Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 525

Chapter 525: Meet Zhengde Again

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The war soon began, this time the big cat was even more fierce, but Qin Xingyu was scolded by the master, and he was naturally unwilling to fight, and he was considered to be out of battle. He no longer cares about appearance and appearance. Summon terrible stars to fall...

"It's still a little bit, but it's still too young. It seems that he didn't really face death on the battlefield. You are too used to him!" Zhao Yuande looked at the black wind. "We must let him contact this kind of things in the future." Battle of life and death, you can rest assured that even if he died in battle, I will not blame you."

"Hey, after all, he is just a twelve-year-old child, will this be too cruel!" Yi Jie showed a trace of intolerance.

"Yeah! He's still young, and he will still be there in the future!" Heifeng also said softly.

"Many strong men have grown up in the **** storms since they were young, just like Yixian Zi grew up in the Desolate Realm from childhood, and continue to grow in the pursuit of killing. I am afraid that if it is changed to Star Rain, it will not survive for three days.

And he is my disciple. You also know that there are countless my enemies. In the event of a war, your educational method will only harm him. "Zhao Yuande sighed a long way, "Only now can he be a little bit more suffering, can he really adapt to this cruel world. "

"Okay! The kid counts what you said, we will definitely supervise him." Heifeng finally nodded.

"Brother Zhao said that it was a spur to us. As Brother Zhao's friend, we will face countless dangers in the future. We also need to participate in this kind of battle!" Yi Jie's face was solemn.

"Then I would like to thank the two brothers!" Zhao Yuande thanked them and nodded.

"My brother, what kind of thank you, see outside!" Heifeng was very unhappy.

"Master, I'm back!" At this time, Qin Xingyu dragged a larger snow-white cat back.

"Well, yes, there has been progress this time!" Zhao Yuande nodded gently.

"Then I'll pass the test? Yeah!" Qin Xingyu suddenly looked excited.

"Five kilometers to the east, continue on that big rock!" Zhao Yuande's words interrupted his excitement.

"Yes! Master!"

Qin Xingyu fought seven games in a row, beheading seven white big cats. These seven heads were stronger than one, and the last one reached the peak of the eighth order. That is a powerful beast equivalent to a triple **** of the world.

Qin Xingyu fought to the point of exhaustion, and almost died under the claws of this big cat. If he had not launched his strongest talent, falling star, I am afraid it would be shredded directly.

Knowing this time, Zhao Yuande nodded with satisfaction.

"It's still a bit like it!" There was a faint smile on his face.

Qin Xingyu dragged the big white cat in front of Zhao Yuande. After hearing Zhao Yuande's words, he suddenly showed a relieved expression, and then the person lay straight on the ground.

"Little boy!" Black Wind rushed up first.

"Master nephew..."

"Star... Rain..."

Yi Jie and Tian Tian have also tensed up in the past.

"He's okay, he just got rid of his strength. It's good to rest for a while." Zhao Yuande smiled. "Looking at Xingyu's performance today, I will take the materials locally and boil a pot of "Xue Ling Tang" for you to drink."

"Okay!" Qin Xingyu, who was lying on the floor, heard the words and jumped up excitedly.

"Dare you deceive your uncle!"

"Dare you move my teacher and nephew, I will fight with you!"


"Hey! It's hard to integrate!" Chijia Flying Dragon shook his head and sighed.

Yimeng Gui looked at this group of people, and there was an envious expression on his face.

After two hours, the people sat in front of the gluttonous real spirit trip and began to taste the food made by Zhao Yuande using these big cats.

The big cat blood tonic, coupled with a powerful recipe combination, has improved the physical body of everyone, and made the blood of their blood more crystal clear, especially Qin Xingyu soon recovered, and the breath is more powerful. Minute.

"Ah! It's so fragrant!" Suddenly a voice came from a distance, and a figure approached them like a ghost under the moon night. The next moment a middle-aged Taoist in a robe appeared in front of them.

The middle-aged Taoist priest looks immortal, but a pair of eyes staring at the gluttonous Zhen Ling Ding among the people reveals shock and intoxication.

When Zhao Yuande saw this middle-aged Taoist, he immediately felt a familiar breath.

"This is the Jingguang Taoist, how could he appear here?" Yimeng Guiyin passed on to Zhao Yuande, "He won't recognize us!"

"Master, this is the stink Taoist who was pitted by us." Chijia Flying Dragon also found something wrong, "I didn't expect that we could meet him here."

"It's okay. At that time, we were breathed by the body covered by the mirror. He couldn't tell us the breath of the test. You must remember not to show any horse feet. This person is powerful and not the enemy." Zhao Yuande Let the two relax.

"Taoist, what do you look at, don't make any crooked ideas, otherwise you won't have good fruit to eat." Heifeng suddenly felt uncomfortable when he saw the middle-aged Taoist's gaze.

"Amitabha! This Taoist leader, greed can bring the scourge of murder." Yi Jie declared a buddha, and looked at the other face with a bad look.

"Cough..." The middle-aged Taoist coughed awkwardly.

"Poor morals! Just passing by, seeing the treasure for a while did not control your emotions, in fact, there is no evil!" The middle-aged Taoist man's sincere face is not fake.

"This is the best!" Heifeng looked at each other up and down in disbelief, always feeling that this Zhengde Taoist was not quite right.

"In this case, we won't disturb Zhengde's leader and hurry up, please!" Yijie shoved the boat and made a gesture of invitation.

"Hey, Master Yijie, why is this so?" Zhao Yuande stood up at this time and nodded slightly at the Zhengde Taoist priest. "Since the meeting is destiny, if the director doesn't want to abandon, it is better to sit together and drink some old wine to eat some meat." ."

"That's what I meant!" When the Zhengde Taoist heard it, he was immediately overjoyed, and he also sat directly beside Zhao Yuande.

"Humph! This guy is really cheeky!" Heifeng whispered, since it was Zhao Yuande who spoke, he was naturally not easy to stop, but he always looked awkward.

Zhao Yuande handed over a bowl of broth and smiled and asked, "I don't know where is this, Taoist?"

"I heard people say that there is a treasure medicine in the mysterious tribe on this mountain that can make people perfect when they are promoted to the emperor's realm, so I want to try my luck." Zheng De said, mysteriously lowering his voice. They said, "Don't try to enter that tribe, otherwise it will bring disaster."

"Why did the Daoist say this?" Zhao Yuande curiously said, "Isn't the Daoist himself going to go? Does the Daoist think that we are lacking in strength?"

"Nor is it also! Dao Changzu and this mysterious tribe are old, so they can enter at will!" Zheng De Dao Chang's face was a little proud.

"That way is long enough for us to go in and see how?"

"Well! It's difficult, but if you're willing to show me this soup pot..." Zheng De said, his head glancing sideways at the big tripod, and I really couldn't help it. Those words on this tripod Old and obscure, at a glance you know that there is a future, and...

"No, I know you have a bad nose!" Heifenghuo stood up.

"Doctor, you have to think twice before you do." Yi Jie also looked at each other with a bad face.