Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 512

Chapter 512: Souvenirs Of The Desolate Land

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Zhao Yuande hurriedly saluted the three people and said respectfully: "Younger Zhao Yuande has seen three seniors."

"Lei Zun, why are you introducing this little guy to us? Is there anything that makes him unique?" The old lady of the Whirling World, the Whirling God Emperor looked at Zhao Yuande from top to bottom, with some doubts.

"Wasu, do you have a good look at his physique?" The woman called Lei Zun smiled and pointed at Zhao Yuande to let the other person continue to watch.

"This little guy turned out to be the Chaos Eucharist! And it has reached its limit. The next step is to start to attack the realm!" The Emperor Whirlpool had not spoken yet, and Emperor Yongchang's eyes lit up when he saw Zhao Yuande, and his mouth murmured. Whispered, "I wonder if he will succeed?"

"It's hard! It's harder to break through this level than to climb into the sky, it's even harder than our soaring into the fairy realm!" The Emperor Barbarian looked at Zhao Yuande's pity, "This talent is rare in the world, now Those young people on the list can beat his insufficient hands."

"I am very optimistic about him this time, and I think he may break this barrier, and his future achievements or limitless." Lei Zun looked at the three people, his face smiling with an unpredictable smile.

Even Zhao Yuande is a little confused, and he doesn't have such great confidence in himself. Why does the other party value himself so much?

"Is it above..." Emperor Yongchang suddenly thought of something, his expression narrowed and whispered to the top of his head.

"Can't say, can't say..." Lei Zun smiled slightly, as if the flowers were in full bloom, the whole hall seemed to be splendid at once.

The other two emperors also glanced at each other, and there was a deep shock in their eyes. They looked at Lei Zun's attitude and knew that this matter was most likely true.

Their heart centered on telephony and made their own decisions one after another.

"Okay, it still matters business." Lei Zun waved his hand and said to Zhao Yuande, "Little guy, we are here to help you this time."

"Seniors want me to help?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be puzzled. The other party is the most powerful **** emperor, already standing on top of this world, there is nothing else that can be done, you need to ask yourself.

"I dont hide from you. In fact, this time we received the will of Immortal Realm. I am afraid that we will soon make peace with Mohuangyu. Next, a competition between young people will be held between the two star fields. The wins and losses of this competition represent the distribution of benefits between the two domains in the future, and we need you to play on behalf of the world." Lei Zun said things slowly.

Zhao Yuande instantly got a lot of information from her words. He thought of the rumors that he heard in the Desolate Realm. In fact, the Desolate Realm attacked the Eastern Realm of the Emperor. A huge treasure!

It is obvious that Immortal Realm has let Wanjie City come to aid for this purpose. Now, the two realms probably want to directly determine the ownership of the treasure through this kind of competition.

"I am incumbent for the Eastern Emperor Great World." Zhao Yuande will not blame him, but he still has to rely on the Lei Yu clan to make decisions for himself, so that all the young masters in his hands can be turned into holy medicines.

"Although his combat effectiveness is strong, he can only be ranked after the tenth place. This war is related to the status of my world in the eyes of the big figures in the fairy world. Is it the right way to send those who are sent?" It doesn't seem to agree to let Zhao Yuande play.

"No! Although his combat power is not a decision, but his deterrent power is full, do you know what he has done?" Lei Zun smiled and looked at the whirling God Emperor.

The whirling **** emperor shook her head, she didn't understand what the other party wanted to say, what deterrent did this kid have?

"Hey, this kid is not a master of peace and security. He grabbed the heirs of the **** clan and finally exchanged ten magic medicines!" The dragon emperor looked at Zhao Yuande's face with all smiles on his face, he thought this kid Although what he did was too much, he felt that this kid was pleasing to the eye.

"There was such a thing... Haha! I let the **** old guy get angry. Next time I finally made fun of him!" Yongchang Divine Emperor was stunned for a while, and then he could not help laughing, Zhao Yuande did this, He also felt very happy.

