Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 523

Chapter 523: The Top Of The Mountains

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Heifeng grinned and looked at Qin Xingyu's eyebrows, colluding with each other as soon as he saw them.

"I... I'm fighting with you!" Almost all of them suffocated by them, and rushed up to fight with the two of them.

"Hey! Master nephew, what do you catch me to do!" The three people just rushed together, and the black wind was locked by Qin Xingyu without paying attention, and then he rushed up and beat him with an old fist. Black eyes.

"Uncle Black Wind, in fact, I and Yi Yishi Uncle are a gang!" Qin Xingyu has reached the extreme state at this time, although the physical strength is not as good as Zhao Yuande, but they are also compared with the black wind. In the meantime, this sudden attack, suddenly the black wind suffered a loss.

"Oh! The two of you dare to count me! I bite you!" Heifeng bit his fist with a ring.

The teeth and skin were crunching, and the hands were shaking so hard that the tears were left behind.

"Dead Black Wind, don't we say we don't need to talk in the future? You black blind man, you can't count!"

"Dare you both count me, I bite..."


"Master, they..." Chijia Flying Dragon excitedly watched several people wrestling together, rubbing their hands constantly.

"They are all idle and boring, add a little combat experience!" Zhao Yuande watched them playfully with interest, feeling as if he had returned to those good old days.

"The relationship between you is really enviable. It would be nice if I could have such a group of good friends!" Yimeng Gui also came over, his face showing envy.

"If you don't dislike, we will be good friends in the future, and they will also be your good friends!" Zhao Yuande looked at the trace of sadness and loneliness on her face, and suddenly there was a pity in her heart.

She grew up alone in the Desolate Realm, chased and killed by countless aliens, and only lived in escape all day. How hard it was, and I didn't know how she survived!

"Thank you, Brother Zhao!" Yimeng Gui paid his respects to Zhao Yuande Yingying, and expressed gratitude in his eyes.

"Okay, we are friends now!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at her.

"Yes! We are already friends!" Yimeng Gui showed a bright smile, which made everyone stunned.

"Nothing else? Look at that kid's squinting look!" At this time, the three men of the black wind no longer make a fuss, and gather together, pointing at Zhao Yuande and Yimeng Gui. .

"You can't really tell the two sisters about this matter! You mustn't say anything!" Qin Xingyu kept telling the two people's ears, "Uncle Black Wind, what are you laughing at, if so The other teachers and sisters know, it must be your secret!"

"You little boy, the uncle Black Wind hasn't settled the accounts with you just now! You dare to come and arrange me, I will pump your ass!" Black Wind first started to be strong, slapping on Qin Xingyu's ass.

"Uncle Shi, I'm not finished with you... Uncle Shi, let's go together, oops...Uncle Shi Shi's mouth..."


Another jump from chicken to dog!

They spent a small amount of time in the Blizzard City and searched the intelligence of the tops of the mountains.

It is said that no one has ever been able to go to the top of the mountains, and many explorers have only reached one third and are stopped by all kinds of dangers.

I heard that there are terrible mysterious creatures on the mountain, like to sneak in the snowy night, silently, many explorers are dead in the hands of this mysterious creature.

There are also extremely powerful snow apes living in the middle of the mountainside. They are in groups, endlessly powerful, bloodthirsty and violent. The weakest are the murderers of the seventh order. The strongest one is known as the Snow Mountain Overlord is a holy beast. King Snow Ape King does not know how many years of inventory, I heard that it has reached the stage of the Holy Beast thousands of years ago, and now it may have been promoted to a semi-beast after so many years.

This is equivalent to the terrible existence of Divine Emperor Realm. Even ordinary Divine Emperor is not necessarily his opponent.

They also inquired that there is a mysterious human tribe living above this group of snow apes. They never go down the mountain or communicate with other humans. According to legend, this tribe has existed here as early as Taikoo. What is guarding.

"Lao Chi, the next exposure will be given to you. It is best if you can take us to the top of the mountain, then we can save effort!" Zhao Yuande they drilled into the palace on the back of Chijia Flying Dragon.

"Hey! The life of the mount is bitter!" Chijia Feilong sighed, "This big snow and sky, let me hurry!"

After flying for a little while, they heard the cry of Chijia Flying Dragon.

"Master, the tops of the mountains are here! Ah... how could this be... I'm out of control!" The crowd only thought they seemed to fall to the ground in a sudden, almost all fell to the ground gourd!

Zhao Yuande rushed out of the palace for the first time, only to see that they fell into a valley, surrounded by white clouds.

Looking up at the sky, I really saw a huge mountain in front of the sky, and I could not see how high the mountain was.

"What happened just now?" Zhao Yuande saw that Chijia Flying Dragon had turned into a human form, lying on his back on the ground, breathing heavily, and his face pale.

"Oh! Just now I saw a group of snow apes on the mountainside. I just wanted to rush over and land, but before I even thought about being a thousand feet away from this mountain, I felt an invisible force pressing down from the sky, directly pushing me The pressure could not move, and fell from the air!" Chijia Flying Dragon gasped for a few breaths, and then gradually returned to normal, and some were afraid to look at the direction of the mountainside.

"It seems that there is an invisible force near the mountain that suppresses people and makes it impossible to fly. This is a troublesome thing." Zhao Yuande clearly felt the existence of this power, and there was a trace of worry in his heart about this line of travel. It's that simple.

"Hey, brother, it's embarrassing you!" The Black Wind pulled up the Chijia Flying Dragon, "We will drive the next road! You can stand behind me!"

"Lao Chi, you must not believe this black blind man, how could he have such kindness!" Yi Jie rushed up and pulled the other arm of Chijia Flying Dragon, afraid that the black wind would pull Lao Chi into his camp, After that, he had to deal with the two beasts and think about their wide-mouthed fangs. He suddenly felt a little shudder!

"Brother, you listen to me, we are all Orcs, can I hurt you?" Heifeng glared at the ring, turned his head and promised to the Chijia Flying Dragon.

"Lao Chi, you don't want to listen to his words, he...oh! Heifeng, you let go of your mouth..." Before the words were finished, Heifeng's blood basin held his arm and his teeth grinded. He grinds his face distorted.

The two guys suddenly wrestled again.

"Mother! These two guys are too ruthless! I want to stay away from them!" Chijia Feilong only felt his small heart pounding. Just now he fell under the big mouth of Heifeng, and now he still thinks The neck is somewhat chilly.

Zhao Yuande did not pay attention to Heifeng's nonsense at this time, but looked at Yi Menggui who was in a daze before a stone wall not far away.