Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 516

Chapter 516: Treat All People Equally

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"Master, I... I accidentally made a breakthrough! I also got a nickname that made the aliens feel discouraged!" Qin Xingyu finally squeezed in, and came to express his credit to Zhao Yuande.

"Really? How is your fighting strength now?" Zhao Yuande looked at the disciple expectantly.

"I can kill the world's double strongest!" Qin Xingyu held his head, his face full of pride.

"Good! Very good!" Zhao Yuande was relieved in his heart. This achievement is not only the reason of Qin Xingyu's physique, but also his continuous efforts. Zhao Yuande can clearly see that the 11-year-old and 12-year-old child has had perseverance on his face. He is constantly growing.

"Broken sky, how are you doing?" Zhao Yuande felt that there was some mystery in his body at this time, and he was about to enter the realm of the ninth-order holy beast, but yet another force in the body was preventing this breakthrough, but this power It seems to be harmless.

Zhao Yuande estimates that this must be a kind of prohibition planted in the body by Saint Beast Zhu Yan, making him not so easy to break through, allowing him to accumulate a lot and lay a solid foundation step by step.

"It's okay..." Shake his head.

He didn't like to talk more, these two words reassured Zhao Yuande.

"Little Luan!" Zhao Yuande finally looked at Zhu Luan who was standing behind. He had already felt the fire-like emotion in the other person's heart, and he gently opened his arms.

This is the first time he called Zhu Luan like this, although it feels a little awkward, but it seems more kind.

"Yuande!" Zhu Luan's eyes were red, and he rushed directly into the arms of Sisimu like Ruyan returned home.

Everyone around watched this scene quietly, and there was a trace of envy in Zhai Linxuan's face.

Although she is in Zhao Yuande's world on the other side, she is still by his side, but she also longs for the embrace of Zhao Yuande in her heart.

However, although she was envious, she was not jealous. She also heard from Li Rushuang about Zhu Luan. This woman was very difficult. In the dark world of the underground world, some people in the family calculated it. Twice used her as a tool of exchange for selfish desires.

Yimeng Gui also looked at this fire-like woman. She had a feeling that the inheritance of this woman was definitely not simple. It seemed to be the legacy of a congenital god.

"Cough! Master, you have been holding for a long time, aren't you old Laogang just forgot, I'm still waiting to meet new friends!" Chijia Feilong finally couldn't help it, and he poked up with his finger Poke Zhao Yuande's back.


Everyone was amused by this guy, he was too uninteresting!

"Yeah!" Zhu Luan exclaimed with a scream, freed from Zhao Yuande's arms, and fled aside with a pale face.

Just now she felt a soothing and peaceful feeling in Zhao Yuande's arms. After months of fighting, her girl couldn't help but have many violent thoughts in her heart, but in this embrace All these things are forgotten.

She even has a feeling of wanting to stay in this arms forever.

"You guys!" Zhao Yuande looked at Chijia Feilong with a bit of teeth. Just now, the beautiful nephrite and Wenxiang made him linger. He didn't expect to be destroyed by this ignorant guy.

"Master, you... don't look at me like this!" Chijia Feilong saw Zhao Yuande's eyes, and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, his body backed up again and again.

"Give me, grab him, beat him hard!" Zhao Yuande shouted and rushed up as soon as possible, kicking Chijia Flying Dragon to the ground with one foot.


The black wind shouted with excitement, and the second rushed up...


After a dozen breaths, Zhao Yuande pulled the Chijia Flying Dragon from the ground.

"How did you remember the lesson?"

"Remember!" Chijia Flying Dragon was full of bags at this time. He almost cried. Was this group really his long-awaited friends? They are really ruthless!

Especially the little apprentice of the master, when he was beating me, he took away all my storage rings! Could it be that the master told him to steal?

"It's almost the same!" Zhao Yuande nodded with satisfaction, and said to everyone, "Come, let me introduce to you, this is my mount that surrendered in the Desolate Realm, Chijia Flying Dragon, everyone calls him Laochi. !"