"The patriarch's ancestors have not yet died. At this time, serving in the Pantheon, you dare to seize his inheritors to blackmail the potion. It is really lawless." The whirling God Emperor shook his head and sighed, "It is a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers. !"

"Actually, in fact, this time the juniors have arrested some strong men. Hey, I would like to ask the Lei Yu family to help me!" Zhao Yuande took the opportunity to ask.

"You... how many more did you catch?" Lei Zun suddenly felt a little bad. This guy would be too much toss!

"In fact, eight, hey!" Zhao Yuande replied in a low voice.

"You obviously came from the direction of the broken star ring, are you the one you caught in the broken dust city? You are too capable of it!" Lei Zun didn't quite believe that there are a few devil gods in the broken dust city. The emperor sits in town, even if she goes in person, she may not be able to succeed.

"Actually, in fact, I went to the Desolate Desolation Field, and sat in the Starfield in the Blood Po City to send back a large formation. By the way, I brought some souvenirs from the Desolate Desolate Area, their young master!"

"Return souvenirs!" Several people present were stunned. The guy was so bold that he went to the Desolate Land to make a big noise and brought back souvenirs.

"Boy, let's talk quickly, what are the local specialties?" The eyes of the barbarian dragon emperor were bright, and he stared straight at Zhao Yuande, as if he found a piece of pure gold jade.

"In fact, it is the young master and princess of the condor family, the ancient antelope family, the demon spider family, the Mojiao family, the Long Xiang family, the red scale family, and..." Zhao Yuande found that the more we said these people's eyes, the more weird.

"What other race? Hurry up!" The imperial dragon emperor was very anxious, and hurriedly urged Zhao Yuande.

"And..." Zhao Yuande sneaked a glance at Lei Zun and found that she could not help but smile, before continuing, "There are Mozhahai and Blood Phoenix!"

"What... Mozhahai and Blood Phoenix Clan, you are not mistaken!" The whirling God Emperor's voice was octave higher, which shows how much shock these two groups brought to her.

"Boy, don't tell me, you are catching the Snake and the Phoenix Blood Sky!" Yongchang Divine Emperor's face twitched, even if he was calm like this, he couldn't help his heartbeat, he had expectations in his heart at this time. He was also a little nervous. He hoped that Zhao Yuandes answer would be affirmative, and he was afraid that if this matter were true, the two communities would be desperate for revenge.

Even if Lei Zun showed a look of expectation on his face at this time, would this guy really surprise himself?

"Hurry up, you're anxious to death me!" There is still a kind of emperor like the dragon emperor.

"It's the two of them!" Zhao Yuande nodded honestly.

"Haha! You guys really give us a long face!" The barbaric dragon emperor got this affirmative answer, and he suddenly laughed wildly, "I'm watching those old guys have no faces in front of me, I am angry with them!"

"Barbaric Dragon, you can laugh! The big disaster! This is a big disaster!" The whirling God Emperor heard this answer but changed his face, and angrily defeated the road, "Don't try to be quick, Mochahai is not Good men and women, but they pay attention to endlessness, you are causing us trouble!"

"Sister Wong, don't do it!" Emperor Yongchang's opinion is different from Wong Wong, and he smiled lightly, "He Mozhahai wants to live with us endlessly, we are still afraid that he will not succeed, if it is not a fairy The big figures of both circles have made their own decisions, but I want to meet them well to see if the broken Desolate Realm can stir up the sky."

"You! I don't know the madness of Mozhahai, I haven't suffered a loss!" The whirling God Emperor shook her head, a trace of palpitation appeared on her face.

"Poo, I know that you have traveled to the Desolate Realm before. Is there anything and conflict with this Mozha Sea?" The Emperor Barbarian looked at Poo Emperor, and there was doubt on his face. What happened to this old guy today? Now, why became so timid.

"Hey! Forget it, I won't say it!" The Whirling God Emperor shook her head and said nothing again.

"Wasu doesn't need to be this way. Since the two circles of fairy and demon have a unified opinion this time, Mozhahai will not dare to go against it, and I will take care of the little guys from the Thunder Prison family. If they dare to come, they will come to our Thunder Priest family. "Lei Zun said lightly.