Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 510

Chapter 510: Military Camp In The Starry Sky

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Zhao Yuande and three of them hurriedly looked up and found that the door was finally fully opened. The door seemed to be the gate of the fairy realm standing in the sky, giving a solemn and high feeling.

A huge battleship entered the gate in an orderly manner, and the large ship of the sea royal family also started slowly.

"All give me meditation and calm the soul, don't let the spirit leave the body, or even the Devil Emperor can't help you." There was a voice from the battleship, and this voice was passed to everyone's ears.

Everyone sat on the floor immediately, welcoming the negative impact of this time and space shuttle wholeheartedly.

The battleship moved forward slowly, only to see that the first half of the battleship seemed to be swallowed by an invisible mouth, and many people screamed in horror.


Zhao Yuande felt as if he was crushed by an unpredictable power, and he recovered a little bit at the next moment.

Even if he was strong, he could feel a sharp tingling in his body at this time, and could not help but whisper.

Everyone has this terrible experience, and some people even passed out directly, but the pain came and went quickly, and they soon recovered as usual.

Many people got up at this time, stood on the deck and looked into the distance, observing this new world.

"Here is the world! We now seem to be in a broken galaxy."

"The planet is azure blue, it must be the Eastern World!"

"East Emperor Great World, here we come! Slaves, here we come!"


These people all have excitement on their faces, and at this time they all have the desire to conquer the Eastern Emperor Great World.

"It turned out to be here, there is a space teleportation point in the broken star sea." Zhao Yuande nodded. He used to take risks here, and Zhai Linxuan also met here.

"Is this the world?" Yimeng Gui looked at the starry sky. When her eyes fell on the blue star, she suddenly couldn't help but shook her body, and she couldn't hide her emotions. " Yes, this is the feeling. I feel that the spirit of the ancestors in the space is recovering!"

"That's good! This is good!" Zhao Yuande let out a breath. He was most afraid that Yi Menggui's hometown was not the Eastern Great World. In that case, many of the lies he had said would be taken apart.

"How do I feel a faint summoning power, the blood in my body is boiling, this shouldn't be!" Chijia Flying Dragon looked at the azure blue star, and there was an incredible look on his face.

"What? You have feelings too? Is your ancestor also from the Eastern Emperor Great World?" Zhao Yuande could not help being speechless when he heard Chijia Flying Dragon.

"I dont know where I came from. I have lived in the Forest of Heaven and Earth since I have a memory. Later I heard a beast king saying that it seemed to see a thunder breaking the sky, and a golden egg fell from the sky. I have been I think I was born from that god's egg." Chijia Flying Dragon seemed to remember something, and there was a trace of nostalgia in his eyes.

"What a coincidence?" Zhao Yuande doubted. "How long has the **** egg been coming?"

"Full hundred years!" Chijia Flying Dragon said.

"Okay, soon we will return to the Eastern Emperor Great World. Let's talk about it now! All we have to do now is to take the opportunity to slip away. You two don't think about it, follow me first." Zhao Yuande got up and hurried to the battleship's one direction.

They quickly disappeared into the battleship, and under the cover of the spectacle, they leapt off the battleship and flew quietly towards the distant city of dust.

"Well, Crushed Dust City was also occupied by aliens!" Zhao Yuande looked at the direction of Crushed Dust City, where a demon cloud was bleak, and a huge battleship was now parked on top of Crushed Dust City, which he had just seen Battleship of the devil royalty.

I dont know if Uncle Zhong has come back here, I hope they are still in the Refining Sect at the moment!

Zhao Yuande remembered Zhong Man and his parents. They were originally in the city of broken dust, but because Zhong Man opened the body of the barbaric dragon and had to return to the Refining Sect to participate in the refining conference, the family went to the Refining Sect.

"It seems that the teleportation array inside is no longer usable. Let's fly into the Eastern Emperor's World!" Although Zhao Yuande is still in the later stage of the Yin-Yang united state, the physical body has already surpassed the powerful of the Emperor Realm, and the flesh flew into The Eastern World is very simple.

"Master, little lady! Let me come!" Chijia Feilong's face showed a eager expression, "You just sit on my back!"

"Alright, since I took you, I took you here and there, and now it's your time!" Zhao Yuande took a slap-sized palace from nowhere and dragged it in his palm, "Come on! Show you Ill put the palace on it, and it will be your self-defense in the future!"

"This... this is an innate spirit treasure!" Chijia Flying Dragon's face was delighted.

"As long as you follow me well, don't be skewed, and some will be good babies in the future!" Zhao Yuande said this is not a lie, he is now lacking people.

If you want to increase your strength, you must have a large number of strong men. Although he now has a broken sky, black bear, Yi Jie, Qin Xingyu, and a few girls, his overall strength is barely able to be considered in the Eastern World. The level of first-class sect.

But he knew it was not enough, he needed a lot of masters to help himself.

"Master, rest assured, I will fly there when you point to it!" Chijia Flying Dragon turned into a body with a length of dozens of feet, and the palace turned into a normal size, just falling on his back.

"Yi fairy, come on! Let's worry about it!" Zhao Yuande waved back to Yi Meng and took her into the palace to rest.

Chijia Flying Dragon is a sacred beast. Although he bowed his head in front of Zhao Yuande, but revealed his original appearance, he suddenly surrendered to the world, and his wings flapped towards the direction of the Eastern Emperor.

"Return to your hometown, you must take me to the extreme north snow mountain to see, the hometown of the ancestors is above the snow mountain!" Yimeng Gui was very excited, the closer she was to the Eastern World, the faster her heartbeat, he It feels that an ancient spirit in his own space is slowly recovering.

"This is no problem, but I think that the Eastern World is about to face a large-scale offensive from the outside world. We should still join forces before we retreat." Zhao Yuande saw so many powerful warships, countless alien strongmen, his There is always a worry in my heart.

"Well, this is also my hometown, and I should do my part in defending against foreign enemies." Yimeng Gui nodded gently, and she suddenly smiled, "I just felt something, I want to break through, I am now expecting a fight fighting."

"Okay! I will take you to battle on the battlefield in the Eastern World." Zhao Yuande also showed his expectation, and Yi Menggui's cultivation base was nothing but the genius ranked 20-30, if she could If you enter the sixfold realm of the realm, I am afraid that Xuanyuansheng is not necessarily her opponent!


"Somebody, stop me!" Just as the two had a good time chatting, there was a burst of shouting outside, and the body of Chijia Feilong stopped abruptly.

"Master, come out and have a look! There is a huge fortress in the starry sky. I don't know how many strong men sit in the fortress. We were stopped!" Chijia Flying Dragon's voice came in.

"What! The military camp in the starry sky?" Zhao Yuande almost thought he had heard it wrong.

He hurried out of the palace, and he saw a huge fortress standing outside the world of the Eastern Emperor. A group of powerful cultivators entered and exited the fort, and a powerful and incredible terror came from the fort. Exude.