Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 519

Chapter 519: Golden Token

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"Not good! Not good!" Suddenly there was an anxious shout outside the hall.

Liping and the men in black and their men rushed out of the hall and saw several soldiers rushing back.

"What the **** is going on, why do you panic." Li Ping looked at them, his face showing anger, but he had a lot in his heart.

"His Highness Prince, it's not good, the Ninth Prince was captured, and the three strong men were all killed!" One of them was still worried. He accidentally glanced at the man in black, and all were surprised. fear.

"What!" Li's color changed, and he suddenly had no idea. He turned his head to the man in black and waited for his order.

"Who did it? What did he do? Everything was carefully explained!" The black man's face sank like water, staring at the man, and his eyes showed a forceful chill.

"He..." The man just wanted to speak, and suddenly he heard a voice, coming from far and near.

"No need to ask, I'm here!" Zhao Yuande appeared with Li Tian and Li Zhen in front of them instantly.

"Who the **** are you, and why should you take care of the family affairs of the Dali dynasty!" Li Ping glanced at Li Tian and Li Zhen, and his mouth was the family affairs of the Dali dynasty.

"Humph! You can leave me aside! I don't have time to look at you." Zhao Yuande sneered and turned to the man in black with a sneer on the corner of his mouth. "Demon Devil, you dare to go to my east The emperor world came to the wild and wanted to control a dynasty. Today I will catch you and give it to the Lei prison family for interrogation."

"Haha! A little mortal who has a combination of yin and yang, dare to be so arrogant. You will soon know the price of this arrogance!" The man in black just finished speaking, and rushed out of a dozen black clothes behind him. The masked man rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

These black-faced masked men were all wrapped in black clothes, and only a pair of dark ink claws were occasionally exposed, and their nails showed a gray-black color, which was extremely sharp.

"A dozen or so corpses, broken!"

Zhao Yuande shot one piece, a colorless roulette rumbling out of the void, rolling towards the demons.


The corpse meets the five-color roulette, just like the beans under the stone mill, which are crushed into powder.

A dozen or so corpses turned into a pool of dark green pus in an instant, and a pungent stench came, making the people around them smell dizzy for a while.

Originally, I still had a deep grudge against Zhao Yuande and wanted to scold Li Ping. When he saw this scene, his legs were soft and he collapsed to the ground!

But he knew the power of these black masked men, and even if he came out alone, he was not an opponent. Unexpectedly, the five-color roulette that was hit by this man was directly crushed into scum!

"Who the **** are you?" The man in black also showed a very dignified expression on his face. He didn't expect the other party to be so powerful.

"You don't need to know, if you know what you are, you'll be able to catch it, otherwise, if I do it, you will suffer!" Zhao Yuande strode forward, and the other party would know for him at a glance, but in the later stage of the world, for He has no difficulty.

"Ignorant mortal, you will know what it means to regret!" The man in black shook his sleeve, and two golden shadows rushed out of the sleeve cage.


The two golden shadows turned out to be two shining stone lions. The golden stone lion turned into a few feet tall, and a pair of eyes revealed a strange blackness.

The stone lion was flying fast, and in front of Zhao Yuande blinked, a golden divine light spewed out of his mouth.

"I didn't expect you to have such a good thing, but unfortunately you won't use it!" Zhao Yuande saw the two stone lions exuding golden light for a moment, and then his eyes showed surprise.

He didn't care about the golden light at all, but stretched his hand and grabbed the two stone lions.

"I don't know life or death!" The man in black sneered. He accidentally obtained the pair of stone lions in a ruin. After activation, his power is no less than a congenital spiritual treasure. He once used the pair of stone lions to live and shock two people. The strong man in the world's triple dominance, although the strong man on the opposite side should not be so rash.

But at the next moment, he couldn't say anything, and his eyes stared straight at the scene in front of him.

The golden light shone on the other person's body, as if the spring breeze was blowing, even the skin of the other person was not hurt, and the other party's hands had pinched the pair of stone lions at this time.

"Explode me!" The man in black felt that his soul hidden in the body of the stone lion was being squeezed by a stronger spirit. He originally wanted to persevere, but found that his soul was not an opponent at all. He was beaten and lost his helmet.

He wanted to detonate his own soul and destroy the stone lion, but he found out that it was too late, and the soul of his own soul had been strangled and cleaned by others instantly.

"Haha! It's good today, but I still have such a pair of babies!" Zhao Yuande repeatedly checked the pair of stone lions to see if there were any marks left by the other party.

"" The man in black was terrified. He knew that he was hitting a strong man today. He gritted his teeth and took out a **** jade amulet in his hands. "You let me go, otherwise I will crush. Yufu, the demon who released the seal, I will become a sacrifice, and you cant escape the fate of being hunted."

"Oh! Don't scare me, I'm not terrified!" Zhao Yuande looked at the **** jade and began to recognize its true and false.

"Soul blood jade, in which an ancient **** soul is sealed, the level is unknown..."

It's really a terrible seal, this ancient spirit is difficult to distinguish between strong and weak, but I can't take this risk, let's delay for a while and wait for the strong to come!

"You don't believe it, hey!" The man in black showed a greasy expression on his face.

"Hey! Wait, don't be excited!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly stopped. "It's not impossible to let you go, but..."

"But what?" The black man's eyes flashed.

As a demon with endless life yuan, he did not want to die in such an unknown way in the world of Donghuang.

"However, if you want to stay alive, you need to leave something." Zhao Yuande looked up and down at the other party, and suddenly his eyes lit up, pointing to a golden token hanging on the other person's waist. "You leave that token, and I will Let you go!"

"Do you want this token? It's impossible!" The man in black held the token tightly, but this was the key to his free access to the ruins. If he lost the stone lion, he could still go in and explore at any time Other treasures.

And more importantly, this token has a huge role, and can be shuttled between that relic and reality anytime, anywhere.

Of course, it takes a lot of time to open this token, and it is naturally impossible to escape.