Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 527

Chapter 527: Identify Loyalty

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"This guy is built to be strong. At the very least, they are all masters on the earth list. Now the emperor of the Eastern Emperor's world is worried about foreign and foreign troubles. This kind of strong man can not just die in our hands in this way. And he has a huge secret in him. How to explore." Zhao Yuande threw the unrelenting Zhengde Taoist directly into the prison of the Eternal Tower.

"Let's take a look at the things in his storage space." Zhao Yuande took out the three pearlescent storage rings that were rolled down by Zheng Dedao and opened them one by one.

"This is spirit jade... tens of millions of top-grade spirit jade, just that? No, this pile is the top-grade spirit jade..." Zhao Yuande looked at the small pile of top-grade spirit jade in surprise, its value was at least hundreds of millions. Yi Yi's top-grade Lingyu, "This guy is really rich, these Lingyu are enough for us to spend a while!"

"This storage ring is full of elixir, there are more than a dozen sacred medicines, and there are three magical medicines. These elixirs are also tight goods!" Zhao Yuande began to take out these elixirs one by one and put them into categories. In the other side of the world.

Everyone saw the excitement in his face, and now some of the delicious food can be eaten, and they can continue to upgrade to the realm!

After the third storage ring was opened, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be shocked. It was like a weapon shop, all kinds of spirit treasures, top-level spirit treasures, acquired spirit treasures, and even innate spirit treasures!

What Zhao Yuande cares most about is a strange flame. This flame has been made into a continual spiritual treasure. The power of non-expiring is probably still on the congenital spiritual treasure.

"This is Jinwu Shenyan, a peculiar existence between innate real fire and acquired fire. If the green lotus fire swallows it, can it be promoted to a whole new level?" Summon it out.

Qinglian Fire was awakened from a deep sleep. At first it seemed very unhappy, but immediately felt the presence of Jinwu Shenyan, and immediately became very excited. Before Zhao Yuande sent Jinwu Shenyan up, Qinglian Fire turned into A big mouth, directly swallowed the golden black flame.

"It should be possible to advance to Tier 6 or Tier 7 this time!" Zhao Yuande watched Qinglian Huo retreat into his body with satisfaction, and then he smiled expectantly.

"I didn't expect you to have a green lotus fire. This kind of flame is not easy!" Yimeng Gui came forward and looked at the green lotus mark that gradually disappeared on the back of Zhao Yuande's hand. "In legend, if this kind of flame was promoted to Qinglian With real fire, you can open a divine possession."

"Is there such a thing?" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party, and he couldn't help but wonder. The information of the other party can be passed on from her ancestors. That was all the time when the innate **** was rampant. Could this **** be passed from that time?

It shouldn't be! If it is from that era, I am afraid I dont know how many people have opened it, how can it be my turn.

"Oh! Brother Zhao, don't get me wrong, this is what I heard from the Desolate Realm, not the ancestral inheritance memory." Yi Menggui glanced at what Zhao Yuande thought.

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and he was relieved. "Hey! Everyone came to see. If the spirit treasure inside is taken away, I will take it to the auction house for the rest. Lingyu and elixir!"

Zhao Yuande poured out all the acquired spirit treasures and innate spirit treasures from the storage ring. There were as many as dozens of pieces. For a time, there were thousands of beautiful rays of glory and cold light.

Several people suddenly rushed up with excitement and hurry up, and began to distribute the hands and feet, naturally tearing each other for a while!

In the end, Zhao Yuande only left seven acquired spirit treasures and three innate spirit treasures. Zhao Yuande happily collected these spirit treasures.

"This Zhengde Taoist must have stuffed all the good things in his inner world, or there are soul soldiers nurtured by the knowledge of the sea. How can we get these babies out of him?" Zhao Yuande wrinkled Brow and think.

"Are we going to go too far?" Yimeng Gui said.

"If he doesn't count me, will I move him? I'm not overly so, I will at least get the treasure and let him go, and if I fall into his hands, I'm afraid I can only become a leader in the future Zhao Yuande said coldly, "Actually, I specifically asked him to recognize me. I wanted to see if this guy was loyal or raped. I didn't expect him to surprise me directly."

"It turned out that I was confused!" Yimeng Gui nodded, thinking that Zhao Yuande was right.

"If we don't let him go, let's go! He can't escape in prison anyway!" Zhao Yuande smiled. "It's still about the matter of the fairy Yi. Let's talk about it up the mountain first."

"Thank you Brother Zhao!"

Several people gathered around the gluttonous real spirit tripod, drank the remaining broth in it cleanly, and then adjusted their interest rate to practice, waiting for everyone to complete the cultivation, they began to continue upward.

Although the white big cats were fierce and abnormal, but after being killed for more than a dozen in a row, they never came out to die.

One day later, they appeared in a stretch of pine forest that did not know how many miles. The pine forest grew diagonally on the hillside, and the entire mountain was covered by the pine forest.

Some of the pine trees in the forest are dozens of feet tall, their covers are like umbrellas, and some are so high that they cover the sky and the sun. The woodland is covered with yellow pine needles, and I dont know how thick they are. Can get stuck.

Although the outside of the pine forest is ice and snow, the cold is incomparable to you, but there is a warm smell in the forest. A stream with white mist does not know where it flows down, and then it does not know where it flows. Anyway, they are outside the forest. See the gurgling stream.

"I feel there is a crisis in the forest. We have to be careful." Zhao Yuande looked forward. There was no road or sign here, and he could only keep on moving forward.

"Isn't it just a group of monkeys? There's something terrible." Heifeng waved his hands and looked at Zhao Yuande's face with a trace of nostalgia. "Boy, do you remember that monkey, golden retriever?"

"Why don't you remember! When we sneaked into its territory and stole a lot of monkey wine, I still have stocks here!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "It doesn't know where it is going now!"

"Hey! I don't know if it's going well now or not. In the end, it's metamorphosis or beast cultivation, but monkeys are similar to humans. He should be a beast cultivation!" Hei Feng rarely saw emotion on his face, "I don't know if we still Is there any chance to meet again!"

"There is a chance! If the soul of the gods is comparable to the **** emperor, it can instantly cover the entire world of the emperor. At that time, as long as there is a search everywhere, there will always be time to find it!" Zhao Yuande patted the black wind on the shoulder, "And we The hope of Zong is getting bigger and bigger, and the intelligence network will be perfected soon. It should not be difficult to find a group of golden-haired monkeys!"

"I hope so!" Black Wind sighed.

They didn't care if they had a road. They only knew that they had been walking along the pine forest to the heights. The first part of the road was quiet. There were no beasts and birds in the forest.

However, the more they walked, the more they felt wrong. The rumors of the monkeys they did not see, but they often saw the bodies of monkeys lying in the forest. The bodies of these monkeys were not stiff, and the death time was not long.

What is even more peculiar to everyone is that these monkeys do not have any scars, but the skin of the whole body is grayish white, as if they fell into the lime tank and just got out.