Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 511

Chapter 511: Three Big Names

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At least there are dozens of powerful **** emperors, and each one is more powerful than the magic dragon. Zhao Yuande felt these powerful breaths and couldn't help but feel a little overwhelmed. Did the Allied Forces arrive?

"Who the **** are you? Why did you sneak into the Eastern World, do you not know that the Eastern World has been blocked by the Allied Forces?" They were stopped by a team of cultivators, there were six people, and the first one was the middle. The young man, with a strong breath, is a powerhouse of the world's triple dominance. All behind him are young people, and most of them are powerhouses with five or six fields.

This is the middle-aged man asking questions.

However, the middle-aged people did not dare to go too far, just stopped them, because the middle-aged people have seen that the red armor dragon is a holy beast, and it is definitely not a mortal who can treat the holy beast as a mount. .

"This elder brother, we just came out of a secret realm. I still don't know what happened during this time. Please ask my elder brother for help!" Zhao Yuande behaved very respectfully and handed a storage ring, including One million top grade Lingyu.

The middle-aged man took the storage ring, and after a divine exploration, a smile appeared on his face.

"You just came out of the secret realm, you really don't know, Wanjie City issued a convening order, saying that the alien world invaded the East Emperor's Great World and asked our major worlds to come to help, and at this time all the alien army was blocked by us. In the world of the East Emperor, close the door and beat the dog!" The middle-aged man got the benefit, and immediately became kind and talkative.

"What? Alien invasion!" Zhao Yuande pretended to be shocked. "No wonder I just passed through the city of broken dust and found that the devil's cloud was bleak. There are countless starships appearing in the broken star ring. It turns out that they are all aliens! "

"There are a lot of aliens in the city of broken dust! Is this really serious?" The middle-aged man suddenly changed his face and grabbed Zhao Yuande, "Come on, enter the fortress with me and tell Yongchang God!"

Several people hurried into the fortress and were taken to a hall.

"Shen Huang! There is an important military report under the tree!" The middle-aged man suddenly became cautious and restrained a lot when he entered the hall, and stood at the door with a respectful report.

"We already know this matter, let's go down!" There are four powerful beings in the hall at this time.

The man who spoke just now is a kind-hearted and kind-hearted old man, which looks plain and unremarkable, but a closer look gives it a sea-like feeling.

When Zhao Yuande looked at this person, he immediately recognized it, and this person was the God of Yongchang.

A strong man in the late Emperor's Emperor, this man was the last Emperor of the Emperor's Great World, and his cultivation base has reached the peak of the God Emperor, and he is one of the strongest in the world.

However, although this person is strong, he did not sit in the first place at this time, but in the next position of a person, there is obviously a respect between expressions.

Zhao Yuande, the strong man sitting in the first place, has never seen it in her previous life. She is a magnificent woman. This woman has a terrifying thunder around her, and the space around her is collapsing and repairing.

Although the woman looked as gorgeous as she was at first glance, but wanted to take a closer look at her appearance, she felt like she was covered in mist.

This gorgeous woman is probably the powerful existence of the Thunder Priest family. Zhao Yuande can feel the terrifying thunder in her body. I am afraid it is the strong man dispatched by the Thunder Priest family this time.

Among the remaining two, there was an old woman with a sallow skin, a thin torso, and a cane in her hand. The whole body exuded a deep twilight, as if it were an old man about to die.

The other is a majestic man with a violent power all over his body. His face is as sharp as an eagle falcon with his face and beard, and standing there is like an ancient giant mountain standing, giving a kind of insurmountable feel.

These four people are all powerful in the late Emperor God. If the physical body is necessarily the strongest of this big man, but the comprehensive strength is estimated to be the magnificent woman of the Lei prison family.

Zhao Yuande saw these four people, although he was under pressure, but he was at ease and did not have much awe. And the Yi Menggui around him was even more shocked. The ancestor of this woman was a congenital **** who surpassed the fairy. The kind of power has already deeply penetrated into her soul. Although the four people in front of him are very powerful, they are better than At first, the gods are still very different.

As for the Chijia Flying Dragon, it was a trembling body at this time, and he almost couldn't control his urine.

"Respect for the purpose of the law!" The middle-aged man who brought Zhao Yuande with him would bow out of the hall with Zhao Yuande.

"Huh! You are Zhao Yuande!" The gorgeous woman glanced at Zhao Yuande and recognized his identity at once.

Zhao Yuande's body was stiff, and she didn't expect that she had changed back to her original appearance and was recognized by someone at once, and that the person who recognized herself was still a powerful **** emperor.

"The junior is Zhao Yuande." Zhao Yuande hurriedly bowed down, and now he can't be rude in front of this existence.

"Unexpectedly. Unexpectedly, you have disappeared for so long, and you have appeared here again. Well, you stay here. I have something to ask you." The woman waved at the middle-aged man.

"You also go out and wait for me!" Zhao Yuande didn't want Yi Menggui to sway in front of these strong men. I'm afraid they could see her details.

He did not dare to guarantee that these people would not have greed in their hearts after they knew her true identity. The descendants of the ancient gods might have caused a great shock throughout the world.

Yimeng nodded, she was a wise man and immediately understood Zhao Yuande's thoughts, and turned with Chijia Flying Dragon and left.

When middle-aged people heard Zhao Yuande's name, he couldn't help but glance at him twice more. In the past few days, the name almost sensationed the whole world.

This guy actually grabbed a large number of alien geniuses and used them to exchange holy medicine and even magic medicine with the forces behind each other!

This approach not only made everyone feel happy, but also caused some people to have the chance to follow suit. Although some imitated strongmen succeeded in catching some young masters, they often changed during the exchange of captives. There are few people, and most of them have lost their lives.

It is said that there are hundreds of sacred medicines on this person. Many people like this big fat sheep are worried about it, but since then this person has disappeared. Many people with thoughts have been disappointed and returned. I didnt expect it to appear today. Here.

"What do seniors have to say, younger people know everything." Zhao Yuande did not dare to neglect this strong man. If the other party wanted to kill himself, it was a matter of eyesight.

"No hurry, let me introduce you to these three. This is the Yongchang God Emperor of the Emperor Great World, this is the Whirling God Emperor of the Whirling World, and this is the Elder Barbaric Dragon God Emperor "" Fenghua Peerless Woman pointed at the three of them to introduce one by one.