Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 528

Chapter 528: Soul Eater

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"These monkeys died after being poisoned. This poison has a very slow onset. Look at the mouths of these monkeys. They all bite their tongues and succumbed to their own tongues." Master Yijie observed them carefully, prying open the mouths of these monkeys, as expected There was a **** tongue, but the blood began to coagulate before it even flowed out of the mouth.

"What kind of poison is it?" Heifeng looked at the monkeys inexplicably upset.

"Soul Eater!" said the name, and his face was very unsightly. "At the time, I received a task in Tian Zen to investigate the inexplicable death of some fierce beasts. The death methods of those fierce beasts were exactly the same as these monkeys. , They are just hurt by this Soul Eater!"

"Who uses this soul eater to kill these fierce beasts, what do they want to do?" Zhao Yuande thinks this matter is not simple.

"It's a sect called Xieyuezong. They used these methods to drive these fierce beasts crazy, and let their souls and riots lose their selves, and then they were drawn out to practice an evil practice! At that time, our Heavenly Zen Buddhism touched twelve. The two emperors and powerful emperors only destroyed this sect. I heard that the young patriarch of the Evil Moon Sect was escaped by an emperor and the emperor, and this tragedy must have been made by the young emperor! "Although Yijie doesn't follow the rules and regulations of the Buddha, he still has a Buddha's heart and hates such cruel things.

"Several Evil Moon Sects, I seem to have heard about it. At that time, Tian Zen Sect was a great deed." Zhao Yuande nodded gently. "Although this sect has not yet harmed human cultivators, it is still the same. Its unreasonable, and their evil anomalies may have something to do with the demons."

"The Demon Race is really a ghost. The Devil Invasion didn't know how many evil exercises were shed in our big world. Many cultivators accidentally got the Demon Exercises. In the end, if they want to grow up quickly, they can only take risks. In the end, it can only end like this." Yi Jie sighed, they are most tired of the devil clan.

"Yi Jie, how does this soul-eating powder spread?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"It's the wind, it will spread quickly as long as there is wind, so we have to breathe into the mouth and nose and it will attack. Let's be careful, don't get this poison!" Yi Jie looked solemn.

"It's okay, I'm forming wind walls all around, so that the wind can't blow to us!" Zhao Yuande waved, and an invisible wind wall roared around them, blowing yellow pine needles all over the sky.

They walked a distance, more and more dead monkey corpses on the ground, there were also many blood stains and corpses, and some torn human bodies.

These human corpses have been gnawed and the shape is extremely tragic.

"These people are the disciples of Xieyuezong. I didn't expect that Xieyuezong had so many fish in the net." Yi Jie picked up a piece of broken steps on the ground, embroidered with a **** half moon.

"Huh, this monkey's body is different from the others, its hair seems to be originally golden!" Chijia Flying Dragon suddenly saw a monkey body hanging on a big tree, and still can see its tail is Golden.

"Golden monkey?" Heifeng felt a throbbing heart and whimsically said, "Could it be Golden Retriever here?"

"Dark wind, don't think about it!" Zhao Yuande patted his shoulder and whispered, "There are millions of miles away from the Huoyunzong, and their tribe can't come across millions of miles. On the snow mountain at the top of the extreme north."

"Hey! It is also said that Jin Mao's cultivation practice was only just six steps!" Heifeng lowered his head and sighed, both breathing out and slightly disappointed.

"I feel the aura fluctuates in front of me, it seems that fighting is happening in front of me!" Zhao Yuande suddenly looked not far away, beckoning everyone to hurry up.

They walked for dozens of miles, and heard a rumbling noise not far away, a violent wind in the forest, and an angry roar came.

When the crowd approached the battlefield, they suddenly saw seven or eight men in black fighting with a blood-red giant ape. The giant ape was now in a violent state, and the power of terror took a tree of dozens of people together. Fly, so that those in black can not get close.

Those in black are not mediocre, each is a strong in the realm of the realm, they join forces to form a wonderful formation, so that every time the great apes' terrorist power is weakened by more than half, falling on these people. They will not cause any harm.

At this time, the body of the giant ape is slowly turning gray, which is obviously poisoned by Soul Eater.

"This is a ninth-order sacred beast, but I was lost to my mind by poison, and was taken advantage of by this group of Xiao Xiaoxiao!" Zhao Yuande frowned and turned to look at Yi Jie and asked, "Yi Jie, I don't know if this soul eater can be Antidote."

"It is actually very simple to dispel the poison of Soul Eater, and use the power of the soul to shake its knowledge of the sea, such as the lion roar of our Buddha, the six-character mantra!"

"So, it's easy!" Zhao Yuande remembered the six-character mantra he got from a ring of wooden fish and couldn't help but smile slightly.


Zhao Yuande opened his mouth and spit out the three-character mantra. This time, he did not urge the green lotus fire in his body, but spit out the three words in the form of sound waves. Loud noise.

The sound of the Buddha echoed, and in a blink of an eye I heard that I didn't know how many miles away.

Those men in black were stunned by these three characters with endless Buddha power, and their joint situation was broken in an instant, and the palm of the giant ape slapped **** a man in black. Shoot it into a puree.

At that time, the great ape was also purged by the sound of Buddha, his huge body trembling slightly, his eyes suddenly became clear, the gray color of his body gradually faded, and his mind returned to normal.

"Not good! The group of bald donkeys from Tianzong came after us. Let's run!" One of the men in black yelled in horror and rushed towards the depths of the woods.

The other men in black were like birds of fright, and a swarm of bees fled deep into the woods.

"I want to go, it's too late!" Zhao Yuande bowed his bow and radiated a silver ray, only heard a screaming echo.

"You go to bring me all the disciples of Xieyuezong, and I have something to ask them." Zhao Yuande waved to the black wind.

Several people rushed out, and soon brought back some numb men in black.

"Benefactor, please help my people!" The giant ape shrank and became the size of an ordinary monkey, and he knelt in front of Zhao Yuande with a thump.

"Let's lead the way ahead!" Zhao Yuande was not too long-winded, and directly put the black men into the prison of the Eternal Tower. He caught these people because they were afraid that the fish would escape.

"Thank you benefactor!" Although the monkey was a little dizzy after being poisoned, he still jumped up and down in front, leading them quickly to a huge depression.