Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 513

Chapter 513: Whirling God

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Hearing her say this, the other three were all startled and wondered in their hearts. What on earth did Lei Zun want to do? Would you like to draw this little guy?

"Thank you, Senior!" Although Zhao Yuande did not know why Lei Zun helped him in this way, he felt that the other party was not malicious.

"Okay! This is not unconditional. I want you to promise me. This battle must be done with all your strength. Since you can catch these two alien geniuses, then I also have a new request for you, I hope you Try your best to enter the world to win the top five places in this battle."

"The juniors do their best! But I dont know when this contest will be held?" Zhao Yuande felt that if he wanted to enter the top five, there was still a slight gap in the combat effectiveness in front of him. If he could wait for three or five months, he said Indefinitely, the time of gold, water, fire, earth, wind and thunder will be combined, and these seven kinds of boxing will be combined together to form seven rounds of chemistry. At that time, one party will be crushed. The first five may also have hope.

"Top five..." The whirling **** emperor's crumpled cheeks couldn't help but show a smile that was uglier than crying, "Lei Zun, you exalted him too much!"

"Boy, I'm optimistic about you. As long as you play, you will definitely be a deterring party. Many people on the other side will defeat you without a fight, haha!" The Dragon Emperor patted Zhao Yuande on the shoulder and suddenly whispered, "Boy, I see you Having understood the rules of fire, how can you be interested in the refining vessel? Why not join us in the refining sect? How about I accept you as a disciple?"

"Senior is a bit wrong!" Zhao Yuande replied cautiously. The other party's identity should be accepted as a disciple. If Huang Zongqi jumped up with others, but Zhao Yuande was different, he had too many secrets, if he became the other party. Disciple, I'm afraid it will bring disaster to myself!

"Boy, do you look down on me?" The Emperor Dragon God's face is not very good-looking, "Don't think that my refining sect is mainly refining, in fact, it is supplemented by refining, mainly cultivation, I think you are strong in flesh, best suited My barbaric dragon really understands, if you come to practice to ensure that the body is invincible under Divine Emperor."

Although the other three **** emperors were unexpectedly drawn by the dragon emperor suddenly, they didn't speak. They just quietly watched how Zhao Yuande would answer.

"I don't mean this! In fact, there are other reasons. I want to ask if you know Zhong Man?" Since this is the elder Taiji of the Refining Sect, and there are two wild dragons in the name The word, and Zhong Man also opened the body of the barbarian dragon, there must be a very close blood relationship between the two.

"Huh? Do you know Xiaoman?" Dragon Emperor looked at Zhao Yuande up and down and suddenly smiled on the thigh, "I know, you are the brother in Xiaoman's mouth, haha! Your concern is that we can't be Master or apprentice, otherwise my little barbarian will not be able to call you brother or brother!"

"Don't do anything, I will definitely stand behind you to support you!" The dragon emperor patted Zhao Yuande's shoulder with a smile on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Remember to come to my refining sect next time. Help me make a delicious meal!"

"Seniors rest assured, I will definitely do my best!" Zhao Yuande was relieved, and the performance of the other party put a big stone in his heart.

"Zhao Yuande, the blockade of the Eastern Emperor Great World will be lifted after three days, and you can return to the Eastern Emperor Great World at that time. It is estimated that the fighting will take one month at the earliest. It's the war period, other people don't know about it, and you don't have to tell the story casually." Lei Zun nodded to Zhao Yuande, indicating that he could leave.

"Senior, when do those people exchange?" Zhao Yuande suggested, "I think the sooner the better, let these people come back earlier, or let the Demon Wasteland arrange their appearance earlier, and then my role will be highlighted. come out."

"You wait for the announcement!" Lei Zun waved to him.

Zhao Yuande paid tribute to the three, and calmly left the hall.

"Yongchang, what do you think of this child?" When Zhao Yuande walked out of the hall, Lei Zun looked at Yongchang Divine Emperor.

"This child can now compete with the young people on the list of people. If he can get through the territorial disaster, he will definitely fly into the sky. I am afraid that his name will not be listed on the list of people. I am afraid to enter the list. "The Emperor Yongchang highly praised Zhao Yuande, and Lei Zun was a little surprised by the high, but it was still based on being able to survive the big disaster in the field.

"What do you think? What do you think of this?" Lei Zun looked at the other two emperors.

"This son is definitely a big scourge. Sooner or later it will bring me great trouble!" The whirling God Emperor's face showed a worried look, and suddenly looked at the other three people. "It would be better for me to kill it, lest Cause a big disaster!"

"Huh! Whirlpool, you are always confused!" The barbaric dragon emperor said coldly, "This kid is the great benefactor of my refining sect, you dare to move him, believe it or not, I will smash your whirling world! "

"My whirling big world is small, and all realms are big. If I can exchange the destruction of the whirling world for the stability of the world, I would rather give up the whirling world." Everyone is worried.

"Okay, don't say it, this person can't move, and everything happened to me is carried by the Lei Yu clan!" Lei Zun waved his hand.

"Hey! Don't listen to the words of good people!" The whirling Divine Emperor seemed to have deep prejudice towards Zhao Yuande.

"Okay, this matter has passed, let's discuss our business!" Lei Zun frowned, thinking that the whirling God Emperor seemed to be targeting Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was brought to the two men in front of Yi Menggui. They stayed in the fortress and waited for the release of the Eastern World.

On this day, Zhao Yuande got a voice from Lei Zun's soul, saying that he had helped Zhao Yuande contact the aliens who had lost the young master and asked him to take someone to wait at the gate of the fortress.

Zhao Yuande rejected the request of Yimenggui and Chijia Flying Dragon to follow. He knew that there was a big risk this time. Mozhahai was a group of lunatics. If he didnt make it, he would start a war. When the crisis was heavy, he could not guarantee it Their safety.

This time Lei Zun appeared with Barbaric Dragon Divine Emperor. They also brought a Divine Emperor and several Divine Emperors with them.

Zhao Yuande suddenly knew from this posture that they wanted to deter each other so that they would not dare to act lightly.

"Thank you two seniors for their love." Zhao Yuande hurried forward to thank him.

"No need to thank, just remember to give us a magic potion!" The dragon emperor patted Zhao Yuande's shoulder, and there was a bold smile on his face. "Haha, your kid can be considered developed this time, just I want to rob you!"

"Everyone needs magic medicine..." Zhao Yuande counts, there are at least twelve strong men on both sides, plus Lei Zun and Barbaric Dragon Divine Emperor are fourteen people, so there are no fourteen magic medicines, he It hurts.

"Okay, kid, I'm just kidding, you see your face is black! The **** medicine is left to you, we are mainly to combat the morale of the other side, and you have to accept your love." The Emperor looked at Zhao Yuande's deflated eating and felt that he was in a good mood.

"Senior, you want to scare me!" Zhao Yuande let out a breath.

"It's here!" They were flying in the starry sky at a very fast speed. Within a few breaths, they saw a battleship parked in the distance, and the battleship was densely packed with alien strongmen.

"Their battle is not small, it seems that they want to have a fight with us!" The fist of the barbarian dragon emperor squeaked, looking at the ship's alien strongman, with a raging eye in his eyes War of intent.