Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 521

Chapter 521: King Of All Realms

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" are so condensed!" The voice of the black magic shadow revealed dignity, he originally thought you were relying on the peculiarity of your knowledge of the sea, or you could trap Zhao Yuande and kill it here, Unexpectedly, the strength of the opponent's soul has exceeded his imagination, and he still holds the soul soldier in his hand. This is definitely the biggest variable.

"Okay, don't be verbose, what means do you have to hurry up, otherwise I'll be bored for a while, I will directly search the soul for you, and explore your secret!" Zhao Yuande actually wants to know how the other party cultivates the soul, How can we link the soul with a space.

"You are forcing me!" The black magic shadow blinked, and the spell in his mouth suddenly became high and high, as if it was a war song that inspired the warriors to go out.


An angry roar came from the **** crack, and a little weird breath also came out. Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help feeling a horror.


A big hand with a skeleton was suddenly caught in the black crack, but just one big hand burst out and filled the half of the sky.

The big crack is getting bigger and bigger, and the other big hand is also protruding from it. The two big hands pinch the space on both sides, so hard that the whole sky is torn in half at once.


The black goblin yelled in pain, because it was his own knowledge of the sea, and a crack was ripped out and the octopus monster rushed over to make him aware of the damage to the sea.

Now, in order to summon this terrible existence, the sea of knowledge is almost completely torn, even if the other party is killed, he will have to pay a great price, maybe he will stay in the present state in this life.


The cracks in the sky are getting bigger and bigger, suddenly a huge white skull squeezed out of the cracks, two dark blue flames in a pair of deep concave eyes are jumping, and the white teeth are constantly emitting Giggle.

The huge skull was squeezed out of the crack continuously. With an angry roar, the upper body of the skull was fully revealed. The upper body alone has tens of thousands of feet, almost breaking the entire sea of knowledge!

However, Zhao Yuande clearly saw that a thick iron chain was locked on the lower body of the skeleton, preventing him from moving any more.

"Ah!" The black goblin screamed painfully, his body getting smaller and smaller, more and more faint, until he finally became less than one foot tall, and then stopped.

"Humble and weak bugs, you need to pay the price of life for summoning the king of all realms!" The skeleton's body has not completely come out of the crack, but staring at the black magic shadow with a booming sound.

"King of all realms, I need to tear you this **** human, for this I am willing to sacrifice my life!" The black demon stared at Zhao Yuande with a vicious and hysterical expression on his face.

"Human...a long memory! I used to be a human, I used to be the guardian of human, but I was eventually betrayed, and finally abandoned in the endless dark hell, never seeing the sky... Ah..." The skull suddenly screamed with earth-shattering shock. It seemed to remember something terrible. The body was trembling, and the huge skeleton almost tore the entire sea of knowledge.

Almost all the black shadows shattered in this roar, and they made a painful moan.

Zhao Yuande's body was also trembling for a while, and he really couldn't hold on anymore. If this skeleton shocked him, he wouldn't be able to hold on for a second. The strength of the other party was far beyond his expectations. !

He didn't expect an ordinary Demon to have such strange and inexplicable means. Of course, if he didn't want to see what the other party had, he would not allow the other party to call such a terrible existence.

Seeing that the huge skull was about to get out of the inexplicable space, Zhao Yuande was finally unable to bear it.

"Senior Lei Zun, if you don't come out again, I will be torn to pieces!" Zhao Yuande sighed in the face of this terrible existence, after all, he was still too weak.

"Alright, let me do the next thing!" A shadow stepped through the space and pointed at the head of the huge skull.

With one finger, the body of the huge skull struggling violently seemed to be fixed at once, and the body was stuck in a crack in space and could not move for a minute.

"Oh! You... you are..." The huge skeleton looked at Lei Zun's appearance suddenly and shouted in horror.

"Hey! Spirit King, although we blamed you wrongly, you should not destroy the top ten worlds. Countless innocent people died because of you. You are also blamed in Yongzhen Hell! Now you dare to help the devil. The clan attacked my Eastern Emperor Great World, and I will never miss the old feelings again. I will destroy you today!" Lei Zun looked at this huge skeleton, his voice filled with helplessness.

He had personally participated in the affairs of this huge skull in the past, and it was indeed a bit sorry for him, so after he did that kind of thing, Lei Zun would make the decision to kill him forever, which actually left a trace for the other party. Rebirth hope!

As long as he diligently practices in hell, there will always be a day when he will break free of the shackles!

"No... Lei Zun, you... don't... I don't dare anymore! You look at us as human beings..." The skull begged, and the two flames in his eyes jumped.

"Hey! Okay! I did have my fault at that time, otherwise there would be no such consequences, I will give you another chance!" Lei Zun glanced at Zhao Yuande and waved him gently, and Zhao Yuande felt By the time he seemed to be pushed by an unmatched force, he went out of the sea of black people.

"This kind of power is really too strong. Even if he held the Eternal Tower in his previous life, it was only a joke in front of this Lei Zun!" Feeling Lei Zun's power, Zhao Yuande was so stunned, and a doubt appeared in his heart. How can such a strong man focus his attention on himself? And it also came here in person, does this have hidden feelings that he does not know?

"Forget it, don't guess. Forensic I now know that she is not malicious to me. Let's talk about other things in the future!" Zhao Yuande shook his head, just like this, he wouldn't think about things he couldn't figure out.

"Brother Li, things here will end soon, you can just be your Dali King with peace of mind!" Zhao Yuande walked to Li Tian, smiled at him, then looked at Li Zhen and nodded to him. , "You will follow Brother Li in the future, and you must protect him."

"Master, you can rest assured! As long as the Devil is removed, everyone else will turn to turn, and the three princes, the Dali King, will be settled!" Li Tian's face showed a happy look, he knew he was liberated, as long as If he does not betray Li Tian in the future, he will never be restricted by Zhao Yuande again.

"Thank you Brother Yuande! If I really did King Dali, this Dali dynasty would also have half of the credit for Brother Yuande. What will be instructed me in the future will be my best efforts!" Li Tian's gratitude to Zhao Yuande has been It cannot be described in words.

"Okay, I have screened the Dali dynasty just now, and the insiders have been beheaded by me. I will remember you for the little guy. If you can capture the demon prince by the way, you will naturally have yours. Good!" I don't know when the man in black on the ground has disappeared, Lei Zun's voice echoed gently in his ear.

"Well, Brother Li, I still have some things to do first. If you have something to find me, go to the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce of Sheng Yao Zong. Someone will help you find me!" Zhao Yuande lifted up and waved at Li Tian. Wave your soul to voice.

Li Tian clenched his fists, his face showing an excited light, turned his head to look at Li Zhen, and said with a smile: "Too elder, should we go and see the father now!"

"Yes! King Dali was held hostage, and he should also abdicate to let the virtuous!" Li Zhen nodded gently and looked at the three princes, knowing that a new generation of King Dali was about to be born.