Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 52

Chapter 52: You Know Guilt

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"They..." The disciple glanced at Luo Jingtian and Gu Tiande without daring to go on.

"Say! Never say I slaughtered you again!" Wei Chilei shouted and pulled out his long sword and placed it directly on the disciple's neck. The terrifying murderously locked the opponent.

"I said! They were killed by Zhao Yuande!" The disciple said this as if he collapsed and collapsed to the ground.

"What! Was it killed?" The long sword in Yu Chilei's hand fell to the ground, his body trembling, and suddenly his eyes opened to the boss, and he rushed out of the hall with anger, "Zhao Yuande! I will kill you !"

Hearing the name Zhao Yuande, Luo Jingtian and Gu Tiande were shocked, but then shook their heads. Although Zhao Yuande was powerful, he did not have that strength to kill as many masters at the same time.

"Brother, wait a minute! Don't just listen to one word." Luo Jingtian and Gu Tiande joined forces to stop Yu Chilei.

"What else do you have to say, killing people to pay for their lives, I will cut this evil animal!" Yu Chilei's eyes were bigger than the light bulb, and he screamed at the two.

"Brother, think about it, Zhao Yuande was only in the early stage of **** sea environment. Is it possible for him to kill these disciples?" Luo Jingtian didn't believe it, and continued, "Even if he has this strength, why did he kill again?" How about dying them? Brother, dont be misunderstood by the villain, and lose your respect!"

"Good! Brother Shi, although Zhao Yuande's kid was naughty, he wasn't so mad and mad. A few days ago, he and I were working together on the Elixir. This disciple must have made a mistake!" Gu Tiande didn't believe it was Zhao Yuande's job of.

"You said, how did this news come from?" After Yu Chilei was furious, he also felt a little strange at this time and hurriedly asked the disciple again.

"It was news that Brother Yu Lei came back. He followed Sister Li Rushuang and that Zhao Yuande to complete the Golden Eye Beast mission. In the middle of the conflict, Zhao Yuande and Brother Long Tiannan shot and beat Brother Long. Brother Long returned to Zong and found Ling Brother Feng and a few brothers went back to seek revenge from Zhao Yuande..." This disciple originally said the whole thing.

The one named Yu Lei was an inner disciple. He saw several people from Ling Feng looking for Zhao Yuande, but he never came back, and Zongmens soul jade also shattered. Some people judged that Zhao Yuande had killed a few. people.

Everyone was more and more startled. They listened to the whole story and naturally had to doubt Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Gu, what do you say?" Wei Chilei gradually recovered his calmness. He looked at Gu Tiande. Zhao Yuande is a disciple of Gu Tiande, and he depends on his attitude.

"Sect Master, you need to investigate at this time! If Zhao Yuande murdered his fellow disciples, naturally I have nothing to say. If not, please ask the master not to embarrass him!" Gu Tiande's face was straight.

"Ma uploads Zhao Yuande, Li Rushuang and a disciple of the Golden Eye Beast to ask questions in the hall!" Wei Chilei waved his hand and motioned the disciple to do it.

That disciple was just forgiven, and he hurried away after worshipping the elders.

The elders in the hall also had strange expressions, and looked at the vein of the patriarch and the vein of the great elder.

Zhao Yuande returned to Zongmen, quickly carried the man to his cave house, and then came to the Danfang Danfang, looking for some healing medicine to give him.

Zhao Yuande let out a breath as he watched the man gradually have a **** face.

"Hey, brother, I heard something happened outside, and the sky is falling apart. What kind of demon are about to come out and kill the Quartet!" The voice of the black bear suddenly came from outside the cave, shouting and walking in, "I know a good place , We might as well hide... Hey, this person!"

When the black bear saw a person lying on the ground, his face changed, and he screamed in alarm.

"This person...I've seen this person!" The black bear seemed to see a ghost and looked backward with terrified fear, wanting to come back to Zhao Yuande's cave. "He...he is a man of heaven and earth! He is still is he still alive?" !"

"Heaven is true? Who is it?" Zhao Yuande grabbed the black bear, "Brother Xiong, this is one of my elders, there is nothing terrible!"

"Your elders!" Black Bear heard this sentence, and then barely stopped. "How can your elders grow up to be so similar to Heaven and Man?"

"Who is Tianren Mingzhen?" Zhao Yuande thought that Mingzhen's ancestor in the black bear's mouth was the one he saved.

"Tianren is really the same generation as my master. He defeated the same rank without opponents. He is reputed as the top three Tianjiao in Zhongyu, so he is respected as Tianren!" The black bear's eyes clearly showed the yearning expression, " At that time, my master once took me to watch the battle between heaven and humanity, and that battle killed seventeen heavenly arrogances of the same rank in succession.

"Then why do you say he is dead again?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously. Such a peerless arrogance, he was very eager to learn every bit of his cultivation.

"It is said that this man rushed into the endless sky thunder in order to impact the realm, and was killed by a thunder **** in the sky thunder among the attention of the people. Since then, there is no name of the sky man in the world." Black Bear said These came, a pity on his face.

"Rush into the sky and be killed by Thor in person?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help smiling, how could this be possible? I think this predecessor Mingzhen must want to use this to escape the world, ignore the world and concentrate on the realm.

"Brother Zhao is there? The Sect Master announced that you will meet at the Sect Master Peak!" There was a voice outside the cave.

"What did the boys do for you?" The Black Bear heard the meaning in the voice outside, gloating.

"Isn't it because I taught those proselytized disciples? He's looking for a place to come?" Zhao Yuande couldn't say in front of Black Bear that he killed several people in Ling Feng.

"This rabbit, dare to find my brother's trouble!" The black bear's eyes suddenly glared up and said, "Well, for the brother, I will take you to take a trip, I think they dare to take you ."

"No, Brother Xiong, don't go anymore. Otherwise, this matter will only get more and more trouble. My master is Gu Tiande. I don't think they dare to treat me." Zhao Yuande thought for a while and thought about the pretext. , I have a bottom in my heart.

"Also!" Black Bear turned his head down in a large cloth bag around his waist, took out a black token, and handed it to Zhao Yuande. "This is the master's token. If you can't figure it out, take it out!"

"Thank you Brother Xiong!" Zhao Yuande took it quickly, thanks.

"Go! Go! I don't want to be here. Looking at your elders, I feel hairy!" The black bear looked at the world with fear, and patted her **** and walked out of the cave.

"Little Bunny, dare to yell at my medicine peak, believe it or not, Grandpa Bear bites you!" The black bear roared in rage outside.

"Grandpa Xiong is merciful, and the younger dare not dare! Ah..." The disciple wailed and escaped from Yaofeng.

Zhao Yuande placed the heaven and the earth, and also walked out of the cave, toward the Sect Master's Peak.

When he entered the patriarch's hall, he saw a kind of elders, and Li Rushuang also stood behind Luo Jingtian, and looked at himself.

"Zhao Yuande, you can be guilty!" Zhao Yuande just entered the door, and a voice rang in his ear. It was the Sect Master Chi Lei who had a sudden attack.