Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 522

Chapter 522: Be Honest

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Zhao Yuande found the teleportation array in Dali King City. After several conversions, he finally returned to the North Wild God Mountain.

Because of the delay in the Dali dynasty, all of him just came out of the teleportation array of the Beihuang Shenshan, and saw Zhai Linxuans parents, who had been waiting outside for a long time.

Zhai Linxuan and other disciples from Beihuang Shenshan were sent out from the other side of the world. There was a mother-daughter reunion. Zhao Yuande, the prospective son-in-law, was also taken aside by Zhai Linxuan's father for questioning.

Zhao Yuande had no choice but to look at this prospective old man in a tense atmosphere for a small period of time, and finally the old man asked him in a sentence.

"Boy, you say it! When will we marry Xuan'er?"

"This... in fact, the special physique you know, senior, if you can't cross the threshold of the realm, there is no future, and I will never talk about marriage before marriage, I don't want to live up to anyone," Zhao Yuande said Very sincere, and also tells the truth.

"You are right, you are honest!" Zhai Hongkun nodded. He also has a good impression of Zhao Yuande, and he is quite confident in his talents. It's just that the Chaos Eucharist has never heard of anyone's success. Promoting, this made him countless.

"That's it! If you have any need to attack the realm, despite the opening, I will be supported by the Northern Wilderness Mountain. If you are successfully promoted, you must first marry my family Xuan'er!" Zhai Hongkun had already discussed with his wife, since Xuan The child has always been affectionate to this person, and as a baby girl, she must fully support her in finding her own happiness.

"Seniors rest assured that Zhao Yuande is not a weak-hearted person. If one day, Beihuang Shenshan is my home!" Zhao Yuande gave the other party a promise.

If Zhao Yuande can break through this level, the future achievements are unlimited, and it is not impossible to say that respecting the East Emperor's Great World is possible. Such a son-in-law Zhai Hongkun imagined that he felt a little anticipated.

"Well, that's right!" Zhai Hongkun nodded with satisfaction.

"Senior, I have taken a step in advance, and I will not say goodbye to Lin Xuan. You are reunited for a few days, and I will be back in the longest month!" Zhao Yuande quietly left Beihuang Shenshan, he felt that he could not face Zhai Linxuan. Clear eyes, so sneak away by yourself!

Out of the North Wild God Mountain, he sent it all the way back to Shengdanzong and found Liu Dong to understand the current situation of the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce.

And some special products brought back from the Desolate Realm, some spiritual weapons, and several low-level innate spiritual treasures were all handed over to Liu Dong, let him rely on these precious treasures, and gradually open the market.

However, Liu Dongs report did not disappoint him. Now Tianyi Chamber of Commerce has more than 50 branches around the world, and hopes that Zongs intelligence sales have also begun to make considerable profits. The prospects are bright!

Liu Dong intends to make all cities of the East Emperor Great World have a semicolon of Tianyi Chamber of Commerce within five years, and start to enter other big worlds within ten years...

Zhao Yuande admires Liu Dongs business acumen. If according to the other partys vision, I am afraid that there will be thousands of large worlds and tens of thousands of small worlds in the fifty years. There will be shops of Tianyi Chamber of Commerce. It will be weaker than those superpowers in the world.

Zhao Yuande also secretly visited Shui Youdao and Adong. They were both enchanted to practice alchemy. Shui Youdao is now Xuan-level Pill Master and is already the signature Pill of the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce! And Adong has also reached the peak of the spirit order, and his alchemy talent is even stronger than the water.

After seeing Shui Youdao and Liu Dao, Liu Dong handed a list to Zhao Yuande. These people are all powerful people in the world. He learned from the hope of Zong's information that these people are in Zongmenzhi. Unsatisfied, he intends to use high salary to pull them to the camp of Tianyi Chamber of Commerce.

As the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce continued to grow, it naturally met some strong men. If Liu Dong had not been prepared for a long time, the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce would almost be destroyed several times.

Now Tianyi Chamber of Commerce has more than 50 branches. If there is no strong man in the town, it may be annexed by other chambers of commerce.

"I didn't expect these things. You people are trying to get in touch. Don't be quiet. My Tianyi Chamber of Commerce is not a person without a backstage. You go to the patriarch of Shengdanzong, the mountain owner of the North Wild God Mountain, and Dali. Dali Wang Litian of the dynasty said what I said, let them send some people to join my Tianyi Chamber of Commerce first." Zhao Yuande also thought of this kind of thing in advance, but this group was sent to the Desolate Realm. It was too late to remind Liu Dong. .

Unexpectedly, Liu Dongde survived this difficulty by relying on Jiang Chengnian, a world powerhouse, which made Zhao Yuande give him another high point.

"Thank you, son!" Liu Dong was very surprised when he heard Zhao Yuande's words. If he could get the secret support of these three forces, he would have no worries at least in the world of Donghuang.

"Hey! Thanks for what I do, we are all a family, but you are just knowing that I am in the dark, do it well, I will find a way to raise your cultivation to the world, so you have more "Energy to manage the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce!" Zhao Yuande patted his shoulder, "notify me immediately if you have any difficulties, I don't want to waste my effort!"

"Come on, son, I will do my best!" Liu Dong focused on him.

Zhao Yuande left the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce with satisfaction. He revealed to Liu Dong that Wanjie and Mohuangyu were about to start a test, and asked him to make a fuss on this issue.

He knows that Liu Dong will use this grand event to engage in a large-scale auction and will definitely make a lot of money by then.

Then he didn't stop, teleporting all the way to a big city in the extreme north.

This big city is called the Snow City, and it is the northernmost city in the extreme north. There is a special group of people here, the Iceman family. They are a hybrid of humans and the ancient ice and snow gods. Exert powerful fighting power.

The iceman is not much different from the ordinary human race, except that the eyes are dark blue, and the hair is all snow-white. They have their own language and their own unique way of communication.

Zhao Yuande came here and asked the opinions of the people of Heifeng, whether they wanted to go to the snow mountain on the top of the mountains in the extreme north, or to go to the eternal tower to practice.

"We have been fighting for several months, and we have long wanted to come out for a walk. Naturally, we are going to see the beautiful snow scene on the top of the mountains together!" Heifeng looked not far away, looking at the extreme north of Yimenggui. He whispered in his ear, "We will follow you without delaying your business!"

"What nonsense?" Zhao Yuande gave him a glance, "Don't talk casually, it is easy to cause misunderstandings!"

"Misunderstanding, your two little lovers went to accompany your mother, don't be afraid, we are all brothers, we must help you keep it secret!"

"Yes, Brother Zhao, don't deny it! Even the poor monk sees that the relationship between you is not ordinary, don't deny it!" Yi Jie also joined up.

"Bald, it's rare that you have the same opinion as me!" Heifeng glanced for a while. "No, did you have any conspiracy? When I saw that I just came out of the space, Zhu Luan's chick said something to you Then, did you become her eyeliner and was sent to monitor my brother?"

"Xiong Xiongzi, things can be eaten and not talked about, there is no such thing at all, you are spitting blood on your mouth." As soon as you listened to the sound, your face suddenly became black. This guy will be right against himself if he is fine.

"I also saw Uncle Yijie whispering secrets with his sister." Qin Xingyu drilled out at this time and told Yijie.

"You little thing, you're afraid that the world will not be chaotic!" A sweat is full of sweat, if the accusation is true, you can be offended.

"Uncle Shi, be honest, I really saw you whispering something with your sister." Qin Xingyu's face was serious, but he kept blinking at the black wind.