"Hi! Lao Chi, I was really embarrassed just now, I actually didn't use any force at all!" Heifeng rushed up and grabbed his shoulders, hehe laughed, "Now we are brothers, don't blame us, they are all Zhao Yuande The kid instructed."

"Yes, Lao Chi, we will eat meat and drink together in the future!" Yi Jie also got together.

"You..." Chijia Feilong's face was shaking, just now these two guys kicked themselves the most fiercely, almost kicked their front teeth off, and now even no one came to make friends with themselves. This difference made him one. Time is unacceptable.

"Resistance... Beat!" Po Tian also came to express his opinion at this time, he thought this guy was good, very resistant.

"Lao Chi, this is your ring!" Qin Xingyu also ran over and handed the ring to Chijia Flying Dragon. "It's easy to touch the dead man. I accidentally regarded you as a dead person, sorry!"

Chijia Feilong thought this little devil was pretty good, although he didnt learn well, but the essence was still good,

But when he dived into the storage ring, he suddenly found that it was empty and there was nothing!

"You... my centuries-old treasure!" Chijia Flying Dragon cried, freed from the black wind their devil's claws, and rushed directly in front of Zhao Yuande, "Master, you must be the master!"

Zhai Linxuan, Yi Menggui and several others looked at Qin Xingyu, and then looked at Zhao Yuande and his face suddenly showed strange colors.

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande blacked his face and looked at the appalled apprentice in front of him, "Xingyu, you still give him back old things!"

"Okay!" Qin Xingyu nodded when he saw the master, and looked at Chijia Feilong, with an innocent expression on his face, "Lao Chi, this is your thing, in fact, I just want to make a joke with you !"

"Okay!" Chijia Flying Dragon reluctantly accepted the explanation. He took a storage ring and saw what was inside, then he was relieved.

"Okay, what are your plans now!" Zhao Yuande looked at the crowd and asked their opinions.

"Boy, you first talk about what you are going to do next." Everyone looks at me, and I think you finally said the black wind.

"I promised Fairy Yi to send her to the Arctic Ice Field, and I once promised a senior among the gods to help him bring something to the Arctic Ice Field, and now I just went together." This can be done within a month.

"In that case, let's go with you!" Heifeng glanced at Yimenggui and grinned, "If you think we are delaying things, you can get to the other side of the world first, and we will take a break."

"Little Luan, where are you?" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhu Luan.

"I will also join them with Black Wind!" Zhu Luan has returned to normal at this time, glanced at Zhao Yuande and expressed his opinion.

"Lin Xuan, how about you? You will pass Beihuang Shenshan this time when you go to the Arctic Ice Sheet. Will you go back and say peace with me, or accompany your parents." Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to Zhai Linxuan again.

"My parents must be worried, I will accompany my parents!" Zhai Linxuan glanced at Yimenggui and Zhao Yuande. Although hesitated, he still said that gently, "I hope you are not giving us Sisters are added!"

"Well!" Zhao Yuande stayed for a while. He didn't expect the other person to say such things. He suddenly turned red and secretly glanced at Yi Menggui, and found that she was looking towards the extreme north at this time. With a sigh of relief, "Okay, you can rest assured! After I deliver people and things, I must go to the North Wilderness Mountain to find you, and then I will take you to see a good show between the two big domains!"

"Huh!" Zhai Linxuan nodded quietly.

"That's it! The Black Winds have been fighting for a few months. There are always some hidden injuries in the body that need to be adjusted. While everyone is here, I will first help you make a few dishes, help everyone improve their cultivation, and stabilize the state." Zhao Yuande looked at everyone Eager eyes, said with a smile.

"Boy, we have to wait for this sentence!" Heifeng jumped up in excitement for the first time.

"My brother and sister, they..." Zhai Linxuan looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Your brothers and sisters, my brothers and sisters, of course, treat them equally!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and everyone in Beihuang Shenshan was immediately excited.