Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 526

Chapter 526: Kick Your Chick

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"Wow! It's so fragrant..." Zheng De said that he had just put the soup bowl in his mouth and tasted it gently. His eyes were straight.

"You... you must be Zhao Yuande!" Zhengde Daochang opened his eyes, looked at Zhao Yuande, and even said his name directly.

"Dao Chang can guess my identity with just a bite of soup, Yuan De admires it!" Zhao Yuande grinned with a chuckle.

"The owner of the world's first gourmet, who doesn't know who knows who, this kind of delicacy, the entire world of the Eastern Emperor, I am afraid that only you, Zhao Yuande, can do it!" Zheng De said that Zhao Yuande highly respected Zhao Yuande. Arrived in the idol of worship.

"Dao Changmu praised, false praise!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other, always felt this guy so complimented his suspicion.

"Meeting is destiny, I don't know if the little brother can help the poor Dao a little busy?" Zheng De said, looking forward to Zhao Yuande.

"Dao Dao, please." Zhao Yuande smiled on his face, but he was vigilant in his heart.

"I don't know if I can help me become an invincible emperor?" Zheng De said, looking at Zhao Yuande, a little excitement appeared in his eyes.

"Yes, as long as Zhengde Road Master gathers the materials, everything is easy to say!" Zhao Yuande agreed.

"Your stinky nose is shameless, is this a little busy?" Heifeng always feels that Zhengde is not good.

"Don't talk about the black wind, as long as the director of Zhengde can afford to pay, I can now let the director be the invincible emperor!" Zhao Yuande made a color to the black wind and told him not to talk.

Zhengde didn't look at the black wind at all, just looked at Zhao Yuande quietly, and smiled slightly: "Actually, I don't have any materials, and I don't want to pay anything!"

"Then I can't help but help!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand lightly, "Dao Chang is gone, don't give it away!"

"What if I want to use strong?" A flash of cold light suddenly appeared in Zhengde's eyes. He glanced for a week, and looked down on everyone.

"Then you might be disappointed!" Zhao Yuandehuo stood up, his eyes burst into light, and sneered coldly, "If the leader of the road thinks he has a high level, he will settle us, and the leader of the road will lose a lot in those days. !"

"Bull nose, don't think we are irritating!" Heifeng was the first to stand up, a strong breath broke out on his body, and the surrounding void collapsed around him. A huge black vortex appeared on the top of Heifeng, constantly swallowing the surrounding all.

"Swallowing body!" Zhengde's eyes slightly condensed, but he still didn't care. "Unfortunately, your foundation is too bad. If you can reach the Emperor Realm, you might still be able to fight me. Now...hehe!"

"Plus me!" As soon as he stood up, the body of the Buddha was surrounded by light, and a big Buddha was rising behind him. The eyes of the big Buddha were half open, and a fierce breath emanated from the big Buddha.

"Oh! Spirit Buddha is reincarnated, and still a slain Buddha, but it is still not enough, and the two of you are not my opponents together!" Zhengde still shook his head.

"I..." The broken eyes suddenly opened, and the whole body's blood exploded like a volcano, and the huge mountain could not help shaking out.

"The bloodline of Zhu Yan, the mythical beast, this concentration... You could be Zhu Yan's parent-child!" Zhengde frowned for the first time. He felt troublesome, and he was not afraid of the other party's combat power. He was terrified. If the other party was really desperate, Zhu Yan could not watch his parent-child perish, and would surely come down, and then he would be out of luck.

Do not! This opportunity in front of me is a once-in-a-lifetime event. I can't use that treasure to temporarily block the void!

A burst of divine light burst out of his eyes, striking a silver brilliance towards the void.

"Zhengde Taoist, you blocked the void, aren't you afraid that we would close the door and beat the dog?" Zhao Yuande gave a glance at Yimeng Gui around him and quietly stepped back.

"Hey, I called the eagle to catch the chick! I first grabbed the smallest chick to threaten you, the old hen!" Zhengde turned into a streamer, and then appeared in front of Qin Xingyu, and opened his hand toward him Grab it.

"Jingguang Dao, you are miscalculated!" Zhao Yuande suddenly showed a red bow in his hand, and an invisible arrow shot out, and he appeared behind Zhengde in the blink of an eye.

Zhengde suddenly heard the four words of Jingguang Dao, and couldn't help but stay awake. The next moment he suddenly realized that he looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes and became shocked.

He instantly understood many things at this moment. The kid in front of him was the one who had robbed his two prey. His teeth were almost mad and he was not mad.

At the next moment, the head of Zhengde Road suddenly felt that his body was out of control at once, and the time and space around him seemed to be still at once!

"No..." Zheng De said a remorseful cry.

"Brothers went up and beat him fiercely!" Zhao Yuande rushed up first, and put a punch on the face of Zhengde Dao.

"I call you arrogant! Uncle Black Wind hit you with black eyes today!" Black Wind's excited punch is right in the middle of Zheng De's right eye.

"The poor monk is the reincarnation of the killing Buddha, I kill and kill!" Yi Jie's fist hit his left eye impartially.

"Early Demon Wasteland, you can really pretend, I wanted to bite you very early!" Chijia Feilong opened his mouth directly to Zhengde Road's long thigh, and his teeth kept rubbing.

"You dare call the young man a chick, the young man kicked your chick!" Qin Xingyu flew a kick and directly kicked between the legs of Zhengde Dao.

"Dao Chang, who is not good for you, just pretend to be me, this is Dao Chang's favorite brick!" Zhao Yuande's second attack came again, this time the chaotic Tianyin was directly shot on the back of Zheng De Dao.


Yimeng Gui saw the guy rushing up for a group fight, and she was stunned. She felt pain for the director of Zhengde.

"Ah!" Zhengde Daochang was only imprisoned by Zhao Yuande's time rules for a breathing time, but he didn't know how many times he was hit, especially Qin Xingyu's trick to kick the chick made his face green. .

There is no place in the whole body that does not hurt, especially at this time, the lower body feels hot, as if it has been beaten countless times by a sledgehammer.

What made him angry the most was that his head was smashed by the big brick-like stamp. I didn't know how many times. His head was dizzy, and he almost fell to the ground when he returned to freedom.

"Let me lie down!" The director of Zhengde suddenly heard a gust of wind blowing behind his ears, and his head was shot again. He only felt a severe pain in his head and fell to the ground.

"Boy, why don't you want us to die, this guy is so hateful!" Heifeng looked at Zhao Yuande puzzled.

Zhao Yuande raised and lowered his hands, picked up the Zhengde Daochang, and left him only a small pair of pants.