it up, but found that the other person's body was like a mountain, and he could not move at all.

"Senior, I am Zhao Yuande. You are injured now and you need to leave here immediately. If your soul is still there, please cooperate with me!" Zhao Yuande didn't speak and directly used the soul to speak.

The man's body moved, and a pair of eyes opened, as if two heavenly swords pierced the sky in an instant. When he saw the person in front of him, he only collected the amazing brilliance and quieted down again, just like an ordinary person.

Zhao Yuande only felt that the man's body had changed like an ordinary man all at once. He suddenly carried it up and rushed towards the direction of Huo Yunzong.

"Brother! I have something to go here first. If you find any new materials, you can go to Huoyunzong Danfeng to find me!" Zhao Yuande's speed is too fast. These words are already more than a dozen miles away.

"This kid!" Yi Jie's face was unpleasant, "It is clear that I can't believe my big brother! But it is also reasonable, and it is normal to intersect distrust in just half a day. That golden eye beast was affected by the powerful war. Scum, I have to go back to Tianchen Temple first, tell the old bald donkey what happened here, and let him make an idea."

With a heavy warning, Zhao Yuande looked away, and then flew away in the other direction without looking back.

When the two left less than one incense stick, a Changhong crossed the sky and fell in front of the big pit that the man had just smashed.

"There are traces of collisions between two powerful players in the world, and in the end the two lost both sides." This is a strong man with a middle-aged scribe. He seems to have a strange ripple around his body and a huge law. Behind his head, there is a demon **** with thousands of eyes and hands!

This turned out to be the strongest person in the field of the fifth most important divine realm. After reaching this realm, he has completely separated from the category of mortals, and he can do everything in heaven.

"They are fighting in the underground, one of them is a human, and the other... seems to be a demon!" The middle-aged scribe made this judgment, and his face changed suddenly. He only felt a chill in his back.

"Yao Clan! Good old words, are ancient legends true? Those Yao Clan are sealed under this Songhe Ridge?" The middle-aged scribe immediately thought of this place, a trembling, radiating away towards the sky.

Successive powerhouses came here one after another, and they all came to a conclusion that the demon race was about to be born!

It was at this time, on the distant nine days, that a god's eyes flickered continuously, glancing at several fixed areas of the entire East Emperor Great World.

When God's eyes glanced at Songhe Ridge, a sudden shock.

At the same time, in the distant galaxy, a huge ancient tree grows a huge ancient tree!

The towering body of the ancient tree covered most of the stars, and countless lives thrived on the ancient tree.

An ancient existence was sitting cross-legged in an ancient cave mansion in the center of an ancient tree. When God's eyes scanned the entrance of Songheling, he suddenly opened his eyes that had been silent for many years.

"Is the East Emperor's Great World going to be chaotic? The demon clan that has sealed the endless years is finally born! The plan will finally be launched on this, and the ancestor of the upper realm will also cast its attention..."

Zhao Yuande was carrying the man on his back and came to Songheling Fengjia without stop. At this time, the Fengjia had been in chaos.

With his identity as a disciple, he immediately climbed back to the teleportation circle and returned to Zongmen.

At this time, Huo Yunzong has already sent all soldiers. The order of Luoxue Palace is ready, and Huoyunzong is ready to fight. The arrival of the person.

Suddenly rushed in a disciple, looking at the elders, his face suddenly changed.

"What's the matter?" Sect Master Wei Lei glanced at this disciple, who was his close friend, and asked involuntarily.

"Disciple...disciple..." The disciple glanced at all the elders and hesitated.

"These are the elders of the sect, what's the matter but it's okay to say!" The sect master was a little unhappy when such a big event happened, and the confidant said by the disciple was even more angry.

The disciple was so terrified that he hurriedly said: "Sect Master, Brother Ling Feng, Brother Long Tiannan and several brothers of Sect Master Feng have an accident!"

"What! What happened to them? What happened?" Yu Chilei was anxious when he heard the two names. This is his carefully trained successor, and he must not be forgotten.